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Hang on I was just told it’s being moved back

On my birthday

The event?

Till next weekend

I might still go idk

Hang on

I’m going

Yeah and it’s only an hour drive right?

well 2-3 hour

So 8pm

Where is it

I thought you meant the training event

Alright I’ll ask Marcus

Has everyone committed daily exercise?

I’m heading to the gym rn

Hell yeah I just finished a 4 hour max effort gym session

Feels great

No more so the “burn every muscle in your body just to experiment” workout

Which I did do, and I don’t feel sore... at all

I feel less sore than I did before the workout

Just gotta keep eating/drinking protein

3 chin ups


Bro I’m husky with low triceps gimme time sheesh


I can do everything else tho




Chin ups

I should be able to do those



Fuck kt

Ultra leaning time

I’m about to near starve myself and run

Plank is easy

Does every Viking speak like this?

Send link to the document

I am elite haxxor

Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato Pie

If you’ve never had it

Go get some

Imma go eat pumpkin pie


Check the news

They just updated the Rittenhouse trial

Not Guilty on all charges

He is free

Missing attachment: IMG_3550.PNG


Message me


Of course, we do no advocate for anyone to take action that could put people into legal troubles


Remember why we do it, what we’re trying to protect, what we want to fix

Missing attachment: IMG_3586.MP4

That child was 2 feet from death because of them

Missing attachment: IMG_3589.JPG

The Christmas Parade... upsetting

Missing attachment: IMG_3591.PNG

Take that fuel, go lift some weights and bulk up

Lift weights
Eat plentiful healthy high protein foods

What are the required items please, and I look forward to this event

I assume you don’t mean the standard packing list

I’ll have it ready as soon as possible

Chin straps from that link wouldn’t get here until Dec 19th

The second link says 2 days, we’ll see

Ordered it along with the knee pads

And in good condition

Oh yeah it’s this weekend

Well next

Missing attachment: IMG_3648.PNG

I’m having trouble finding my package

Not a real thing

Get NayNayed

Will jackets be available for purchase at the event this weekend

If they’re not required though, I’d rather be in a shirt, but if they are how much for an XL

I wear a t shirt in 35-40 degrees but alright

I’ll find a jacket

A pf jacket I mean

I do need to lean out, but I’m not commenting on how you’re a living version of the stick character I drew in the 6th grade

I’ll go on a quest for this jacket to be in uniform, just checking in with you



Your Twin

Will do





309 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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