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Sitting in a hotel in Ohio with just my phone

Otherwise I'd be in voice

Down to see my son

Ken's love of gingers. Is there anything more pure?

I went on a few dates with a Ginger jew. She was from Milford @Borzoi so be aware


Years ago



so what's the latest goys. just got back from ohio



waifu is sleeping and has to be up in 3 hours. so i will be typing only

if waifu wasn't sleeping i would be starting few conversations

picked up afew stun gun flashlights for you goys going to TRStlemania that wont be carrying guns. 4.3 million volts. say hello to shitty pants antifa

was this in CA @YUGE

jesus. what county. they have the castle doctrine

ok then. shoulda done it in logan county. you can literally get away with murder there. paul harvey even said so

better tried by 9 than carried by 6

pcp is a hell of a drug

just bought my second .45 today. dual weilding now niggers

we call them niggers

mine too

also picked up a tokarev

7.62x25 necked cartridge. like shooting a rifle bullet out of a handgun

level 3 armor struggles to stop it

i got the norinco 54-1. most people rock the cz but it's ugly

i saw it

just picked up an AR pistol upper

can kent state happen yet?


it's built. it's a hodgepodge. i'll snap a pic


left is new. the right one i've had you 7 years or so


9 in or less

didn't measure


would be killer in a 308

the two pistols are the same brand. the new one has a full length frame with built in picitanny rail. full length guide rod, beaver tail safety, skeletized hammer, and a few other goodies.

for $75 more than i paid for the first one that is a hell of a deal. considering it would cost at least 200 in parts to mke my old one anything close

was it this guy?

is this the chief you're talking about @YUGE


got waifu trained. i say ov vey, and she responds with shut it down

gook= vietnamese, zipper head is japanese i believe. could certainly be wrong

may be a good resource to pull people from

@YUGE may be a good resource to pull people from

not smart enough to feel stupid is how i describe it

that's how i describe my son's mother

fits like a glove





hunday. like sunday


hell yeah

@TheDriver i'll have both of the bottom pieces in texas. may be willing to loan you one of the 2

.380 and 9mm

none of the serials you can get from my pics will trace back to me. the shotgun is the only one i've posted that i did paperwork for

bought legally with no paper

the 9mm has a very heavy double action trigger with no external safety. holds 10 rds. there are no accidents with that heavy of a trigger

worst case i'll have a "make you piss your pants" stun gun/ flashlight for you to crr

the entire time i'm in texas

which will be 3-4 days

9mm is cheaper to shoot than .380

i'd let you keep it longer but sending one through the mail is a big no-no

if you had the shekels i would just sell you the 9 when i was down there

not sure how that works legaly though




waifu sent me that

snes: secret of mana, zelda, earthbound

ps2: dragon quest 8

i have the cartridge

of earthbound

it's good shit. best the first time around

my newest system i have is ps2. my son has an x-box 360

greta shit



when i was 23 i was with a 31 yr old woman

i was

it's on purpose. waifu is sleeping. i just had to correct the record

so you looked like slug?


trying o keep some peace

i was told that menche was a yiddish word for troublemaker

by a jew that called me one



get a stool johhny, you're gonna need it

anyone ever tell i girl that she sucks dick like a fat chick and have her not appreciate the compliment for what it is?

it's tit tape

tit tape

real slug



piss off leaf. soory is for canadians


day of the rake

you sound like you're getting emotional bro

if you had gone to texas salty wouldn't have had the chance to puke on bradan's bed

paul nehlen #1 show

black men on the down low is real bro

nothing like pulling off a robbery and then fucking your homie in the alley to celebrate


that's more than 88 min isn't it?

prepping the rain bull

not michigan. not lower anyway. maybe UP

70% non white i thought

it's the tapeworms bro

that's why they're so scrawny


grabbing a drink


lawn jockey?

but with watermelon

add a chicken bone and you're done

john chap 8. verse 44

heading to bed. goodnight goys




try it with coke. also if you are drinking it on the rocks, drink jameson black barrel

i bet

WTF is a skooner

so for you guys with fashy haircuts... what number guard do you use for he short part. #2?

i was gonna go #2 every 2 weeks or less

mine grows fast also

i was gonna have waifu touch up the shaved parts. i have an ex that cuts my hair. so i try to do it as little as possible

hitler youth cuts only. my son's school nurse has like 4 kids. 2 blonde boys, all with hitler youth cuts

bumped into her family at dairy queen today

wanted to ask questions but chose not to

picked this up for it's sheer piss your pants when stuck in your face value...

it's a raging bull 44 magnum

cigarette pack for scale

if you look close at the first pic you will notice tat the barrel is ported near the front sight. 4 ports on each side. it's literally like one handing my mossberg 500

i saw your "ya son"

only on for a short bit. just got ome from ohio a few hours ago

zaaa brack pirrrrrrr

we have thick skin. it'll be ok

us potatoe niggers

over half irish. the rest is german, italian, and native american

ahhh. then i'm a plastic paddy. i do have a couple relatives that share my last name in tipperary ireland

i thought they peed on the leather to tan it

soaked it in pee

same in MI

the white ones go to lesbians

gotta dip out for a michigan conference call. be back soon

it is


(Rubs hands)

Normal. Mine passes out while I'm shit posting all the time

What is that?


bottom one belongs to waifu

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