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2017-10-31 20:39:36 UTC  

On a lighter note, it is my personal opinion that in the ethnostate all men should have a right to have a toilet where his balls do not dip into the water while taking a shit because all balls do not swing equally.

2017-10-31 20:41:28 UTC  

No toilet can hold these

2017-10-31 20:42:33 UTC  
2017-10-31 21:16:52 UTC

Anglin and the 2nd in command (I think, around that) in TWP are duking it out on Gab, publicly. I think Gab actually allows DMs that could make this less... well, public.

2017-10-31 21:58:41 UTC  

Anglin makes solid points. But I wish he didn't have to make them

2017-10-31 21:59:10 UTC  

allow me to clarify. I think he is doing what is needed. I simply wish it wasn't.

2017-10-31 22:05:50 UTC  

How many guys did we have at Shelbysville?

2017-10-31 22:06:01 UTC  


2017-10-31 22:06:37 UTC  

I thought we had one guy there. I thought wrong apparently.

2017-10-31 22:07:06 UTC  

Nope, we didn't send anyone.

2017-10-31 22:08:15 UTC  

I was in contact with a local Cville veteran today who also told me he was at Shelbysville. I belive he went with the NSM, but he said hes not a part of it. The guy was telling me it was a total goon fest.

2017-10-31 22:09:04 UTC  

Apparently some people there even took to spooking normie locals for lolz.

2017-10-31 22:12:47 UTC  

We considered sending Z because he knows so many folks but with Gainesville and Austin coming up it wasn't practical. I'm glad we didn't send anyone honestly. It was basically Pikeville 2.

2017-10-31 22:23:20 UTC  

Just told some guy in a bar to "watch his profanity". I love fucking with people.

2017-10-31 22:24:19 UTC  


2017-10-31 22:29:55 UTC  

Bruh, if you knew me... I was literally yelling "fuck that nigger" during the Mayweather fight.

2017-10-31 22:30:33 UTC  

If it was a UFC ring, he would have gotten lynched

2017-10-31 22:35:17 UTC  

If it was a small town in Texas he would've been lynched...

2017-10-31 22:50:07 UTC  

The gay bartender has a black boyfriend...

2017-10-31 22:56:01 UTC  

Absolutely disgusting

2017-10-31 22:56:11 UTC  

Resist the urge to purge

2017-10-31 23:02:32 UTC  
2017-10-31 23:03:06 UTC  

Hopefully they give each other AIDS

2017-10-31 23:34:03 UTC  

God willing

2017-10-31 23:34:41 UTC  

Well I got asked to leave.

2017-10-31 23:35:18 UTC  

Give them a salute goodbye.

2017-10-31 23:40:55 UTC  

no way, why???

2017-10-31 23:49:16 UTC  

wait, what happened?

2017-11-01 00:00:52 UTC  

"Does it matter whether or not the Antifa pro-pedo banner was a false flag given how funny it is? 😄 "

2017-11-01 00:05:19 UTC  

well I'll be, I actually agree with PJW

2017-11-01 00:24:53 UTC  

He's saying that because they totally faked it.

2017-11-01 00:24:53 UTC  


Name: Black Mandingo
Email: [email protected]
Age: 21
State: TX
Political Ideology: rapes white bitches
Drugs cigarettes: alcohol: marijuana: other: yes
Religios Beliefs: satanist
Reason: Because Patriotism
Skills: with my big cock i have the power to rule all
Read Manifesto: Yes

2017-11-01 00:25:58 UTC  

hahaha wtf, these are great

2017-11-01 00:26:26 UTC  

Name: Urmum
Email: [email protected]
Age: over 65
State: DE
Political Ideology: Gay
Drugs cigarettes: yes alcohol: yes marijuana: yes other: yes yes
Religios Beliefs: Hindu
Reason: Bc i love ur mun
Skills: Im really good at doggystle
Read Manifesto: No\

2017-11-01 00:26:35 UTC  

Name: Suck a dick
Email: Suck a dick @suck a
Age: 55
State: AZ
Political Ideology: Quit being racist h stupid fucks
Drugs cigarettes: alcohol: marijuana: other: yes yes
Religios Beliefs:
Reason: Go to the fucking ocean and drown racist fucks
Skills: How to hang all the racists fucks that exist
Read Manifesto: Yes

2017-11-01 00:28:58 UTC  

Lol, its ok, we will have reeducation labor camps in Alaska for those fucks.

2017-11-01 00:31:32 UTC  

"Urmum" got'em

2017-11-01 00:32:45 UTC  

We should hire a terminator from skynet to track these niggers down.

2017-11-01 00:33:20 UTC  

Alaska's a nice place, don't want to ruin the scenery with labor camps.

2017-11-01 00:34:16 UTC  

Y'know, I had a guy who wanted to join and almost got through vetting from a small town in Alaska once. Guy lived in a tiny village only accessible by boat a couple times a week. Great guy, but... not really the best spot for activism y'know?