Message from Flint in Nice Respectable People Group #general

2018-11-06 04:13:30 UTC  

@Nemets LOL!!!

2018-11-06 04:14:16 UTC  

They are onto something...

2018-11-06 04:16:57 UTC  

There's no need to push anti-semitism. Advocating borders and politely but firmly saying "please don't kill whites, also we exist" is enough to get the Semites going full anti-white on their own.

2018-11-06 04:17:14 UTC  

Keeping cooler heads than them redpills and recruits better than anything.

2018-11-06 04:21:56 UTC  

yeah but DR3 is a stepping stone you have to cross once you become aware of race

2018-11-06 04:21:59 UTC  

it happened to me

2018-11-06 04:22:26 UTC  

DR3 was a pretty bad game

2018-11-06 04:22:29 UTC  

most people will eventually get past it and just learn to take their own side

2018-11-06 04:22:47 UTC  

good graphics but really bad plot

2018-11-06 04:25:46 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Nah, he pointed at a Q sign and then made the Q with his finger gesture. Just saying, real or larp, he's in on it

2018-11-06 04:26:09 UTC  

well it’s a pretty recent idea, so I doubt he’s always thought that way

2018-11-06 04:26:25 UTC  

probably picked it up from the alt-lite types

2018-11-06 04:30:18 UTC  

Obama looks seriously on some kind of drugs lately

2018-11-06 04:30:25 UTC  

He's aged more since office than he did in it?!

2018-11-06 04:31:49 UTC  

a Hollywood actress?

2018-11-06 04:32:01 UTC  

Nemets confirmed for Hollywood insider

2018-11-06 04:32:07 UTC  

Red Pill her. TaySwift was a false goddess. Make the real thing

2018-11-06 04:33:53 UTC  

Did you try giving them pamphlet on HBD @Nemets

2018-11-06 04:33:53 UTC  

How exactly does canvassing work? The actual pitch, discussion, and close? It's hard for me to imagine

2018-11-06 04:34:06 UTC  

Should do that for the next election canvassing

2018-11-06 04:34:41 UTC  

Do you have official paperwork or something to represent your candidate?

2018-11-06 04:35:05 UTC  

Are you sent to a certain area by the campaign office?

2018-11-06 04:35:18 UTC  

I want to get ready for 2020 in my area

2018-11-06 04:35:26 UTC  

@Nemets Surely you will be remembered by the county party for your hard work and youth

2018-11-06 04:36:28 UTC  

*prints crime statistics* okay fellas time to canvass an meet conservatives qts

2018-11-06 04:36:30 UTC  

TRS is doing Mike + Sven + Ethnarch + JazzHands + Halberstram + Allsup super team up tomorrow ~8pm

2018-11-06 04:37:19 UTC  

Do you have talking points ready for expected hesitations or doubts?

2018-11-06 04:37:29 UTC  

Such as party line counter-arguments

2018-11-06 04:37:36 UTC  

I’m gonna be watching 3 streams. Fox, NJF, and those guys @Wood-Ape - OK/MN

2018-11-06 04:38:27 UTC  

@Nemets Perhaps for 2020 we can, as a group (IE) discuss the best talking points for a Trump reelection when it comes time

2018-11-06 04:38:42 UTC  

My county GOP office is in the same city as me so I'll definitely be doing it next election

2018-11-06 04:39:07 UTC  

*The only way to get the R's to say our points is to be the one talking*

2018-11-06 04:41:22 UTC  

@Nemets You are both intelligent and dedicated. I believe in you!

2018-11-06 04:41:37 UTC  

I.E. believes in you!

2018-11-06 04:42:27 UTC "As ISO member Serena Hale noted, the goal of groups like Identity Evropa “is to recruit and incite violence against people of color, trans people, both documented and undocumented immigrants and anyone who opposes their vile agenda. We need to use our strength in numbers to counter them and send them back into the shadows where they belong.”"

2018-11-06 04:42:32 UTC  

that grammar though...

2018-11-06 04:43:05 UTC  

Yes. We recruit trans, POCs, and all immigrants for the sole purpose of abusing them. LOL

2018-11-06 04:43:19 UTC  

LoL, communists think we are the objectionable ones.

2018-11-06 04:44:19 UTC  

Trump just objected to statue removal

2018-11-06 04:44:24 UTC  

"incite violence against... *blah blah blah*"

2018-11-06 04:44:50 UTC  

When they consider speech violence, they can say things like this with full belief