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ive never seen a more factual meme tbh

26% white. but some americans are minus white even. see the following chart for reference:


The Nordic Resistance Movement just got officially banned in Finland.

The eternal K I K E strikes again.

great site for starting with Forex trading

i think our best shot at bringing in money to our cause is to learn trading

much easier to trade the forex than becoming a good investor

@Defense hey man, dont know if you remember me from the old server. we had an interesting debate about propaganda, if you remember. i was called Budstikka N2 then

im the admin of the NRM server

dont worry, we will just flip the arrow on the flags

i suggested Nordic Spördo Movement as an alternate name

the swedish lads did this today, outside the finnish embassy:

it was after the gothenburg demo i finally went full ACAB. im ashamed it took so long

im up for some Mountain Bladde

i only have Warband tho

sorry but whats a skinwalker?

reminds me of a guy my friend knows. he spent thousands and thousands of dollars to fly all the way from sweden to the us and look for bigfoot. no joke. i dont know if he found bigfoot cause he didnt wanna talk about his trip when he got back <:totenthink:374717028012916746>

bigfoot seems a little too off...

Elle Reeve and The golden one actually have a kid. few know this:


6:10 am here. goodnight sweet princes, i must work tomorrow so our somalians can get new iPhones from the tax payers 🙏

ok forgot youre not europoors. DELETING my last message





lit af fam





@Kombat-Unit#0484 yeah he kicked the pig in the face lol

hmm why is the mentions fucked up, cant tag people properly now

we shall overcome

Movement manlets and Metal concert manlets will always be around, just deal with it

manlets make perfect mortar rounds

manlets: start wearing high heels or get out

K-U is 6'6 or something, dont remember exactly

if hitler was alive other standards would apply

some white women are just meant to be throwaways. breeding with those is dysgenic

@Billy Ray Jenkins as i said: some white women are just meant to be throwaways. breeding with those is dysgenic

a thot wont stop being a thot just because you dont fuck her. someone else just will

b-but gooks are honorary aryans @Kombat-Unit#0484 🙏

ill breed with a waifu pillow

even if you dont do the actual 'mixing' (that is, procreating) sticking your dick in a gook isnt sound

there can only be one Heimbowl

very trve

8 am and im here shitposting. i guess you didnt have any sleep tonight either K-U, my nocturnal brudder?

yeah that was a solid btfo

read it all

@Hauptsturmführer Pepe#0696 i dont represent twp but once a fag always a fag

what was the new DS domain? cant find it in browser history

i actually made a Ramz Paul diss once

>not using the correct moonman software


we cant solve the woman question until weve taken power. only then will they adapt to our ideals

i dont think you should preoccupy yourself too much with it Billy. better keep your thought on the important struggle, and what we can do to reach our goals

because there are millions of hypotethical questions one could go over and over but none of them are important before the victory


thats why national socialism is favourable, because its not merely an ideoligy but a life philosophy, a complete worldview

To name something concrete that we all can do, instead of debating unimportant scenarios for fun:

Educate yourself so that you radicalize.

Strengthen your fanaticism.

Purity spiral others. only by purity spiraling others we are able to crystallize who is adaptable to a radical mindset and whos not. We pick up those who are and radicalize them further.

thats some concrete things we can do that is helpful to our cause

Friendly reminder: You can't restore a mudshark. Some people think you can 'convert her back' or similar deluded shit. Who the fuck wants a nigger's sloppy seconds? Mudsharks should be thrown into the ocean.

i support the TWP but the dude is together with a hispanic??????

she looks like a beaner but alright. i have nothing more to say on this matter

dont bother with boomers. better to try to radicalize the alt-right guys


reagrding tgsnt, sell it like a 12 episode tv-show

bear in mind that the jewrnalists will try to twist or fuck up what you say. so dont start with longer background stories and end everything with your point. then theyll just cut off the last part so everything before will look weird and out of context. <---- badly explained but i hope you get my point anyway. everything you say must be able to stand on its own

so the blind can hate them too

they eat some strange nigger spices. also, many niggers smear their hair with some very common nigger oil

especially the zoomalians

anyone up for vc?

sorry to interrupt but you burgers have the best bluegrass

@Hadrian if the system is against you, crash it

anyone into Forex trading @here ?

@MatthewHeimbach in which city will the protest take place and when?

afaik thats a heavily nigger infested city. which other groups will come?

alright. just remember to do a song after called *Heimbowlstrolling in Memphis*

@John Mosby#6582 is this TWP only or will other groups be invited? (for the protest that is)

>686 mentions

damn i must be popular

👁 👃 👁 👂

^ someone bowl this

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