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I'm not saying all jews, some actually understand that its mumbo jumbo, but the ones in power, say they ones with financial pull, will use their power, i.e. capital to pull the string and keep the culture in just enough turmoil to make the ends justify the means. If that makes sense.

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It is different from the Middle Eastern Farmer component in Europeans

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@Deleted User Jewishness isn't religion. It's multi-dimensional. Racial, Religious, Cultural.
The biggest anti-white Jews I've met eat bacon and never go to temple.

2018-10-14 04:21:20 UTC  

We just want to be careful that we don't mythologize Jewish influence.

Sometimes I hear people speak about Jews the same way that blacks speak about us.
"The reason our people and society is in such a poor situation is because of white supremacy/Jewish influence"

very similar thought process.

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Don't be white Tariq Nasheed

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That's quite literally how he sounded about white people in his Jared Taylor debate

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We're the black folks ZOG

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@Deleted User No one is saying white shitlibs don't exist. But to discount Jewish nepotism (the Ivy League admissions are the most glaring example) as a major societal factor is naive.

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@Deleted User Yeah, that parallel's frequently occurred to me as well (about the oppression narratives).

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@Wood-Ape - OK/MN how would a jewish person being raised absent of jewish culture - take greg gutfeld for example - ever have been indoctrinated to "believe we aren't human"

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@Nemets didn’t the middle eastern farmer influence in modern Europeans mostly die out? I might just be thinking about the maternal haplogroup

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"jew magic?"

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No it's still a major component especially in S Euro

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@Deleted User There's no "black religion" (no widespread one, anyway), and yet blacks have in-group solidarity and common attitudes about the out-group.

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@Deleted User with us Its actually the truth, the jews have subverted our culture. Look at the feminist movement, look at the NAACP. Our arguments actually hold water, where are blacks have actually gained from us, i.e. slaves who were brought up with christianity and formed healthy family units.

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As a former lefty, I've been around lots of anti-whites, and many secular jews.
They feel better than you. They hate you. And they don't hide it, even around good goys.

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Odd disparity, no?

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@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I'm absolutely not denying the JQ, dude.

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@Deleted User Oh, okay. I was wondering.

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I agree JQ discussion is not meant for widespread normie discussion.

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And it shouldn't headline every discussion.

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@Nemets yeah I gotchu. I was thinking specifically about that haplogroup since it’s mine and 23&me told me I was some kinda ancient Yemeni before I actually looked into it.

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Again, IE has good optics, I'm not trying to change the good optics.

2018-10-14 04:27:23 UTC  

But, I mean, I will say I'm glad Stephen Miller has his current job.

2018-10-14 04:27:26 UTC  

All that must be impressed upon curious normies is that they are not just another white group

2018-10-14 04:28:19 UTC  

Allsup's approach is good. Just a "wow, I wonder what their ethno-religious background is" and moves on.

2018-10-14 04:28:24 UTC  

Makes the point without belaboring it.

2018-10-14 04:28:55 UTC  

Europeans have a history of Jewish subversion, regardless of the blacks added to American demographics. Jews have always used their in group preference to destroy what we create and to indebt us to them. Always.

2018-10-14 04:29:16 UTC  

*Ian is furiously kneading his hands, while alternating between BTFOing pleb-tier JQ discussers and counting his Monero...*

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bouta read up on "jew magic"

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In group preference doesn't really capture it though, Jews in America today marry out at what, 60-70%? and there's nothing wrong with in group preference.

2018-10-14 04:30:16 UTC  

Marrying out does not change indoctrination.

2018-10-14 04:30:18 UTC  

I saw a good documentary on ancient Jew magic. "Neon Genesis Evangelion."

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With the JQ we're talking about an insidious blending in and rotting from the foundations not simple in group preference and competition

2018-10-14 04:30:53 UTC  

@Nemets this was my maternal, which it also didn’t explain well. My paternal is R1b like most Western Europeans so no surprises.

2018-10-14 04:30:54 UTC  

It just adds new Gene's to the pool. Which makes them that much more versatile @Ald

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Animal of the Day is Green Anole.

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Jews jumping ship to China is a big threat, though. Luckily the Chinese are more racially thinking and Jews can't blend in as well.

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I saw a lot of these this summer. Please press P to Pat. 🅿