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I intend to go again as well, Central California

I'd like to go, probably not gona fly this time, road trip/ bike tour anyonw?

Anyone driving out from the Bay Area?

Can someone add @Fevs#2413 to the group he was at 1.0

Spread the word to vote for Karen Handel (Republican) in the special congressional election next week in georgias 6th district, the Dems poured 35$+ million into the carpet bagging semite they are runnign against her. THIS IS JUICY AND GLORIOUS ENDEAVOR

proud boys, get btfod

just flash ur hammer and sickle tatto and call them fake news


They literally pushing proud boys into our hands

Got my route all planned

id show you but itd 2 or 3 separate google map links wich are like 1500 characters each

wow charlottesville is ground zero this summer huh

this eternal boomer chiming in over our guys shoulder as his wife whispers in his ear what to say

Dindu police

virtue signaling whites gotta go back

@everyone in georgia, get out there and vote for Karen Handel today, very important congressional special election going on, dont let this slip past us, its neck and neck!

gotta burn portraits of all the shitty leaders, from marx to obama

our own lil holocaust

should burn it in the days before so can trigger more people to show up

make a lampshade out of the flag <:pepe:321791202578006017>

should cut the flag into pieces and keep the colors separated

"Thanks very much,
(((Hannah Z)))" ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Used go pros are hit or miss, beware. Can buy new ones of the first models with less features and such from gopro, a hero1 is like 100 bucks i think

Anyone from bay area driving out?

Or want to carpool, i have a car that may or may not be capable of making the drive

San diego is about a third the distance to charlottesville from the bay area 🤔

Flying is so high time preference

I want to see the rockies and all that

Plus itd give me a chance to meet some goys along the way and become buds with those who come with

Flying is fukt, all the airports are staffed by third worlders

Gas there and back looks like itd be around 800+ bucks and ive got 3 extra seats 220 a head and we'll be driving for 4 or 5 days each way. Anyone low time preference goys wana take a road trip?

More of a reason to discover whos under them

Felonies 👍

i wont be making the trip if i dont fill a couple seats. havent gotten any definitive answers as of yet.

Ive got 2 seats heading out from sf bay area, wew

haha tahts a good meme

orc posting 2.0

60k in 4 hours the fuk

loadedbrush 2017-10-21 08:59:04 [The Silver Guild #general]

they have a website, someyimes they arent taking applications but may have a way of making contact on there

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