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One of my favorite counter factuals is the Vandal kingdom surviving because unlike the Moors they kept the aquaducts running, so North Africa would have been a verdant paradise and an extension of Europe instead of the Middle East, and essentially something that BAP would have really liked.

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@Tyler0317 I was an 03 and I don't even know what that be

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@NateDahl76 It was the same as with the Varangian Guard in Byzantium, they wanted apolitical men

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Ah makes sense

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Forgot that bit

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@Nemets Do you know any based and redpilled Stolniygrad songs that I haven't heard yet?

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How Germanic would have differed across the centuries too

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Belisarius uber alles

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he was the Chad of 5th century generals

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Thank you very much, Nemets.

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Because I have his entire family tree back to the 1600s

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My great grandfather came from Denmark

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But on his mother's side, from the 1600s

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@TylerHess I see you are also a rome nibba

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dm for some good autistic conversations

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@Selma you look Danish

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Unless you're a Catonian

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then fight me

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How have you two seen each other

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My dad told me that we're related to crazy horse...

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I've seen ALexander

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He's seen me

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Stephanie is cute

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guys. please.

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I didn't say he was cute

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I said I texted him

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Take it elsewhere. Seriously.

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Will do, sir.

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Take what elsewhere? We're all friends here right? Lol

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@Kingfish This is only the tip of the iceberg. I have an authentic gladius replica based on a Pompeien model minus the modern hexnut tang and a Coolus helmet replica from a 1st century frontier fort.

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Wow cue the Disney song

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@Nemets thanks

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>flirting, in my General Chat...