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2018-09-21 20:45:03 UTC  

he elongated his nose with photoshop

2018-09-21 20:45:19 UTC  

you can see it on the cover photo too a little bit

2018-09-21 20:45:34 UTC  


2018-09-21 20:46:11 UTC  

oh thats hilarious

2018-09-21 20:46:17 UTC  

And how are we all enjoying the clown world train today IE?

2018-09-21 20:48:55 UTC  

All that matters is that it's Friday night 😎

2018-09-21 20:49:16 UTC  

Man I've been recruiting for IE pretty hard

2018-09-21 20:49:33 UTC  

No more (professional) pajeeting for three days 😌

2018-09-21 20:49:55 UTC  

sending this video around :

2018-09-21 20:50:32 UTC  

I've approached a dozen people in the past week I think would be receptive

2018-09-21 20:51:58 UTC  

he doesn't talk about "solutions" he's just talking about the problems

2018-09-21 20:52:11 UTC  

when you break it down the solutions are the controversial parts

2018-09-21 20:56:06 UTC  

@Procella Eques Our task right now just getting a critical mass to acknowledge the problem, first to themselves, then out loud. Once they can do that, we'll already have made MASSIVE headway.

2018-09-21 21:03:24 UTC  

Like this guy's message is perfect seriously

2018-09-21 21:04:02 UTC  

@Procella Eques Who is that?

2018-09-21 21:04:08 UTC  

I have no idea

2018-09-21 21:04:20 UTC  


2018-09-21 21:04:26 UTC  

I wonder who would know

2018-09-21 21:05:26 UTC  


2018-09-21 21:07:18 UTC  

It would be cool if I could get a video of my speech on immigration for my public speaking class

2018-09-21 21:10:44 UTC  

You could

2018-09-21 21:11:12 UTC  

That's still a current member of IE

2018-09-21 21:11:48 UTC  

Not sure if he would want to be mentioned but he's still very involved and dedicated.

2018-09-21 21:21:19 UTC  

You could do that if you wanted Jacob just please be aware of the risks.

2018-09-21 21:29:33 UTC  

You can give an anime presentation as a warmup to public speaking.

2018-09-21 21:46:30 UTC  

Trump will not cuck

2018-09-21 21:46:38 UTC

2018-09-21 21:52:27 UTC  

if anything i can see him doubling down

2018-09-21 21:52:45 UTC  

but he needs to make examples out of these people trying to instigate a coup

2018-09-21 21:55:39 UTC  

He needs to talk about immigration more

2018-09-21 21:56:08 UTC  

If the House goes blue, I don’t see any immediate future for Trumpism

2018-09-21 21:56:13 UTC  

As in his administrations success

2018-09-21 22:00:29 UTC  

At Sams Club. Just saw a mulatto child punch his white father in the dick and run off and the white dad said, “hey, stop that, come back here”. We have uncovered a new, advanced level of cuckholdry.

2018-09-21 22:01:03 UTC  

Seems like a metaphor for white people in general...

2018-09-21 22:01:20 UTC  

Help the others, get punched in the d*ck.

2018-09-21 22:04:54 UTC  

The white man's burden

2018-09-21 22:09:48 UTC  

Couldn't even look him in the eye could you?

2018-09-21 22:13:56 UTC  

I bet that guy can't look himself in the eye.

2018-09-21 22:20:36 UTC