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I can't do it on mobile

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Someone on desktop save it and resend it as an image please

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I would love to just have a conversation with Mr. Taylor; he has brought to the table arguments that I never would have thought of. truly an intellectual chad!

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@Gerald Cunningham I met him. Great guy.

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Still keep his business card in my wallet

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@Gerald Cunningham I can neither confirm nor deny that Mr. Taylor will be at our next national conference (literally, I don't know) but he was at the last one - and will likely show up again in the future.

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God, I'm jealous @Jacob

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That would be really awesome if he did! @Deleted User

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Go to as many events as possible and you can meet many great men

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I've met Jared Taylor, Greg Johnson, Mike Enoch, and James Allsup

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Greg and James multiple times

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@Grayson So I take you are a LDS? That's pretty cool, my dad and his family are from Utah and he was raised as a LDS .

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I imagine it's going to get much more difficult as the movement grows

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We're lucky to be here early

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She was quiet attractive too

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Shae and Olivia brought me home. They shall forever be friends of my house

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NPR is literally shilling for Canada vis-a-visa NAFTA now. I love how, all of a sudden, every bugman and catlady's an economist.

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Our boy, Jimmy Allsup, makin' Lil' Ben his b#tch:

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I especially enjoyed the noobie-friendly "left, fake right sandwich" meme 😎

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Howdy, gents

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Honestly the way NPR operates is so weird. They put out some stuff I actually like, but how did a publicly funded service ever become so comfortable with being so obvious in their left wing bias? You'd think they'd at least pretend

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@Ben Rainsford - OH It's public-funded, of course. Look at our schools

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Martin put a ring on it 😍

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Eyoo! Hopefully this encourages Lauren Southern to date some GI Chad.

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As opposed to just beta-orbiting them?

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Speaking of which I hope that this France documentary gives a good amount of air time to GI.

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Anyone have a link to the twitter block list that Mike Enoch uses?

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I got a theory!! What if the purpose of Trump’s tweet is to flood an area with millions of Afrikaner refugees, give them citizenship, and turn an area permanently red?

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Refugees Welcome lolol

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Tfw "fleeing diversity" becomes an approved asylum request

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I wonder how much more racist HuffPo can get? 🤔