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2018-01-12 04:19:51 UTC  

@JC17-OR is there a name for that? In fact I think I heard someone mention something about almond eyes

2018-01-12 04:20:15 UTC  

Old textbooks would help you, nothing new.

2018-01-12 04:21:51 UTC  

@Joe-MN any suggestions which old textbooks? a lot of the newer stuff seems really autistic about monkeys and stuff I don't care about lol

2018-01-12 04:22:17 UTC  

no idea

2018-01-12 04:22:28 UTC  

go to a library, maybe a university library

2018-01-12 04:22:40 UTC  

yeah I wish I was still in university

2018-01-12 04:22:41 UTC  

find old books online, scanned ones or whatever

2018-01-12 04:22:45 UTC  

just go there

2018-01-12 04:24:39 UTC might have some texts to read.

2018-01-12 04:26:37 UTC  
2018-01-12 04:27:35 UTC  

Try to look for texts from 70s or before. You could also look up craniometry texts, which may help.

2018-01-12 04:47:53 UTC  

On a slightly related note the DSM II and DSM listed being homo a mental disorder, then they got cucky

2018-01-12 04:48:07 UTC  

Thanks @JC17-OR !

2018-01-12 04:49:01 UTC  

Psychology is for small brains acting like big brains though, they even got rid of p values for their studies

2018-01-12 05:30:28 UTC  

Depends on the field. Analytical psychology still has p-values and statistical analysis, but cultural, social and abnormal have reduced their empiricism drastically.

2018-01-12 05:30:56 UTC  

When I was studying criminology, we didn't review a single study with statistical analysis.

2018-01-12 05:32:06 UTC  

@ThisIsChris I would recommend reading "racial biology of Jews". It's older, but may help you in your endeavors to understand the biology and ancestry of the Jews.

2018-01-12 05:38:13 UTC  

@JC17-OR this is perfect, even without pictures it is very clear, thanks!

2018-01-16 17:45:14 UTC  

Anyone here following ZUMA at all?

2018-01-16 18:32:12 UTC  

@Cait_Bradshaw - MA what's that?

2018-01-17 03:07:58 UTC  

It was a Space X satellite that was secretly launched supposedly.

2018-01-17 03:19:58 UTC  

It was a US satellite designed by Northrop Grumman or something

2018-01-17 03:20:06 UTC  

And launched by spacex

2018-01-17 03:20:20 UTC  

Supposedly it "failed"

2018-01-17 03:20:41 UTC  

A problem with second stage separation apparently

2018-01-17 03:21:02 UTC  

But SpaceX claims the second stage separated correctly

2018-01-17 03:21:25 UTC  

The Gov refuses comment because the nature of the satellite is classified

2018-01-17 03:21:48 UTC  

The satellite is however essentially "registered"

2018-01-17 03:22:06 UTC  

Which only happens if it completes an orbit or something

2018-01-17 04:56:55 UTC  

@StrawberryArmada that's interesting!! Do you think something spoopy is going on?

2018-01-17 06:09:53 UTC  

We launch secret stuff all the time. I'm kinda surprised they used spaceX but if the launch was time sensitive maybe NASA didn't have a vehicle ready.

2018-01-17 14:46:28 UTC  

NASA doesn't have its own launch capabilities anymore I believe

2018-01-17 14:46:53 UTC  

They are wholly reliant on SpaceX, Space Launch Alliance, and worse: russia

2018-01-17 14:48:51 UTC  

The government and SpaceX refuse to say it failed outright

2018-01-17 14:49:00 UTC  

Media says the gov said it failed

2018-01-17 14:49:23 UTC  

If it failed then we lost one billion dollars

2018-01-17 14:49:35 UTC  

If not why are they saying it did

2018-01-28 03:41:57 UTC  

I'm not sure where to ask this, but how do you guys feel about common core?

2018-01-28 05:12:41 UTC  

@micbwilli I'm curious about it but don't know much about it. Do you have any thoughts? I used to teach college math classes and some of the freshmen needed to be whipped into shape but I don't know if it has any relation to common core. Though I did have a lot of students asking if I would be "grading based on the correctness of the answers" to which I was like "yes lol why" and apparently a lot of high school students are NOT graded based on the correctness of their answers?? Idk if that is a common core thing or just a their schools thing though.