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#HopeMyHeartDoesntExplode I'm not done raising Hitler 2.0





The NigKike left twitter for a role in Rouge One


That's a good thing congratulations

I go to sleep for a few hours and ppl invaded Shias stream lmao


I'm still being vetted for the new position at my job security clearances are a bitch

Jojo is good I never heard it before it's cool af

What's up V


Nigs just robbed a fire house in jersey city while the firemen were saving other nigs.

Very red polling


I love the Italians

He didn't think we had the fortitude to fight back...he thought Trump was it.


Mcain just said "putin is a murderer and a thief...we will never work together to fight Isis."


They watch the news as a religion, we are all fat jobless spineless losers



McCain and Ryan MUST go

I think if one goes it will strip the other of their power pretty much

Nehelen just went ham in a tweet storm

The address of my cardiologist is 1485....SO CLOSE!

Pres conference with Theresa May is on RIGHT NOW lol

50 mins away from my death sentence lol

Ok goys I've got 1 year to expel the Jew from our country. Pedal to the medal I can't let my kids down.

Im kidding it's just stress related they said.


I was ready to rain down some serious pranks if they gave me a expiration date. But thanks for the thoughts and prayers u guys are the only ones that know...I didn't even tell my wife I didn't wanna scare her

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU.

Thanks brother

I was like "this can't be happening I'm in great health." Lol

I was Asgardian now I'm Hammer Falls. I can't run that name anymore it's banned within days

The Fucking Rock is gonna run next election and that's gonna be a big problem Fam.

Both are a problem

It's settled then I have to man handle the rock on national tv right before the election...I will cuck him

I don't know much about Kanye but I know that I will have to physically humiliate the Rock

Throw the Jew down the well

U suck

Ted Cruz just went HAM in defense of Jeff Sessions in one of the hearings

Damnit Dmarcus my daughter wanted to talk to u

Ask bella


I've never led a fuller life. I was an absolute lunatic before I had kids. Now I couldn't picture my life without them.

Now I get to cuck all the children's fathers that are friends with my kids in front of their wives.

It's a win win Goys

Ahhh shit. I might go.

I'll have a brock Lesnar t shirt on if I'm there

If anyone goes tomorrow night and if u see a guy with a Brock Lesnar t shirt ask

"What did Hitler do wrong?"

Ossssh work?

Way to go Fascist. Don't stop. I have a 5 yr old boy. He needs you

Skeleton king what's ur @ bro


Is that a real cover photo?

Idk how to feel about this

Sup goys...that little guy with the Pepe mask was fit af good on him. Great optics!

Enoch lost a Shit ton of weight wow

No matter how y'all spin this the media is spinning it as the ADL defeated Trump.


What's up Goys what have I missed?

Kang when are u having us over for tea?

Cause that's a house I wanna drink Tea in lol

****if this guy is following you block him he's Antifa."


They are going to ban all of us on twitter.


Ken stop playing mass effect 3

U get alllll Fucking sweaty....and then go to a cold stop. That BLOWS

Yes that's miserable Ken.

I broke out for 5 hours today!

3 feet of reinforced concrete 👌🏻

I wear a mouth piece when I do that

It says it on ur status lol

The NOSE Knows


Wtf is that lol

Every night I watch White Genocide talking points come out of Tucker's mouth.

Its almost time for me to hang it up.

Jesus Christ

Sessions is in?

Can someone help me out?

I ❤️ Antifa.

I just saw that Steven

I'm sick as a dog.

Antifa is gonna hand us a victory. I'm not tired of winning


I just saw that Johnny sorry bro....

You got it

Ur in Chad and nig

Mac Tonight


Guys Gavin Was a member of Bugsswarm in 2011 see "2011 Swarm"

Gavin worked with the people who crafted the White Genocide meme, we can use this against him.

"Oh I'm not a Nazi"

Oh yes you are mother fucker


Yea...I was there lol

Let me go back to 2011 at the site give me a little bitn



Kek Kek Kek

U a Nazi now boI 2011 swarm


Point being.....we may have enough to nail him as a Nazi.

That's OK. The whole point is that he's bobbing and weaving to avoid being called a Nazi.

It's to embarrass him and make Him look like a total asshat.

He says identity politics are over, as he's called a Nazi and a fascist. They are doing damage control for Antifa

He's running a double double though,

Im not a nazi!

Kill whitey!

