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2020-11-14 23:46:15 UTC  

I watched on RSBN a bit. I need to do a donation to them and to President legal fund.

2020-11-15 01:22:10 UTC  

DURHAM...someone brought up the fact that Sydney Powell is from Durham, NC. And she’s out front of the evidence that is supposedly coming out. So is the q post about John Durham or Sydney Powell? Time will tell...

2020-11-15 02:52:55 UTC  

You don't know until its done, then the moment shows what Q meant in the past

2020-11-15 02:52:59 UTC  

Its how they operate

2020-11-15 02:53:39 UTC  

Either way its Release the Kraken, and then the storm is coming. Military Deployed, Trump is getting things ready

2020-11-15 02:54:10 UTC  

Those secret service, all hundreds of them gettign covid the same time? I think they are preparing as well

2020-11-15 02:54:38 UTC  

Just like the "peaceful protest" thing Trump is using the cover of Covid against them

2020-11-15 02:56:11 UTC  

Trump has said he will be coming out with the numbers this coming week, something about "stay tuned" he said to Ryan of Project Veritas whom he retweeted

2020-11-15 02:56:27 UTC  

This around the same time as "Release the Kraken"

2020-11-15 02:57:28 UTC  

I wonder if this evidence will be presented at a Supreme Court case

2020-11-15 03:58:15 UTC  

Hey @amERIKA, thanks for joining! :v::flag_us: Please read info in {announements} please! Thank you!

2020-11-15 04:28:51 UTC  

I've found a few interesting kraken references

1. Kraken botnet... Its malware and can pretty much alter anything its programmed to do
2. ODNIsent spy satellites up in 2013 (I th ink) there logo is intersting

2020-11-15 04:30:18 UTC

2020-11-15 04:30:48 UTC  

But the one I'm latching on to is a bitcoin transfer on ele rion night worth $1billion

2020-11-15 22:19:20 UTC  

Anyone have the clips of Biden talking about his extensive voter fraud operation and where he says he doesn’t need your votes now but once he’s in office?

2020-11-15 22:44:53 UTC  

That's the voter fraud part

2020-11-15 22:46:44 UTC  

New Covid-19 restrictions coming to conference at 6pm

2020-11-15 23:14:51 UTC  

@s_whole I hope MI isn’t going on a lock down. The WI Supreme Court will not allow our governor to do another lock down so each of our individual counties have to make that decision now

2020-11-15 23:32:13 UTC  

Ours too, our governor is a crook...

2020-11-15 23:32:36 UTC  

Power hungry too

2020-11-15 23:36:49 UTC  

I’m in NYC .... so I will leave it there 🙄

2020-11-15 23:37:15 UTC  

@Ligg_Stephs prayers sent

2020-11-16 00:01:45 UTC  

Went from LA to AL it’s not as bad thankfully lol prayers your way @Ligg_Stephs

2020-11-16 00:02:41 UTC  

GrAzie. Hoping to move to FL next couple
Of years. Till then it’s taxes and lockdowns.

2020-11-16 00:49:22 UTC  

He is right

2020-11-16 00:49:45 UTC  

Who is responsible for maintaining your freedom? Look in the mirror

2020-11-16 00:50:08 UTC  

As for the enemy, Trump has already won. He just needs to finish this

2020-11-16 00:50:21 UTC  

@SwordX Amen!

2020-11-16 00:50:27 UTC  


2020-11-16 00:52:14 UTC  

Holy... Moly... THIS changes EVERYTHING

2020-11-16 00:52:26 UTC  

The people around me (who don’t truly understand any of what is happening) are starting to break down and are having a very hard time with this.

2020-11-16 00:52:56 UTC  

@SwordX this is was tommy g was saying on his podcast

2020-11-16 00:53:14 UTC  

Scan for this video on Facebook

2020-11-16 00:53:15 UTC  

Everyone needs to listen to that pod!

2020-11-16 00:53:20 UTC