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2017-11-05 16:48:57 UTC


2017-11-05 16:52:27 UTC

Since we're doing this

2017-11-05 16:52:40 UTC

Cantwell has the bars

2017-11-05 16:54:44 UTC

Me and Fasselhoff gotta hop in the booth to record TWP's first NS rap album.

2017-11-05 16:56:07 UTC

Lol im down

2017-11-05 16:56:49 UTC

We hip hop now

2017-11-05 16:57:21 UTC

There's a long knife waiting if you fuck with us. Anglin if he left his spiderhole might get touched.

2017-11-05 17:01:17 UTC

Niggas cant rap we appropriate the culture,
Am nat is dead say adios like Coulter
We orthodox nigga bow down at the alter
Trads here to stay we on the block like walter

2017-11-05 17:03:16 UTC


2017-11-05 17:14:52 UTC

I hear nigger music...

2017-11-05 17:14:55 UTC


2017-11-05 17:16:09 UTC


2017-11-05 17:16:28 UTC

Add me

2017-11-05 17:16:34 UTC


2017-11-05 17:20:27 UTC

I would but im permazucked

2017-11-05 17:23:43 UTC

Yeah me too. Trying some tricks.

2017-11-05 17:40:58 UTC

Silly rabbi, tricks are for yids

2017-11-05 17:56:29 UTC

Don't add too many people at once

2017-11-05 17:56:38 UTC


2017-11-05 17:56:42 UTC

Good idea.

2017-11-05 17:56:51 UTC

I'm pretty sure too many friend requests from a new account, and especially declined requests, flag the acocunt as spam

2017-11-05 17:56:52 UTC

Added a few but I'll hold off.

2017-11-05 17:57:12 UTC

last sock I made that stuck, I only added maybe 2 or 3 per day

2017-11-05 18:20:01 UTC

So far so good.

2017-11-05 18:20:25 UTC

I used my wife's phone to create it and then a VPN to initially use it. Reinstalled FB.

2017-11-05 19:32:05 UTC

Wait, VPN's help hold off zucc?

2017-11-05 19:37:19 UTC


2017-11-05 19:37:39 UTC

I don't think so. It tracks the device itself and the IP somehow.

2017-11-05 19:38:05 UTC

Increasingly sophisticated means of detecting wrongthinkers making new accounts.

2017-11-05 19:38:54 UTC

Even though Orwell was a Centrist that didnt like Communism or Fascism, 1984 should be read by everyone.

2017-11-05 19:40:04 UTC


2017-11-05 19:42:25 UTC

Orwell also wrote Animal-Farm, which is fervently anti-Communist.

2017-11-05 19:53:16 UTC

Truly one of my favorite authors, another one is Tim O'Brien, made tons of books from his experiences in Vietnam.

2017-11-05 19:53:21 UTC

Had extensive tours.

2017-11-05 19:54:56 UTC

Are these raps how we get the kids to come around?

2017-11-05 19:56:04 UTC

Is rapping nationalism the future of good optics?

2017-11-05 19:56:18 UTC

Are heimbach and parrot gonna have to bless the mic in a new way?

2017-11-05 19:57:49 UTC

Maybe the Slavs have the right idea after all

2017-11-05 19:58:06 UTC

Has anybody heard the train wreck that was the no remorse rap song?

2017-11-05 19:58:23 UTC

Dont get me wrong. I love no remorse but everytime that song comes in shuffle I cringe

2017-11-05 20:30:32 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach you created TWP to become part of which international organization?

2017-11-05 20:30:53 UTC

you said you had to have an official party in order to join

2017-11-05 20:31:57 UTC

My Belgian buddy fervently denies the rape of Belgium happened, he said there is no proof in Belgium itself.


2017-11-05 20:32:02 UTC

I agree.

2017-11-05 20:32:09 UTC

But its cool having a native side with me.

2017-11-05 20:37:01 UTC

Most belgians and dutch ivr met have been pretty good people

2017-11-05 20:38:16 UTC

True, i agree Belgium is a non-country, should be split and given half to France, half to The Netherlands.

2017-11-05 20:38:22 UTC

Lots of Belgians agree.

2017-11-05 21:44:25 UTC

14 year old Pastors daughter and a 2 year old baby among dead in Tx

2017-11-05 21:44:45 UTC

Race of killer?

