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It's just natural flavors. I didn't think anything was wrong with it.

It doesn't have any of those artificial sweetners in it

I will provided there is space. Consider me last in line for crashing there

@ND - John WA what should be done in this circumstance to complete a weekly action? Would gathering those opposition banners count?

Should I have Leo scout that mural?

Got it. This Friday I'll go down and take a look

Kittitas, the greatest county in our state

@Tyler WA John says that 3D stenciling counts as solo activism just be sure to take before and after photos for the action report

Maybe some short panning shots of your handiwork

A lot of people realize the way out of the problem, we just lack one unified voice to rally behind

Or they aren't aware of said voice would be more accurate. Buried in an era of misinformation

47.6153°N 122.3189°W

600 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

Missing attachment: PicsArt_11-14-04.50.00.jpg
Missing attachment: toughguyalert.jpg

They're probably just talking out of their asses like usual. If they followed us or saw the vehicle they'd have been taking pictures.

And uploading them everywhere

A few people noticed us but no one followed us. Especially all the way back to the truck

They're just saving face to avoid looking useless like they are. Unable to stop us when we are within 10 yards of them

Kinda like how they always claim to have ripped down our banners within the hour when we know for a fact they were up for several hours

Maybe that's when shift change for nazi watch was lol

Really inclusive of them to allow the blind and deaf work graveyards



I guess I'm just always amused by how on the nose it is

Did you get a solo action in this week, boss?

I got it

That one can be kine



Assuming no last minute submissions are made

Tyler did some on Sunday

I was doing it Monday-Sunday so that our weekly recap fell on the last day




@ND - John WA Bro that photo is sick

The four way tie

2602 Washington St SE, Olympia, WA 98501

This would be a great place for a large banner drop



As seen from the freeway

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@all mumbl

fitness standards are now in place. Anyone who cannot complete 25 push ups, 3 pull ups, a 9 minute mile, 2.5 minute plank will have to join our fitness and lifestyle recovery group.

Missing attachment: Screenshot_20211114-202004_Office.png
Missing attachment: Screenshot_20211114-202004_Office.png

Yeah it really is

Check telegram

I feel like when the potential punishment changes from write up to decimation people listen a bit better

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Leftoids really love walls of text no one can read as they drive by lol

@ND - John WA I took the stands too, I just too them out so they weren't rattling together as I walked around

@ND - John WA should I paint the signa myself or do you think that would be a fun thing to do with everyone on Saturday?

I was gonna try to get like 30+ by the end of the week

Marshal WA declined to assist me with any activity in the area as he is not in PF but is now asking if I am attended the December event. How he knows of it I do not know

Just thought I'd tell you

I didn't not view or respond to that message

Oh okay

Oh see I was thinking I'd make them look awful

Thanks for the direction 👍🏿

I know. These will look pristine

You're gonna see these and be like "dam 😎"

Probably just some abandoned parking lot outside of town

Stealth is practically my middle name

Also, carpooling with Marshal. I get off work Friday morning at 1AM in Tacoma and I was just gonna drive to wherever our meet up point is and take a nap before our flight

Could Jack possibly collect Marshal?


That's a good idea

Goodnight boss


Missing attachment: 20211116_035057.jpg

The one that's basically illegible on the top left says something about everyone being welcome in their neighborhood in English, Spanish and Arabic. The opposite side isn't as destroyed.

@ND - John WA these were all taken from about 8 blocks total

They're everywhere

Both trips took less than an hour

Missing attachment: 6ad88c9a4c7a5632d85fc375f5d1c95c17b6ae78bd0d6eed13e91d7a5d8de972_1.jpg.jpg

Thanks bro



It's pretty simple

Purchased pit vipers today


No the one I was interested in wasn't on sale I guess

I want to buy $100 glasses that I'll immediately drop in a lake or something

Sure is great living in the largest economy the world has ever known with my 5 allotted vacation days per year

Really digging it

That's all we are expected to do

Grand aspirations are such a 20th century thing

Dudes most recent post on Twitter is a video of him wheeling a tank of something down the street labeled "just blm terrorist things"

He is based out of Seattle

They think we hit Seattle back to back days lol

I think that's the ping pong table LMAO

We already walked circles around their security on a Saturday night

They're clowns

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