Identity politics are dead


As he's being called out by race he's saying identity politics are dead.
Ppl like him protect our enemy


They are scared/conditioned

I had a normie friend send me this today...he was so proud of it like it was all edgey

Yes lol

Haha the federal judge cucked trump

I just opened up an account and got banned within under a MINUTE while using a VPN. I didn't even tweet once or put up an AVI yet

I believe this is the beginning of the end of our twitter activism

Maybe I'll just start dead lifting in ppls drive ways to get the word out

I should go dead lift at Shias lol

Nope we are still dropping like flies bran


I'm @michaelmaga117 now

Paranormies 2?

Holy shit

I think ur all set V lol

Jesus Christ that's insane

They banned Nehlen?

Holy Shit

I know 😡

Ya know when you step outside the matrix for a moment like I did today and see all these normies it makes u think. I mean I know they are normies but man their are a lot of GOOD ppl. Wow it's crazy

JFC idk

U got a new VPN V?

I am job

Well I got banned again no shit posting under a new normie account. It's OVER on twitter fam.



I have a tablet that I haven't used for twitter yet

The super bowl is over they can't do it without receivers dropping the ball like crazy

Would have been nice if Brady won

Time to de compress from twitter lol

Why are we poasting madonna songs lol

Here comes the poz show

Micro said if u delete the app it clears the cache...I'll give that a go

Brady representing the 14 words

Hail Victory

Believe it or not this was a political win as well


Gaga new better than to get political There were a few thinly veiled shots but nothing overt

This was a big win for white America

Timing is everything and this was huge politically

Down 2 scores goin into the half? Activate the Aryan war machine.

This is why we win wars goys

Fuck me

Yes I know


If ur a Trump guy and didn't support the patriots today idk what to say

Tom knew what the undertones of the game was


I still can't believe it these heebs wanted him to lose so badly cause he supported trump

We need to make Brady Nazi memes

We need to meme Brady into a Nazi

Belichiks letter to Trump:
Congratulations on a tremendous campaign. You have dealt with an unbelievable slanted and negative media, and have come out beautifully – beautifully. You’ve proved to be the ultimate competitor and fighter. Your leadership is amazing. I have always had tremendous respect for you, but the toughness and perseverance you have displayed over the past year is remarkable. Hopefully tomorrow’s election results will give the opportunity to make America great again. Best wishes for great results tomorrow

There is no chance and hell that will work out for them. If they keep fucking with him he will go right after their life force aka DACA. They will never win another election

They are fucked

No...cause we aren't violent retards

These ppl weren't just protesting

if that's the case then we are all already dead....Carry on

Here's poor Bell being all nice and sweet then this douche bag comes along

I'm the Tom Brady account

What a piece of shit

The 4 ppl that he mentioned in that one tweet have put in countless hours of our lives to try and help. And THATS what he has to say? Huh

Sieze absolute power

I dunno

Poor guy 😔 I have no choice but to donate he's fighting for my children.

What's wrong?

Press F

What a shame. I hope he makes a full and speedy recovery. My heart breaks for him

Can't walk without crutches

Apparently this was a very large member of Antifa. This is when having a family holds u back.

We would go to jail

Wtf is that? Lol

Ohhh I like those new balances

Those red ones

I know it's Milos site but this Asian kid killed

I just found my 2 year old android tablet...back in business

WUT is that

I hate u Dmarcus lol

Jesus Bella lol

Like garbage ran over 2xs. I'm getting better though. No more fever

Thanks for asking brudda

Hahaha liberals go broke

Twitter now officially sucks...

It's a dead format for us

Yes @Azzmador. We can't dismantle these ppl the way we used to to.

I saw that! Lol

Did y'all see the firestorm around George Lopez? lol

He said "their are two rules in a Latinos household you don't marry blacks and don't park in front of our house."

Both which were very reasonable tbh

But ppl are freaking out because he spoke out against miscegenation lol

"The white whore" unbelievable

U don't even shit POAST on that account


It's all gonna burn eventually

That was great Zorost

I'll be in later

Twitter is finished

Back to the YT comments section Goys

We can organize from here


The left blew their load on satire

I'm all for it, I believe Hotep wants a peaceful separation

The only difference between the 1st Amendment & the Soviet Constitution is that the latter is understood to say “Heresy is not free speech"



Real Aryans shit at the bottom of heavy squats

475+ is diaper time

Squat plug hahahahahaha I like that

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