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2018-11-07 15:13:50 UTC  

Stewart was somewhat expected, kobach was not at all.

2018-11-07 15:14:01 UTC  

At least by me

2018-11-07 15:14:42 UTC  

New Somalia, er, Minnesota shows no sign of flipping. But Florida does.

2018-11-07 15:15:16 UTC  

Minnesota is still huwhite, but we must name the Swede

2018-11-07 15:15:22 UTC  


2018-11-07 15:15:30 UTC  

Nordicists btfo

2018-11-07 15:15:56 UTC  

Nordicists aren’t real

2018-11-07 15:16:15 UTC  

I deny their existence and I bet they’re all Anglos anyway

2018-11-07 15:16:22 UTC  

C o l o n i z e d

2018-11-07 15:16:27 UTC  

@NateDahl76 Ever been on the internet?

2018-11-07 15:16:41 UTC  

Bruh you see traumatized by them

2018-11-07 15:17:12 UTC  

I have been told I am not white many times

2018-11-07 15:18:00 UTC  

And wow dude where does that even happen unironically

2018-11-07 15:20:06 UTC  

>6 years

2018-11-07 15:20:26 UTC  


2018-11-07 15:20:28 UTC  

Might unironically move to Virginia or Pennsylvania to campaign for the 2020 election

2018-11-07 15:20:41 UTC  

Probably temporarily

2018-11-07 15:21:08 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN the blackpill has really taken over your organism.

2018-11-07 15:21:36 UTC  

Everyone wants to be a revolutionary and a soldier until they miss a meal

2018-11-07 15:21:42 UTC  

@Logan Just keeping my head out of the sand

2018-11-07 15:22:36 UTC  

@Logan okay I wasn't trying to use war analogies, but in war people can actually do things

2018-11-07 15:23:29 UTC  

I can miss meals just fine

2018-11-07 15:24:20 UTC  

Explain how 2020 actually goes well.

2018-11-07 15:24:53 UTC  

No I think letting you simmer in it will be better. You want to be upset and sorry for yourself and I think that is what you need right now

2018-11-07 15:25:16 UTC  

Literally reading something in my Jewish professors class that argues for the decriminalization of teen sexting.

2018-11-07 15:25:45 UTC  

@Logan That's bait. And you are being Pollyana for ZOG

2018-11-07 15:26:15 UTC  

You can't contest the math.

2018-11-07 15:27:11 UTC  

I don't give a shit about myself. I worry about white people

2018-11-07 15:28:09 UTC  

Maybe try being realistic?

2018-11-07 15:28:56 UTC  

@Sam Anderson isn’t that literally cp

2018-11-07 15:29:21 UTC  

Wow, yeah everything is awful. Nationalists ONLY control the Senate, Supreme Court and Executive branch.

2018-11-07 15:29:29 UTC  

White people are #canceled now.

2018-11-07 15:29:39 UTC  


2018-11-07 15:30:01 UTC  

3rd Party people aggravate me immensely

2018-11-07 15:30:20 UTC  

@Sam Southern - TN it would be good and cool if they took votes from the left, but that's never the case.

2018-11-07 15:30:35 UTC  

You are missing the point. Things work in trends. Explain how trends toward democrat control gets reversed when meaningful border control doesn't happen

2018-11-07 15:30:51 UTC  

*shills the green party highkey*

2018-11-07 15:31:08 UTC  

Trump can use the military to build and fund the wall while saying that he tried to negotiate

2018-11-07 15:31:37 UTC  

The next 2 years will literally be nothing. Trump had all 3 branches and all he got done was TAX CUTS. Sure, the GOP was still RINO and we'll get more of our guys in over time. But because of all this, immigration reform is screwed or at least doubtful.

2018-11-07 15:31:46 UTC  

>accept my pathetic blackpilled framing and explain it to me on my terms.

no thanks.