2017-11-05 21:44:51 UTC


2017-11-05 21:45:01 UTC

Motive unknown.

2017-11-05 21:45:06 UTC

FBI on scene.

2017-11-05 21:46:33 UTC

I wonder how long after they find out it was a Muslim (or black or Mexican) will they sit on the info

2017-11-05 21:47:40 UTC

I know after San Bernardino I heard name released on police scanner with /pol/, took it to Twitter and was called a liar. 7 hours later they finally released it.

2017-11-05 21:48:09 UTC

Mind you the sand nigger was in the street dead. But "ethnicity unknown"

2017-11-05 21:49:29 UTC

MSM released the shooter as a Chris Ward. But apparently he is at the hospital with his injured son. Can you imagine?

2017-11-05 22:01:29 UTC

@Random_user Chris Ward is todays shooter?

2017-11-05 22:01:51 UTC


2017-11-05 22:02:07 UTC

Notice the time index

2017-11-05 22:02:30 UTC

Well that sure is strange

2017-11-05 22:02:42 UTC

This sent to me from my lady who had just googled it

2017-11-05 22:02:49 UTC

1 hour ago

2017-11-05 22:03:07 UTC

Photo of shooter just leaked

2017-11-05 22:03:12 UTC


2017-11-05 22:03:46 UTC


2017-11-05 22:05:18 UTC

No, that's the name NBC reported. But he wasn't the shooter, he's at the hospital with his injured child.

2017-11-05 22:05:30 UTC

I had seen the time on the CNN thing too.

2017-11-05 22:05:47 UTC

A 14 year old and a 2 year old

2017-11-05 22:05:50 UTC


2017-11-05 22:06:04 UTC

I know. Breaks my heart.

2017-11-05 22:06:08 UTC


2017-11-05 22:07:17 UTC

Im about to leave for 3 weeks for work but if anything gets planned for TX proceeding that, Im in. Rally-wise

2017-11-05 22:07:24 UTC

Im upset

2017-11-05 22:07:32 UTC

Me too.

2017-11-05 22:07:50 UTC

Doesnt matter if hes white

2017-11-05 22:08:53 UTC

I get mad at every attack. But when there are children involved, it kills me.

2017-11-05 22:08:57 UTC

The pastors daughter. Jesus.

2017-11-05 22:09:10 UTC

I doubt very much that he is White. Coulter's Law.

2017-11-05 22:10:03 UTC

Yeah, apparently the Pastor was out today. I can't imagine how terrible he must feel. Losing his daughter, but then on top of that you know he feels tormented for not being there

2017-11-05 22:10:14 UTC

I held the protest at Antioch church with the sign, on the sunday servive.

2017-11-05 22:10:20 UTC

I told them this would keep happening.

2017-11-05 22:10:25 UTC

Survivors guilt

2017-11-05 22:10:26 UTC

They called the cops on me and calledm e racist.

2017-11-05 22:10:28 UTC


2017-11-05 22:10:29 UTC

Poor man

2017-11-05 22:11:11 UTC

The ones I'm most sickened by are the misanthropic ones. Like Lanza or (perhaps) Paddock.

2017-11-05 22:11:40 UTC

Just because you reject life doesn't mean you should force that choice on others, guy.

2017-11-05 22:11:52 UTC


2017-11-05 22:12:03 UTC

This really has me upset.

2017-11-05 22:12:53 UTC

I know as a sort of blogger and social media whore, I really need to stay on top of it and be ready to spin narratives. But I really just like to sit and patiently wait until we have enough facts before we get all political about it.

2017-11-05 22:12:58 UTC

My poor son is going to have to deal with me force cuddling him while I rage about this when I get home.

2017-11-05 22:13:19 UTC

I agree but the key is that it hasn't been called a black church yet. So at the very least we know the victims

2017-11-05 22:13:20 UTC

I learned my lesson back about a decade ago when there was a terrorist attack in Norway and I spent hours railing against Islamic radicals.

2017-11-05 22:14:03 UTC

Ya at this point its a blatant attack on the Faith and followers, even without any other aims yet

2017-11-05 22:14:09 UTC

Yeah, I don't say anything about it other than asking for sources when people say it's a White male. When it comes out that they are a Peaceful Muslim I push the message hard.

2017-11-05 22:14:29 UTC


2017-11-05 22:15:05 UTC

I learned from watching liberals scream White Male while I make mental notes of all their tags so I can go remind them how wrong they were.

