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Of course its the Navy... <:teehee:381917632359563264>

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From my experience (usmc reserve) politics aren't involved day-to-day but people are pretty non-PC. In terms of demographics Army is pretty diverse

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@Fox We have many veterans in IE, some still serving.

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The biggest concern is the creeping in of lax standards

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@Jason - CT Do you notice a difference being in reserve as opposed to active duty?

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Hey, I switched banks recently. Can someone DM me the zelle info or where I can find it?

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@Patient Zero See <#388558559752880139>

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@Bjorn - MD hows that for organizing?

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@Campbell4732 Something for us to aim for 👍

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Reason #2,364,578 to look forward to the ethnostate: having benches in train stations again.

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Interesting aside: black girl climbing down off the platform to show her friends that she can stand on the tracks.

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So what’s the opinion on brutalism?

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I’m about to buy a condo in a brutalist building. Personally I love the style. Just wanted to see what y’all think

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depends on the building

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I like brutalist architecture in a city, but I hate brutalist cities

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If you mix brutalist with Art Deco it’s perfect

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Which is kind of what my building is. It’s built in the 70s and has that idiosyncratic style

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Neoclassical is the best architecture.

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Stuck me as a funny template ^

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Dude can this Bolsonaro guy actually win in Brazil now?

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Big placards of murder victims of refugees. Powerful stuff

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If you guys were to meet Patrick Little, what questions would you ask him?

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or what would you say to him

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@Deleted User great meme

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@Undercover Academic - IL I'd ask Patrick Little, in this order:

Are you a federal agent?

Why did you throw away a brilliant career to float around in a rubber dhingy roped to a blimp that says "Jews Rape Kids"?

Are you actually insane, or just the most impressive method actor the world has ever seen?

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No coming back from that one

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I hear his wife is leaving him

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He is a perfect case of how the truth can just blow people away to the point where they cannot handle themselves

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This is why we restricted information in the past

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If he was as intelligent as he claimed to be, he could have started his own company and made a hefty sum of income and bankroll organizations and candidates

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@Undercover Academic - IL Everyone in this organization went through a similar awakening to Little, yet none of us quit our good paying jobs because our boss wouldn't let us take off (to read a book) .
None of us spent months running an ill fated single issue political campaign
None of us allowed ourselves to fall to his level

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I redpilled my boss on race and IQ. I don’t recommend anyone doing that, but the opportunity arose and I went for it.

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makes me wonder if he would be a radical islamic convert if instead of CoC he would have come across Salafist literature.