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2020-11-15 23:14:51 UTC  

@s_whole I hope MI isn’t going on a lock down. The WI Supreme Court will not allow our governor to do another lock down so each of our individual counties have to make that decision now

2020-11-15 23:32:13 UTC  

Ours too, our governor is a crook...

2020-11-15 23:32:36 UTC  

Power hungry too

2020-11-15 23:36:49 UTC  

I’m in NYC .... so I will leave it there 🙄

2020-11-15 23:37:15 UTC  

@Ligg_Stephs prayers sent

2020-11-16 00:01:45 UTC  

Went from LA to AL it’s not as bad thankfully lol prayers your way @Ligg_Stephs

2020-11-16 00:02:41 UTC  

GrAzie. Hoping to move to FL next couple
Of years. Till then it’s taxes and lockdowns.

2020-11-16 00:49:22 UTC  

He is right

2020-11-16 00:49:45 UTC  

Who is responsible for maintaining your freedom? Look in the mirror

2020-11-16 00:50:08 UTC  

As for the enemy, Trump has already won. He just needs to finish this

2020-11-16 00:50:21 UTC  

@SwordX Amen!

2020-11-16 00:50:27 UTC  


2020-11-16 00:52:14 UTC  

Holy... Moly... THIS changes EVERYTHING

2020-11-16 00:52:26 UTC  

The people around me (who don’t truly understand any of what is happening) are starting to break down and are having a very hard time with this.

2020-11-16 00:52:56 UTC  

@SwordX this is was tommy g was saying on his podcast

2020-11-16 00:53:14 UTC  

Scan for this video on Facebook

2020-11-16 00:53:15 UTC  

Everyone needs to listen to that pod!

2020-11-16 00:53:20 UTC  


2020-11-16 00:53:35 UTC  

"We're Getting Ready To Overturn Election Results In Multiple States"

2020-11-16 00:53:58 UTC  

And that is when the riots will begin again

2020-11-16 00:54:32 UTC  

It’s great news for us but I can’t get out of my head what the left is going to do...

2020-11-16 00:54:41 UTC  

That is what worries me

2020-11-16 00:55:37 UTC  

Yeah it will go from that to whatever the left does, to Trump using the Sedition, Insurrection and Defense Authorization acts to end the threat. Most likely with that Quantum EBS they said they were working on. That will allow them to operate without the enemy communicating

2020-11-16 00:56:20 UTC  

Oh wow. I don’t know anything you just said. Where can I find more Info?

2020-11-16 00:56:56 UTC  

Q...10 days of darkness

2020-11-16 00:57:19 UTC  

Thank you

2020-11-16 00:57:37 UTC  

Tommy's source said 2 weeks of hell but that was like a week ago almost

2020-11-16 00:58:00 UTC  

And that source is immediately related to the president

2020-11-16 00:58:30 UTC  

So not quite 10 days but but literally everything the source said is coming true so far

2020-11-16 00:59:24 UTC  

@Lori I’ve been in prepping mode since hearing that

2020-11-16 01:00:07 UTC  

I am as ready as I can get

2020-11-16 01:00:08 UTC  

@amERIKA that's smart. If the new lockdowns are going to be worse then we probably won't be leaving our houses for a few weeks

2020-11-16 01:00:30 UTC  

We have nano-drones that record brain wave signatures.
If the Antifa/BLM riots begin, it will be easy to send weaponized nano-drones, house fly size, to the exact brain wave sites, even inside safe houses, and decapitate the leadership of same. That turns the rest into the braindead zombies they always were! The mop up thereafter will be easy peasy!

2020-11-16 01:01:47 UTC  

@Lori I just wish I knew what to prep for. I spent the weekend stocking up on food and water. Making sure we’re ready for at least 2 weeks without having to leave the house just in case

2020-11-16 01:02:05 UTC  

As for personal action, self defense is our only real operation. If the crazies come against YOU, stop them! Legally! Otherwise, stand down, and hold! The professionals have GOT THIS!

2020-11-16 01:03:05 UTC  

@curtmilr we FINALLY found ammo!