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2018-07-28 10:16:58 UTC  

It's funny cause it's true!🤣

2018-07-28 10:17:21 UTC  

The La Creatura meme is real

2018-07-28 10:17:41 UTC  

What's that!??

2018-07-28 10:19:56 UTC  

@HoppeanSnake_ZA Mmmm McDonald's😋

2018-07-28 10:20:08 UTC

2018-07-28 10:21:39 UTC  

So is this South or North America we're talking? 🤔

2018-07-28 10:25:20 UTC  

@Malcolm the Seceder at this point is there a difference?

2018-07-28 10:27:13 UTC  

Good point

2018-07-28 10:30:07 UTC  

Well made

2018-07-28 12:27:55 UTC  

Man I miss my childhood 👆🏻

2018-07-28 12:31:38 UTC @Rendier is live. Give our pet leftist some support.

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Ditsem! @HoppeanSnake_ZA, you just advanced to level 11!

2018-07-28 16:34:24 UTC  

"Irrational rage and fanaticism" Lol that's an observation I have observed as well.

2018-07-28 16:39:56 UTC  

Ditsem! @$P!KY\/!k!NG, you just advanced to level 7!

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2018-07-28 17:54:10 UTC  

I have mixed feelings about this approach.

2018-07-28 17:54:45 UTC  

The style of rhetoric he employs is very similar to populists like the EFF. A lot of sound and fury.

2018-07-28 17:55:09 UTC  

But that's just my personal take from an optics perspective.

2018-07-28 18:00:34 UTC  

At least it's honest

2018-07-28 18:03:46 UTC  

In the court of public opinion reality can be whatever it wants, but perception remains king.

2018-07-28 18:05:31 UTC  

Not in disagreement with you 👍

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2018-07-28 19:48:17 UTC  

@Conscious Caracal In my opinion we don't have time for playing optics. At the current rate of death by murder and mescegenation. The 8% white minority will disappear within 2-4 generations.

2018-07-28 20:44:46 UTC  

@$P!KY\/!k!NG Getting the optics right isn't simply about looking civil or getting people to like you, it makes or breaks your message.

2018-07-28 20:45:57 UTC  

Like I said earlier, in the court of public opinion reality can be whatever it wants, but perception remains king.

2018-07-28 20:47:05 UTC  

Your message can be rock solid, but if you present / convey it poorly it'll fall flat.

2018-07-28 21:03:08 UTC  

@Conscious Caracal circumventing the conditioning? 🤔

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2018-07-29 07:44:42 UTC  

I suspect the reason the west lost it's identity was when it started rejecting God's existence.

2018-07-29 10:02:39 UTC  

@Crusher i reckon you are right.

2018-07-29 13:11:46 UTC  

Spot on @Crusher