2017-11-05 22:15:14 UTC

I don't want that person to be me lol

2017-11-05 22:15:26 UTC

"Like some blonde Norwegian nationalist dude is just going to put on a frog suit and systematically shoot dozens and dozens of kids."

2017-11-05 22:15:30 UTC

* gulp *

2017-11-05 22:15:32 UTC

The enemy is deseperate for it to be whites.

What they dont realize is while we assume it isnt... If it is, we wpuld persecute that person even harsher

2017-11-05 22:16:31 UTC

Yeah. I don't get so pro-white that I don't enjoy a good dose of in-group virtue spiraling against whites who do despicable shit.

2017-11-05 22:16:36 UTC

I ain't playing that OJ bullshit.

2017-11-05 22:17:02 UTC

I mean, Breivik's sort of a different case, but better not to get into all that.

2017-11-05 22:17:05 UTC

I agree. They can hop in the ovens with the rest of them.

2017-11-05 22:17:16 UTC

Self-hating whites are at the top of the list, after all

2017-11-05 22:17:39 UTC

Self hating or not.. This had an angle

2017-11-05 22:17:43 UTC

The problem with white people is we only truly enjoy competing against one another.

2017-11-05 22:17:52 UTC

>Not playing Medieval 2 or Shogun 2


2017-11-05 22:18:20 UTC

He was playing off like he was too busy to proofread my edits of his latest article.

2017-11-05 22:18:27 UTC

I don't think this is a White shooter. We'd all but know his blood type by now.

2017-11-05 22:18:30 UTC

"The white man was once the greatest at every challenge hes faced, including wiping himself out"

2017-11-05 22:18:31 UTC

Jackass playing vidya gaems

2017-11-05 22:19:30 UTC


2017-11-05 22:19:32 UTC

Our race is in existential danger, and he's just playing computer games like that's okay to do.

2017-11-05 22:23:34 UTC

We'll try to make his upcoming article on the American Nationalist vs. National Socialist thing our final word on the matter. It's pretty exhaustive, and it spends its time clarifying our position historically and ideologically rather than getting into personal shit.

2017-11-05 22:24:21 UTC

I couldn't get into warhammer. It felt so limited for a total war game

2017-11-05 22:24:35 UTC

Don't you love it how Buzzfeed, Vox, what have you, release those vids like "Your concerns aren't real, white race will be fine" and first comment in comment section is "Your race will die, your kids will be mixed!"

2017-11-05 22:24:37 UTC

I haven't been able to get into a game since SimCity 2000.

2017-11-05 22:24:42 UTC

At least great they can't keep narrative straight.

2017-11-05 22:26:02 UTC

If our enemies had any sense, they would've actually tipped the scales on South Africa to make it not turn out so poorly for Whites. This very solid case is being built with earlier countries slipping into the abyss which really reinforces our position.

2017-11-05 22:26:10 UTC

Some politician called in to CNN and said the shooter was Sam Hyde, lol

2017-11-05 22:26:18 UTC

Or so I hear.

2017-11-05 22:26:36 UTC

He cant keep getting away with this

2017-11-05 22:27:45 UTC


2017-11-05 22:27:52 UTC


2017-11-05 22:29:33 UTC


2017-11-05 22:51:32 UTC

@parrott heimbach is training for dotr, leave him alone

2017-11-05 23:04:23 UTC


2017-11-05 23:11:28 UTC

Time for alt lite and left to start projecting motives

2017-11-05 23:17:32 UTC

This may be the first time that an Airman has actually shot someone

2017-11-05 23:18:06 UTC


2017-11-05 23:18:21 UTC


2017-11-05 23:18:38 UTC

...and it's an alienated misanthropic white jackass?

2017-11-05 23:19:07 UTC

It may come out that he had some beef with the church on account of his bible study stuff.

2017-11-05 23:19:23 UTC

sizeable if verified

2017-11-05 23:19:28 UTC

Disgruntled athiest?

2017-11-05 23:21:40 UTC

Gun control narrative engage

2017-11-05 23:22:33 UTC

Its almost like theyre purposefully attacking places that people who oppose gun control would go to sway conservative opinion. If i wanted to be a conspiracy guy for a second

2017-11-05 23:22:44 UTC

First a country concert now a church in texas

2017-11-05 23:26:44 UTC

True, Ian Lowry is showing how articles about the shooting were made 1 entire day ago.

