Message from Campin' Carl in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-02-20 06:51:45 UTC  

Besides, if Mass Effect Andromeda sucks balls I wanna be friends so I can grouse to someone

2017-02-20 06:52:04 UTC  

Because it's all Star Wars fags around here that lap up anything they're told to lap up that's "Nerd culture"

2017-02-20 06:52:09 UTC  

This was the extra crispy boy from the MonkeyBar

2017-02-20 06:52:12 UTC  

I think he is alt right. To even make these kinds of jokes and be a swede you have to be at least alt lite.

2017-02-20 06:52:39 UTC  

oi ken

2017-02-20 06:52:52 UTC  

what do you think of being part of New West Australia?

2017-02-20 06:53:04 UTC  

@Campin' Carl that's the 5th time you've posted that

2017-02-20 06:53:12 UTC  

ye so?

2017-02-20 06:53:14 UTC  

i like it

2017-02-20 06:53:20 UTC  

Yea that's enuff

2017-02-20 06:53:24 UTC  

Ann Coulter is a mainstream political figure who writes for AmRen.

2017-02-20 06:53:30 UTC  

it looks much better than the shitty state lines you have currently

2017-02-20 06:53:35 UTC  

@Campin' Carl our capital wouldn't be in South Carolina

2017-02-20 06:54:47 UTC  

@Campin' Carl I think if the average Aussie girl looked like a fosters commercial and not a squat vietnamese I'd be ok with it. But they aren't so I'm not

2017-02-20 06:54:55 UTC  

MonkeyBar back in the day vs. now

2017-02-20 06:55:18 UTC  

m8 viets cant be australian

2017-02-20 06:55:26 UTC  

ok going to bed. G'night

2017-02-20 06:57:20 UTC  

it's tit tape

2017-02-20 06:57:30 UTC  

What a punk.

2017-02-20 06:57:51 UTC  

tit tape

2017-02-20 06:59:16 UTC

2017-02-20 06:59:46 UTC

2017-02-20 07:00:04 UTC

2017-02-20 07:01:04 UTC

2017-02-20 07:01:15 UTC  

domesticated emu warrior

2017-02-20 07:01:28 UTC  

remove bush tucker

2017-02-20 07:01:51 UTC