Message from Erika in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-06-29 17:26:20 UTC  

The Pride flag is no longer about gays. It has become a de-facto Multiculturalism flag

2017-06-29 17:26:33 UTC  


2017-06-29 17:27:27 UTC  

The Cultural Marxists are using the Pride flag to taunt us about multiculturalism

2017-06-29 17:27:57 UTC  

Burn that shit! 🔥 🏳️‍🌈🔥

2017-06-29 17:27:58 UTC  

I think it'd be wise to ask Nathan first. Seems smart. You don't wanna just break out the flag and torch it right there.

2017-06-29 17:28:18 UTC  

If we don't burn it, we need to claim it as the official flag of Racial Separation

2017-06-29 17:28:31 UTC  

Poopdick and the homo agenda are not as popular and they'd like you to believe. I think edgy normies could get behind us burning it.

2017-06-29 17:28:40 UTC  


2017-06-29 17:28:59 UTC  

And not edgy normies will secretly love us for it, deep in their hearts

2017-06-29 17:30:55 UTC  

As based Osama said, we present ourselves as the strong horse capable of fighting back

2017-06-29 17:31:11 UTC  

That flag is everywhere: YouTube, Google, churches, coffeehouses, comic book stores

2017-06-29 17:31:40 UTC  

It really is the flag of zog poz

2017-06-29 17:34:06 UTC  


2017-06-29 17:34:21 UTC  

@MadDimension it's retarded to burn a pride flag publicly

2017-06-29 17:34:31 UTC  


2017-06-29 17:34:41 UTC  

Muh optics

2017-06-29 17:35:06 UTC  

It's become sacrosanct. That's a problem

2017-06-29 17:35:13 UTC  

Gays are a small minority. Burn a communist or anarchist flag.

2017-06-29 17:35:19 UTC  
2017-06-29 17:36:07 UTC  

It's not about gays. I don't care about gays. That damn flag has become the de-facto symbol for Cultural Marxism.

2017-06-29 17:36:50 UTC  

So has the communist or anarchist flag.

2017-06-29 17:36:57 UTC  

It would get a real reaction. No one would give a damn about burning a commie flag.

2017-06-29 17:37:05 UTC  

Lol what is the "communist flag"?

2017-06-29 17:37:47 UTC  

The hammer and sickle

2017-06-29 17:37:51 UTC  

The Pride flag is the symbol of the UN, of Zog, of Silicon Valley, of the Democrat Party, of our ethnic and cultural replacement

2017-06-29 17:37:52 UTC  

Burn the fag flag

2017-06-29 17:38:01 UTC  

So the USSR flag

2017-06-29 17:38:11 UTC  

I don't remember commie pride being pushed by major corporations

2017-06-29 17:38:18 UTC  

Yeah I'm assuming that's what she meant

2017-06-29 17:38:26 UTC  

"Faggotry amounts to sexually transmitted Judaism."

2017-06-29 17:38:38 UTC  


2017-06-29 17:39:14 UTC  

Fags aren't who the alt-right attacks. And people aren't going to see the nuance in us burning a fag flag.

2017-06-29 17:40:21 UTC  

Like I said, I don't care about gays. I think we should make a distinction that the Pride flag is about white genocide

2017-06-29 17:40:26 UTC  

gotta burn portraits of all the shitty leaders, from marx to obama

2017-06-29 17:40:46 UTC  

our own lil holocaust

2017-06-29 17:40:52 UTC  

Gays are inherently about white genocide. They are a genetic deadend.

2017-06-29 17:41:02 UTC  

They can't be allowed to keep using that flag without being criticized

2017-06-29 17:41:23 UTC  

should burn it in the days before so can trigger more people to show up

2017-06-29 17:41:32 UTC  

They have a propaganda tool in that Pride flag that has become as sacrosanct as the Jews

2017-06-29 17:41:47 UTC  

Burning the flag without comment is worrisome. Making a speech explaining the nuance of the act first would be useful.

2017-06-29 17:41:59 UTC  

*could be worrisome