2017-11-05 23:26:53 UTC

Like they were made yesterday, and released today.

2017-11-05 23:30:59 UTC

That could be the reason Vegas doesn't make sense on its own - because that's only a piece of it

2017-11-05 23:38:32 UTC

white power

2017-11-05 23:38:51 UTC


2017-11-05 23:39:05 UTC

Any esoteric hitlerists on tonight?

2017-11-05 23:39:42 UTC

We can't understand you, go back to your country

2017-11-05 23:39:47 UTC


2017-11-05 23:40:18 UTC

i n d i a n a i s m y c o u n t r y

2017-11-05 23:40:38 UTC


2017-11-05 23:40:53 UTC

Is there any point of contact between christianity and EHism

2017-11-05 23:41:16 UTC

Did I already link Battersby's Holy Book of Adolf Hitler?

2017-11-05 23:41:20 UTC

also, what is the EH stance on death and the afterlife?

2017-11-05 23:41:23 UTC

I don't think so

2017-11-05 23:41:29 UTC

you linked me to the Lightning and the SUn

2017-11-05 23:41:52 UTC

Can I get back to you in like 20 or so, I could dump a bunch of stuff, just made some food.

2017-11-05 23:42:00 UTC

yes thats fine

2017-11-05 23:42:03 UTC

how is everyone else?

2017-11-05 23:43:29 UTC

Hate to change the tone in here with everyone talking about the shooting. But... i just listened to this again after a while and wanted to share incase someone hasn't heard it yet. My favorite band and a hell of a song. https://youtu.be/7N4eAjepu4s

2017-11-05 23:54:55 UTC

Not EH but I'll throw in 2 cents, the whole Kalki deal seems to resonate very strongly with prophecies in Apocalypse/Revelation

2017-11-05 23:55:20 UTC

That's what I thought as well

2017-11-05 23:55:47 UTC

Big if true.


2017-11-05 23:56:38 UTC



2017-11-05 23:57:13 UTC


2017-11-05 23:57:20 UTC


2017-11-05 23:57:23 UTC


2017-11-05 23:57:39 UTC

Someone should be punished.

2017-11-05 23:57:39 UTC

Fucking Klan stole some of our K's i swear.

2017-11-05 23:57:49 UTC


2017-11-06 00:00:06 UTC

love the sheildwall pics

2017-11-06 00:01:08 UTC

3 K's 3 genders right guys <:thumbsupreich:374715790693367808>

2017-11-06 00:01:23 UTC


2017-11-06 00:01:30 UTC


2017-11-06 00:01:52 UTC

you guys should just throw your symbol on the sheilds

2017-11-06 00:02:07 UTC


2017-11-06 00:02:29 UTC

Nah, i am a proud Tradworer

2017-11-06 00:04:04 UTC

honestly the names we nigger rigged the night before, the damn sticker fell off en route

2017-11-06 00:04:18 UTC


2017-11-06 00:04:48 UTC

Its okay. True working class white boys. We cant spell

2017-11-06 00:05:02 UTC

Mfw I'm just barely to the left of the shieldwall pics

2017-11-06 00:05:02 UTC

years from now a interviewer will ask me what i remember of heimbach my quote will be "the names we nigger rigged the night before"

2017-11-06 00:05:13 UTC

If wishes were horses, beggers would ride; we'll make sure that wont happen again. Honestly being short like 75% of our officers for the event was a major handicap which allowed that oversight to happen

2017-11-06 00:05:46 UTC

Yeah I noticed leadership was a tad limited

2017-11-06 00:06:02 UTC

If the sticker fell off en route, wouldn't there be a space between them?

2017-11-06 00:06:07 UTC


2017-11-06 00:06:15 UTC


2017-11-06 00:06:24 UTC

F for the beer.

2017-11-06 00:06:31 UTC

If that was intentionally misspelled that's even better lmao

2017-11-06 00:06:34 UTC

We need to start a GoFundMe to buy Heimbach another beer

2017-11-06 00:06:35 UTC


2017-11-06 00:06:39 UTC

Don't worry. It'll return any minute now.

