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Just wait until you get older @Suomi Stronk 😉

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Keto is when your body uses fats for its primary fuel source rather than carbs OR proteins.

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There's kind of a cheat you can do with Keto and exercise. If you do high intensity training you'll burn tons of ATP. But because you don't consume carbs with Keto your body then uses fat to replenish all the lost ATP. So do like 5-10 sprints once a week and your bod will burn tons of fat the entire week.

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Proteins can also spike ones insulin levels, and don't forget about gluconeogensis.

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When you're body literaly *converts* other things into carbs.

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man, swype not doing me justice with all these typos

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does it disturb anyone else that the Democrats are now open to breaking the law and committing treason?

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thats kinda genious

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lol they have been for a long time

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treason is progressive

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unelected bureaucrats personally believing they have the moral authority to actively undermine elected officials

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Does anyone here study architecture or know someone that does?

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Just to be clear 16/8 isn't the only criteria for intermittent. Some people do 24 hour fasts (or longer) once a week (or more).

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@Kenneth - NV Architecture expert needed

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I don't exactly study it formally, but I know more than a thing or two about it

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What do you guys think of these water fasts? Are they good for a detox?

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I've done water fasting

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PM me

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Does intermittent fasting actually work, what exactly is it supposed to do

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the science is somewhat shaky

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Science is always "shaky" on things that can't make anyone any money

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tell that to kinobody

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@Wotan Reborn @Kenneth - NV @Deleted User

Okay, the question is . . .

"I am trying to calculate whether the fluting on a Corinthian Column taper relative to the entasis of the column, or if the fluting remains constant but the spacing of the flutes tighten up near the top."

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A study recently came out that proved that fasting highly correlates with longevity for mice. The control group had access to food at all times where as the experimentation group of mice had access to one meal a day. The mice that had access to only one meal a day on average lived 40% longer than the mice that had access to food at all time. However it is unknown whether the effect will translate to human longevity

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Yeah, Mangan writes about that often

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Fasting reduces autophagy

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That's actually an interesting question

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A model is being created. @Deleted User

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I gathered that

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@Reinhard Wolff love that guy. He's friends with your bestie N.N Taleb iirc.

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I'd say it's relative to the entasis

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but I'm not classically trained by any means, I just made things in video games 😅

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I see examples where it looks both ways though

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Get on the warrior diet. Food is earned only after you accomplish something in your goals.

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The best way to cut is to do a 5 day fast. Load up on nutrient rich foods before.

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We STILL talking diet?!

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LOL get 10 people in a room and you'll have 10 different opinions on diet and exercise. What worked great for you might not work as well for someone else.

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@Deleted User "This bod right here? This is nothing but burpees, sips, and coco puffs."