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Whew, hey @parrott you emailed me last week to schedule vetting for official membership (have been trying to join since pikeville), can you pm me so I can find the right channel to speak to my regional coordinator?

Haha thanks Matt!

You guys have eluded me for too long. it's MetalGearREXist #8868

@parrott it's Granfalloon

@parrott I purchased a monthly membership back on like august 31st but hadn't heard anything from TWP

@MatthewHeimbach I'm a yankee but our group in MA respects the hell out of you guys

@parrott I think the membership gave me access to discounted prices but I never recieved anything, had ordered a TWP hardhat as well

@parrott I spoke to Mr Edgeworth about my order several times but the hurricane(s) interrupted shipping so I never recieved any packet

@parrott That means a lot Matt, TWP has been a great influence and I look forward to being a part of it, you goys have a good night!

9 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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