2017-11-06 00:06:51 UTC

Press F to pay his tab

2017-11-06 00:07:04 UTC

I never got my RC cola either

2017-11-06 00:07:06 UTC


2017-11-06 00:07:12 UTC

I'm about to go out and grab some beers tbth

2017-11-06 00:07:21 UTC


2017-11-06 00:07:31 UTC

Bruh, come to indianapolis

2017-11-06 00:07:36 UTC

Everybody please implore him not to.

2017-11-06 00:07:41 UTC

arent you supposed to be taking shelter for that tornado?

2017-11-06 00:07:46 UTC


2017-11-06 00:07:49 UTC


2017-11-06 00:07:53 UTC

Heimbach come to india we r ur biggest fan - pajeet

2017-11-06 00:07:54 UTC


2017-11-06 00:07:57 UTC

Bruh, I've only drank like once over the past 5 weeks

2017-11-06 00:08:00 UTC

I'd rather die on the Internet than live in the cellar without Internet.

2017-11-06 00:08:02 UTC


2017-11-06 00:08:09 UTC

we r honorar aryins

2017-11-06 00:08:20 UTC


2017-11-06 00:08:27 UTC

you're right

2017-11-06 00:08:29 UTC

moonshine is

2017-11-06 00:08:31 UTC


2017-11-06 00:08:43 UTC

Apparently I'm the only TradMormon.

2017-11-06 00:08:47 UTC

ironically beer and moonshine did me in p good last weekend at the hotel

2017-11-06 00:09:03 UTC

We're you at the LOS cabins drinking with me and the dudes from TN?

2017-11-06 00:09:04 UTC

But it was my bday weekend. I got an excuse

2017-11-06 00:09:14 UTC

Nah. We were at the shitty indian motel

2017-11-06 00:09:15 UTC

@cr4ck3r Im somewhat novice, but it seems moreso to lean toward reincarnation. Thats because our "blood memory" has diminished as the Ages have gone on and we devolved from the once-great beings we all once were. One of these factors is race-mixing. Others vary. Only those who... What many would consider Saints... Or Avatars..Can pass on to a greater Collective (Heaven). These can go on the bring on the coming Golden Age after this Kali Yuga ends. The rest fight the fight and live other lives the best we can, trying to keep in touch with our Blood Memories to carry on the Ages and Legacies.

2017-11-06 00:09:29 UTC

Whew, hey @parrott you emailed me last week to schedule vetting for official membership (have been trying to join since pikeville), can you pm me so I can find the right channel to speak to my regional coordinator?

2017-11-06 00:09:44 UTC

I'm an Esoteric Heimbachist

2017-11-06 00:09:50 UTC

Who isn't?

2017-11-06 00:09:53 UTC

thank you AltCelt

2017-11-06 00:09:53 UTC


2017-11-06 00:09:59 UTC

I'm an esoteric Parrott

2017-11-06 00:10:05 UTC

I have become Heimbowl destoryer of muds

2017-11-06 00:10:06 UTC

Heil Warren

2017-11-06 00:10:08 UTC

like, I'm the reincarnation of Matt Parrott

2017-11-06 00:10:14 UTC

who hasn't even died yet

2017-11-06 00:10:17 UTC

@parrott hook my cracker @MetalGearREXist up

2017-11-06 00:10:25 UTC

I wouldnt dpubt it

2017-11-06 00:10:26 UTC

Haha thanks Matt!

2017-11-06 00:10:39 UTC

to this day i love this picture


2017-11-06 00:10:52 UTC


2017-11-06 00:10:55 UTC

The Jews fucked up the cycle so much that we can have multiple incarnations of ourselves most likely. Shit is short-circuiting.

2017-11-06 00:10:56 UTC

@MetalGearREXist : What's your username?

2017-11-06 00:11:11 UTC

We are all cut of the same soul

2017-11-06 00:11:16 UTC

Thats the twist

2017-11-06 00:11:22 UTC

You guys have eluded me for too long. it's MetalGearREXist #8868

2017-11-06 00:11:29 UTC

Jones you men to say we are cut of the same bowl

2017-11-06 00:11:41 UTC

@cr4ck3r even so, Kombat may be able to give more insight.

2017-11-06 00:11:49 UTC

Yo ive never rocked the bowl cut. I would not false claim

2017-11-06 00:12:09 UTC

Now if we want to talk true white stand. The mullet. There was a time

2017-11-06 00:12:10 UTC

A shield wall all in bowl cuts would make the enemy even more afraid imo

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