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What in the hell have I walked into here?

Good, I'm sick of being triggered

I just want everyone in here to know that I Respect Women TM

Add me to the IE group in this server u fgts

Drinking in the streets Nationalism

We're going to have hundreds of people. Any bar would make shit loads of money

We're not going to have a Putsch, just drunkingly joke about it

Let's not rent a house with a bitchy (((neighbor))) next tie

Can we air bnb a cabin in the middle of the woods?

That's what we need

The Shadowcrest is reserved for VIPs only

If you feel you have what it takes to attend a Shadowcrest party, please DM your application along with a Cover Letter

Also, David Balabon is banned from further events at the Shadowcrest Manor

Upperdecking is not tolerated amongst us

Slavic Crab Wrestling tournaments is a thing at the Shadowcrest Manour, so come prepared

Wow, I didn't realize the Klan was actually showing up. Just read the headline and thought they were calling us KKK

How is the Klan even a thing anymore?

Guys I respect women so hard. None of you MGTOW faggots can even get near my level of respect for women

I always hold the door open for thots and say "milady" as she passes by

I walk a mile in high heels every day just to better understand the struggle of the female

Can I be a wheatfield dweller if I identity as female?


Democrats are the real sexists

We're going to bring an end to the left-wing war on womyn!!!!!

Immigrants are transphobic, only white people will tolerate this

Therefore: we should

We need to rebrand Detroit Right once again


Their wrists aren't limp, they're just tired from being on their hands and knees all night


Local groups competing with each other is only going to make us all stronger


Burn the fag flag

I don't remember commie pride being pushed by major corporations

Gay pride is shoved in normies faves constantly. We're not the only ones sick of it.

They already think we want to kill blacks and jews lol

Normie conservatives hate all the pro-sodomite stuff forced down their throat, this will appeal to them, not scare them off

Burning a symbol that normie conservatives hate isn't bad optics. It's actually really good optics.

The fag flag is a symbol that the (((media))) shoves down everyone's throat. White conservatives (you know, the poeple we're trying to recruit) will be interested in us if we incorporate an anti-faggot message

It brings in more people, it doesn't send people away

We aren't picketing funerals

Specifically of dead veterans

VA is fine with me

I'll be drunk Friday night

I'm getting smashed when I fight antifa


Officer, I had to rape that tumblr thot in self-defense

Unironically, that's why I'm bringing a sheild

It's a defensive thing

I'm bringing a suicide vest

For self-defense


I'm bringing [the FBI has retracted this part of the comment] in self-defense

I'm driving a Panzer to VA in self-defense

We're all going to be so fucked in court

"Umm, your honor, all that shit about doing violence and joking about it being in 'self-defense' was also a joke"

Spiders in water balloons

for self-defense

Yeah, because no one will do it

And if it happens

It will be antifa dropping the balloons on themselves

We should get venemous snakes and throw them into antifa

for self-defense

We don't need poisonous snakes though

Just enough to freak them out

posionous *spiders*

or venemous

or whatever the fuck the spergs say it is

I'll handle spiders as long as someone else handles the snakes

>enormous genitalia


Mexican faggot spiders

They give you GRIDS by raping through your flesh

Calling 911 and hiding in self defense

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