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GI GO HOME @Hand Banana

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In other news:

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Good morning everyone, I hope you all have a great day full of respect for women today.

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@everyone One thing that normies have a hard time understanding about our criticism of Jews as a group, is the existence of the Atheistical Jew. They can conceive of how religious Jews can have group solidarity but fail to see how that solidarity stretches to the atheist Jew.
When these Alt-Light guys ask you about Jews you gotta be prepared to answer from the standpoint of evolutionary psychology. Many people have no idea how to counter these theories and they will wonder about them later. Not only that, but people listening will be "won over" in a way. They will see that this racism business might actually have something worth looking into. That's when you slip them an "Alt Right business card.
We aim to convert the Alt Light. Don't worry about their leaders being cucks. We are in charge and their followers are simply waiting for the proper patriarchy to inspire them to become proper white males.
No white male can resist our message and promise of a strong Nation, and no white female can resist the power of a Nationalist Patriarch.
Be ready.

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Wait... @AltRightVa are you anti-Semitic or something..?

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@Americana - MD
I am "Counter-Semitic"

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Im ordering those books right now.

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Proud anti-Semitic is the correct response to that question.

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Self respecting white = anti-Semitic

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I don't judge groups of ppl collectively I just acknowledge truths

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Ipso facto you acknowledge the Jew as the world plague.

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Comey is so slimey, "Yes I just started writing memos when Trump took over"

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Sure u did guy

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What a beautiful day to respect women and quit being so misogynistic

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I think I'll sit in reflection of how sexist everyone is and how much greater the world could be

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Guys I respect women so hard. None of you MGTOW faggots can even get near my level of respect for women

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I always hold the door open for thots and say "milady" as she passes by

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I wear a hat solely so I can tip it when ladies pass by

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As a male feminist I support this^

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I walk a mile in high heels every day just to better understand the struggle of the female

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You are so brave and alpha! @Herr Schmidt - MI

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Did the Proud Boys disavow us for this event cause we are cucks on the thot question?

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Traps aren't gay

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Can I be a wheatfield dweller if I identity as female?

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In fact We should all dress as women for the event. That'll show those antifa misogynist!

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White Skirts Nationalism

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Democrats are the real sexists

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The alt right is trans now

2017-06-08 15:56:26 UTC  

We're going to bring an end to the left-wing war on womyn!!!!!

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Immigrants are transphobic, only white people will tolerate this

2017-06-08 15:56:58 UTC  

Therefore: we should

2017-06-08 15:57:02 UTC  

Trans right!

2017-06-08 15:57:12 UTC  

Trap right!

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We need to rebrand Detroit Right once again

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Roman salute with a limp wrist