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2018-11-15 23:33:06 UTC  

Sometimes they just don't play nice

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Fun fact, thats the same base where the black Chief Master Sergeant of the AF openly subverted Trump's tranny policy in front of hundreds of troops with zero repercussions, and played the race card while doing so.

2018-11-15 23:34:32 UTC  

They love him in the air force I've been told

2018-11-15 23:35:15 UTC  

That's because the guy before him was a fake slimey careerist so almost anyone was better

2018-11-15 23:35:26 UTC  

Trannies pushing buttons. What an insult to war.

2018-11-15 23:36:27 UTC  

Is Trump legally incapable of changing military leadership?

2018-11-15 23:36:49 UTC  

Obama put in Yes-"men"

2018-11-15 23:38:57 UTC  

At work today the boss was talking about this former Marine he knows who lives in Japan, and this Marine told him the Japanese don't like Americans living there permanently. He and my coworker were saying they couldn't understand that, since the Japanese were so friendly and had such a safe and secure society. And I pointed out, "it's understandable, because if they start letting tons of other people in, it won't be like that anymore." And they both gave me that "you know, that's pretty true" look. 👍

2018-11-15 23:39:41 UTC  

They were open to the discussion, because they started it and they were genuinely curious as well.

2018-11-15 23:40:17 UTC  

I think he has too much on his plate already, but never trust the generals. Major is when promotion first begins to have a political element albeit a minor one, and it only gets worse from there on up. They usually have buddies working in the military industrial complex too.

2018-11-15 23:40:55 UTC  

@TylerHess put your link in the red box on this site and press save

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You can bring up topics like that so long as they’re interesting, non political, and normal @Selma

2018-11-15 23:41:34 UTC  

Let an explicitly political conversation evolve naturally, and steer them towards conclusions rather than provide them

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@VinceChaos Thanks I just edited it!

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Very very good advice, Nate. Thank you.

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Usually I sperg out too hard most of the time.

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Sometimes it just gets to me man.

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*hits juul*

2018-11-15 23:49:58 UTC  

Gentlemen, some good news. Today I was invited to sit on the board of directors of a very important academic organization where I’ll be able to have a good deal of influence. Unfortunately I cannot say what it is now, but they are big, and I was very surprised to learn that they share many of our concerns about the cultural direction of the country. There are several university presidents on the board now, which was also very surprising given the subject matter and their work.

2018-11-15 23:50:38 UTC  

Holy crap. Bats in the Barbell's newest vidya. It's questionable so I won't post it.

2018-11-15 23:50:56 UTC  

IE should recruit Bats

2018-11-15 23:51:30 UTC  

@Alexander Pechorin Great job! Proud of you!

2018-11-15 23:53:01 UTC  

@Alexander Pechorin - I'm proud of you too. That's a serious white pill.

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@Wood-Ape - OK/MN lol, that chick is insane.

2018-11-15 23:57:10 UTC  

@Papa Pizzagate I think she is more "this is my edgy comedy routine" than Emily "probably actually crazy" Youcis.

2018-11-15 23:57:39 UTC  

Get good optics normie nationalism Lauren Rose to balance Bats out

2018-11-15 23:57:58 UTC  

No she's nuts.

2018-11-15 23:58:07 UTC  

I've spoken to her in youtube chats before.

2018-11-15 23:58:12 UTC  

It's not a character

2018-11-15 23:58:20 UTC  

She's on the spectrum in a major way

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2018-11-16 00:01:32 UTC  

Take: Her optics aren't worse than recent podcast guest Fuentes', just different

2018-11-16 00:02:03 UTC  

But I am not an interviewer, not my call I guess.

2018-11-16 00:03:29 UTC  

Emily Youcis: Works with Patrick Little, promotes neo-Nazi imagery
Nick Fuentes: America First

Hardly similar

2018-11-16 00:03:49 UTC  

He was talking about some youtuber called Bats in the Belfrey

2018-11-16 00:03:50 UTC  

I was talking ablut Bats in the Barbell

2018-11-16 00:03:55 UTC  

ah yeah thats it

2018-11-16 00:04:19 UTC  

I've recently gotten into Nick Fuentes, I appreciate he's funny and puts stuff out each day. A better alternative to TDS.