Message from Leah - VA in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-06-26 03:08:13 UTC  

@TheFash move to a community where lots of alt-righters live. That's why I'm moving to PA.

2017-06-26 03:08:19 UTC  

I want to greet people walking down the sidewalk with a casual "heil"

2017-06-26 03:08:33 UTC  

@V I T A L I T Y one day lol

2017-06-26 03:08:35 UTC  

I'm dying to watch that.

2017-06-26 03:09:11 UTC  

@Erika I would, but the gators are my home. We will eventually have that in Florida some day soon.

2017-06-26 03:09:55 UTC  

@ @Erika No I got my hands full in Chitcongo tryna get 10 ppl to unplug their tablets

2017-06-26 03:57:18 UTC  

@everyone Richard singing Depeche Mode.

2017-06-26 03:58:10 UTC  

It doesn't allow replays

2017-06-26 03:58:32 UTC  

I'm watching it right now

2017-06-26 03:58:40 UTC  

Sacco sings at 16:30

2017-06-26 03:58:45 UTC  

Dépêche Mode is the best official altright band we could have hoped for.

2017-06-26 04:01:00 UTC  

@Erika oh god what's he sing?

2017-06-26 04:01:23 UTC  

listen to it lol

2017-06-26 04:01:42 UTC  
2017-06-26 04:09:13 UTC  


2017-06-26 04:09:17 UTC  

I'm dying

2017-06-26 04:14:45 UTC  

Well glad they're having fun

2017-06-26 07:09:13 UTC  

Fun is a relative word.

2017-06-26 11:15:18 UTC  

Why. Was. I. Not. There.

2017-06-26 11:15:32 UTC  

That may have been the best thing I've seen. Ever.

2017-06-26 11:45:30 UTC  

Richard Spencer singing karaoke is better than I could have ever hoped. 😂

2017-06-26 18:51:09 UTC  

Hey guys, it's Colton.

2017-06-26 19:00:37 UTC  


2017-06-26 19:00:47 UTC  

Thanks for your work

2017-06-26 19:08:49 UTC  

Of course man

2017-06-26 20:39:08 UTC

2017-06-26 20:39:39 UTC  

Shekel for a sign?

2017-06-26 20:43:07 UTC  

omfg I've seen that guy before

2017-06-26 20:43:43 UTC  

He's some kike from NYC. Goes to every pro Trump rally to be a hunchback Jew and make everyone look bad

2017-06-26 20:44:23 UTC  

Look at his legs Hahahah

2017-06-26 21:00:44 UTC  
2017-06-26 21:09:25 UTC  

@MadDimension He's there to demonstrate that they are a different species.

2017-06-26 21:49:17 UTC  

I'd say it'd be in our interest to point out the distinction is no longer between the alt lite and alt right. It's between the brand names and the united new right.

2017-06-26 23:10:53 UTC  

I swear Jews do that look on purpose

2017-06-26 23:11:26 UTC  

As if looking pitiful is something they use to their advantage..

2017-06-26 23:18:31 UTC  

@Goldstein Riots that baby will never be able to experience life as a normie he was woke too young

2017-06-26 23:30:08 UTC  

@HipToTheJQ "hunchback Jew" hahaha

2017-06-26 23:42:16 UTC

2017-06-26 23:42:18 UTC  

The "Sojourners" Church one block from my apartment put this up