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Hello Patriots!!! 🙌🏻

Excellent!!! If you need any help with discord, I can help. I have my own server for gaming...I’d be thrilled to help any way I can!!! 🇺🇸

Introduction’s....I’m a southern born and bred Tennessean living in Alabama...

Hi 🙋🏼‍♂️

We can do all sorts of channels for pretty much anything you need, discord is awesome that way...

He sure did, if Savanna would’ve shut up and let the man speak...lol

Yea, I missed half of it 🤨

I follow rabbit on Twitter, I seen it pretty quick .... always love to jump on discord...

No I’m @sandmtnvol on Twitter

Class action lawsuits are very effective...😄

My wife is a nurse...RN

@everyone can everyone see the announcement channel?

Welcome <@513157530709655582> 👋🏻

Welcome new people 👋🏻

👋🏻 hey...

Just getting this started so bear with us...

Good here...how’re you? Not many peeps on...I’m an admin, so trying to do some construction and maintenance, lol

Can you you see the announcements channel? @Twilightleaf17

So true, not many people are familiar with discord, so trying to help in my small way 😀

Any questions you might have I’ll try to answer....oh yea. I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t witnessed those...it’s sad

I believe that the owner is looking to have another way for people to connect and discuss and support each other in lieu of what happened with Twitter shutdown today...

What color is your state? Red or blue? Swing?

Same here...I live here in the red state of Alabama but from Tennessee originally

Doing some maintenance, is there a link to Twitter or YouTube you’d like to share...?

Understood...I believe in my heart it will happen! I’ve never been more into politics than I am now. I walked away from the Democratic Party 10 years ago ...

Oh yea, I follow Lauren Boebert on Twitter, I hope she wins!!!

If there are free elections without fraud, I believe there will be a red wave not seen since Reagan

First time in a long time...

There are a few towns I have driven through in Tennessee that has the dreaded Biden Harris signs but more often than not, you’ll only see Trump signs ...

Here’s mine 😁


You are correct!!! It’s been a long time since we’ve had a President that actually loves his country and shows it. Swells my heart with pride!!!

He KNOWS their playbook...don’t ask me how, but he knows. And he’s always two or three steps ahead. It’s amazing to witness...

The patriots are in control...no doubt. What worries me are the unforeseen actions some of the enemies might take as they are backed into a corner that they cannot escape

Good morning Patriots!! 👋🏻

No problem...👍🏻

Southern born and bred Tennessee boy living in the great state of Alabama... @sandmtnvol is my Twitter and Parler handle

@robojackal83 can you see the documents channel?

Yea, it’s read only....maybe post your link here and I’ll move it over to the documents channel so everyone can see and find it faster

See how I copied your post to the document channel...

We do this to keep clutter out of the channel...

I believe so...

It doesn’t appear so...I can see it but not save it

Wait...it looks like I can save it locally to this phone. So yes, I believe so

@everyone 👆🏻

Going have to stay on the downlow peeps...crazy times

Signal, I’ve heard of that one. Isn’t that the one the rioters were using?

That’s ok @CaptDerpus I’m having a nice cold 🍺

Nah, Regular Coors, none of that unleaded stuff 😎

I don’t think so...the corruption run so deep, it’s just taking a long time to grasp it all

Good morning Patriots!

Not sure what this is, but it doesn’t look good... https://twitter.com/tafkag/status/1316811325809602561?s=21

Trump rally in Rome, GA tomorrow evening. About an hour from where I live, I wish I could go!!! 😢😢😢

Well, it’s done! I got my vote cast just now.


In my small rural town, there was not a line while I was there. Took me about 30 min to check in, cast my vote and put it through the machine. A poll worker said when the polls opened this morning, there was a line wrapped around the building...

There was a steady stream of people coming and going while I was there though...

No idea, I will say that by past elections, my little town and my state is traditionally RED!!!!!!

I did see one gentleman came in with a TRUMP mask on and no one made him take it off 😉

They said the total while I was there in the 600’s

I was there around 1330-1400

Voice chat is live for everyone...jump in and let’s talk about it

Links to the livestreams please...?

Not sure...I think that posting the links is the best choice... no that drunk yet 👍🏻

Love ya too 🙌🏻

Jump on voice, I gotta hear that sexy Irish voice...lol

Bring it ... lol

Other countries will have to deal with their own deep state...

Where the USA goes, so goes the rest of the world...I don’t know though, there’s no where left to run if we fall 😒

She’s going down...her son implicated in Ukraine scandal

Chris Heinz is golden, he bowed out when he seen what was going on

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