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Whomst here a hittitte

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Do those DNA tests lie?

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@Kingfish me, i'm from Cappadocia

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How edgy would it be for me to show this in a class presentation?

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My dad got 1 percent or less south Asian

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The Ancestry DNA tests dont exactly "lie" but 21 and me is bullshit

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@Tyler0317 yea I'm not actually this motivated it just sounded like a funny date.

I thought you were Army for some reason

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The Romans like Tacitus admired the Germans, and used them as the Praetorian Guard, and the early Romans may have been part nordic. Also, there where numerous Germanic successor states to the Western Imperium that could have easily survived the early dark ages such as the Vandals in north africa that the Moors conquered and the Ostrogothic/Lombard kingdom in Italy that was destabilized by Belisarius.

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💯 gang here. 💪🏻

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0 gang here

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I've seen a video where somebody took two different DNA tests from Ancestry . com and they were the same but had small differences

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German coping

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@Logan Negatory on the Army

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"We sacked Rome but we would have been fine if Rome had just let us"

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0317 🤔 🤔 that isn't an MOS I don't think

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@Deleted User Bergs on my Dutch side.

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What are burgs?

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It sure is an MOS. 😉

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Why would they use Germans as Praetorians? That doesn’t make sense. It was mainly a position you needed connections for, and they didn’t fight a lot @TylerHess

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One of my favorite counter factuals is the Vandal kingdom surviving because unlike the Moors they kept the aquaducts running, so North Africa would have been a verdant paradise and an extension of Europe instead of the Middle East, and essentially something that BAP would have really liked.

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@Tyler0317 I was an 03 and I don't even know what that be

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@NateDahl76 It was the same as with the Varangian Guard in Byzantium, they wanted apolitical men

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Ah makes sense

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Forgot that bit

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@Nemets Do you know any based and redpilled Stolniygrad songs that I haven't heard yet?

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How Germanic would have differed across the centuries too

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Belisarius uber alles

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he was the Chad of 5th century generals

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Thank you very much, Nemets.

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Because I have his entire family tree back to the 1600s

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My great grandfather came from Denmark

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But on his mother's side, from the 1600s

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@TylerHess I see you are also a rome nibba

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dm for some good autistic conversations

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@Selma you look Danish

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Unless you're a Catonian

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then fight me