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Okay, I can agree to that.

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Also some Jews have seen the writing on the wall and believe an Islamic Europe is more of a threat than a Nationalistic Europe. The majority of Jews, however, don't think this way.

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All I’m saying is jews are evil.

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"Republicans are the real Democrats." - Me

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The biggest problem are the Journalists

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There's also the issue of mental instability. I don't trust them to be a rational partner in anything.

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JQ=Journalist Question

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@ThisIsChris because they work for jews.

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Who is this guy?

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Which guy @Deleted User ?

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@Nemets I've seen that number before but do you have a quick reference for 70% outmarriage stat? It always makes me feel hopeful for the future.

2018-11-13 04:19:51 UTC  

Nemets. Everything he’s said so far has been the opposite of the truth.

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@Deleted User you're literally Ben Shapiro

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They can’t outmarriage. It’s passed from mother to child.

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Wew lad

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Plus Nemets has a good skill at being able to source anything he says. (No pressure Nemets!)

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@Nemets True, most Jews are breeding themselves out of existence with White gentiles, so in the future I imagine most people with Jewish heritage will only be around 1/8 Jewish and would have grown up in a secular or Christian Euro American household. So the question would be should they be considered White, I believe they should.

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A Jew marries a white, and their children are Jewish.

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@Nemets is /ourguy/

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I suspect that Jews are intermarrying with whites who share similar traits, such as narcissim, schizophrenia, socio/psychopathy, a certain low cunning born from a lack of morals, etc. They arent breeding themselves out of existence so much as reinvigorating their bloodline. Theyre so inbred that if they dont tay sachs and other disorders would overwhelm them.

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@Nemets ah yes 47%, that's closer to what I have seen before, I had been hoping it was the 70% number you said before. Oh well I'll take it.

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Oh, that's even better then, because it's nonreligious Jews that are the real Democrats.

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Probably a Jew marries an "atheist"

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@Nemets true I don't know if those figures can account for the upswing from JDate

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Damnit I wrote the wrong name.

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from what I understand half of Jewish marriages go through JDate

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There's a Jewish dating app? I mean of course there is.

2018-11-13 04:25:16 UTC  

Ive met some part Jews who have a physical and mental phenotype thats basically eruopean, but their descendants would have to be very carefully monitored for subversion. History has taught me suspicion.

2018-11-13 04:25:17 UTC  

All dating apps are Jewish owned but one,

2018-11-13 04:25:24 UTC  

Did you know that Jews have a monopoly on dating apps?

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@Nerv - VA yes that's why you have to learn to approach women IRL

2018-11-13 04:25:48 UTC  

They own tinder and all this other ones youve ever heard of.

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@Freiheit - CA don't leave me hanging here

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@ThisIsChris I have 3 kids.

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@Nemets this was the study I heard the JDate stats from, turns out the stat is disputed

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@Nerv - VA I meant more of a hypothetical "you" than you personally, but good to know