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2017-12-20 00:58:11 UTC  

Buy low sell high

2017-12-20 01:00:47 UTC  

@⚡Clark⚡ relax dude, that's not too bad

2017-12-20 01:01:08 UTC  

It plummets like this every week

2017-12-20 01:01:37 UTC  

Bitcoin cash is on Coinbase now

2017-12-20 01:01:44 UTC  

oh shit

2017-12-20 01:01:47 UTC  

Fuck fuck fuckkkkk

2017-12-20 01:02:46 UTC  

This app is trash

2017-12-20 01:03:08 UTC  

Why is that bad?

2017-12-20 01:05:31 UTC  

LMAO Bitcoin "crashed" back to what it was a week ago

2017-12-20 01:05:50 UTC  

This happens so often and people flip out every time

2017-12-20 01:06:46 UTC  

I had my Bitcoin on an offline wallet during the fork. Still need to figure out how to get my Bitcoin Cash.

2017-12-20 01:26:18 UTC  


2017-12-20 01:53:38 UTC  

the sustainability is definitely a concern. It becomes a moral issue at that point. And caring about efficiency is a white people problem

2017-12-20 02:05:43 UTC  

Caring about efficiency is a societal problem. A currency will not be viable as such if it's not efficient, and the value will never transform from speculative into utilitarian

2017-12-20 02:11:02 UTC  

What's going on with this Bitcoin Cash stuff?

2017-12-20 03:06:14 UTC  

Look at the IE general chat.

2017-12-20 03:06:23 UTC  

I just spent the last hour explaining Bitcoin Cash.

2017-12-20 03:06:44 UTC  

I believe it is the future of crypto and bitcoin core will be replaced by bitcoin cash.

2017-12-20 08:37:15 UTC  

Oh whoa

2017-12-20 08:37:45 UTC  

Even if bitcoin keeps forking? @Tanner - SC

2017-12-20 15:08:40 UTC  

@Matthias There is no need for further forking. BCH solved the only issue with BTC.

2017-12-20 16:20:11 UTC  

You could fork BTC yourself, but no one would adopt it because it wouldn’t add any value.

2017-12-20 17:18:55 UTC  

@Tanner - SC Does BCH solve the efficiency issue? Or does it still require the power of Ireland to run?

2017-12-20 17:19:46 UTC  

f to btc

2017-12-20 17:20:01 UTC  

i can't imagine peoples loss on this pullback

2017-12-20 20:31:42 UTC  

@this_that5553 The "efficiency issue" is not an issue. BCH has the potential to replace VISA and PayPal and it uses FAR less manpower and energy than them.

2017-12-20 20:32:24 UTC  

People talk smack because they can estimate the total power consumption of the biticoin network, but they can't easily estimate the total resource consumption of any fiat payment processor.

2017-12-20 20:33:48 UTC  

No coiners btfo

2017-12-20 20:35:11 UTC  

@Tanner - SC you said yourself that visa manages 24k transactions per second. BCH does 48

2017-12-20 20:40:57 UTC  

BCH has a roadmap to scale. They started at 8 MB blocks to prove they won't cause collapse because many in the BTC community were convinced 8 MB would cause collapse. And it's an adjustable value in BCH, so the users at any time can increase the limit. And the developers have proposal for future updates to change the default adjustment from 8 to higher.

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2017-12-20 22:08:54 UTC  

That pic...

2017-12-20 23:45:06 UTC  

This is why Monero should be the default tbh

2017-12-21 00:06:27 UTC  

These n00bs are just finding out Coinbase is cucky. Coinbase has been banning people for years. It's somewhat understandable because Coinbase doesn't want any negative PR nor do they want any retroactive regulation to bite them in the ass for any lax actions of the past, so they clamp down. It's stupid easy to work around. Just send the coins from Coinbase to a private wallet, then send the coins on to wherever you please.

2017-12-21 00:07:11 UTC  

No one should be storing coins on coinbase anyway, that's just IOUs. Hold your crypto yourself.

2017-12-21 00:39:45 UTC  

Here's a good phone app for storing BTC and BCH:

2017-12-21 02:36:31 UTC  

I think I'll create a BCH wallet with that app

2017-12-21 02:37:20 UTC  

Might be annoying to send coinbase funds to the wallet though. Somehow have to copy the wallet code from phone to desktop. Maybe via email, which defeats the purpose of being more secure

2017-12-21 03:35:40 UTC  

@this_that5553 Use the coinbase phone app and then just copy/paste within your phone.

2017-12-21 15:18:51 UTC  

@here should we split crypto vs non-crypto finance?