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Don't forget to watch Tucker Carlson in a few minutes since that's probably what twitter was trying to censor haha

I'm from Baltimore so I'm surrounded by Biden people lol

Is there anything being done about the youtube channels that got taken down?

The only thing I can think of that we can do to help is having a hashtag trend and us all tagging youtube to demand answers

It's not a lot but it's something

I just finished it and it looks like it's gonna be a good followup series to the original

Came across this on twitter. Should probably spread the word that this is happening

@mykidzmomma Idk what they could possibly have that they haven't already tried

It's probably best they stay quiet since all they do is project what they're actually doing

Hey guys it might be smart to take some time to pray for protection over the country since there's going to be a lot of satanic activity going on. Even if you aren't religious I'm sure putting out positive thoughts will help keep energies up

Remember the plan we were given months ago. We need to take control of the narrative cuz im in another server that's freaking out lol

People are saying AZ looks good

Cheating like that is gonna be real easy to expose

Yup just keep spreading the narrative and keep your friends calm

It's time to be digital soliders

IET was on another server that he thinks that is what's happening

The watermark thing is definitely possible and i'm leaning towards that being the case

It's just a weird time to resign

So he also controls the federal national guard?

Trump was 17 minutes late and left 17 minutes after he showed up lol

I have a little gang of patriot kpop stans haha

I believe trump jr's speech was 17 minutes long too

This person saying it is credible

The whole tom clancy series was based on this guy

The other server i'm on is disecting the whole thing rn and it looks solid

In the video he thanked the press for not reporting the national guard being deployed when they were

Yesterday we were talking about the states that we found out had national guard deployments

IET was saying all this yesterday

And this guy is confirming the theory

We're doing body language now lol

Body language is checking out so far

This clip has non Q people believing that Q is legit now btw

I'm in Tommy G's server and we're pretty sure that the watermarks are for mail in ballots. We're thinking the arrests he's talking about are people involved in the fraud this catches

I know what you're talking about

But I think this video adds to the sauce for the whole theory

The QFS blockchain is what parscale was talking about right?

I'll share what's being sauced in the other server

We have a USPS worker in chat who's at work right now omg

Our chat is around 70-80% sold on the legitimacy of the claims in the video

Yeah that would probably affect electronic voting more. We're thinking the watermark is mail in

I'm being told Feinstein owns the company, not Pelosi

There are protests at every state capital at noon tomorrow

I realized I forgot to share this here but I got this from Tommy G's server and he's going to do a podcast on it tomorrow but he went ahead and filled us in on news he got directly from a person very close to president Trump https://twitter.com/ayeemiami/status/1326661056740134915?s=19

Lin Wood has hinted towards this being true after joining Trump's legal team

This is just the bullet points of a longer voice chat so if you guys have questions I can try to elaborate more based on what I was told

@Qrabitt if you go to 4deep.com there's a landing page with a link

It gets nuked all the time though so keep that site bookmarked lol

The girl that tweeted out the cliff notes version is also worth a follow. She's brilliant

I think they're still going in the voice chat too lol

It is the after dark hours over there so I can't promise the conversations are clean haha

Here's the tweet I was referring to

So basically everything we've theorized has been happening has been happening x20

Arrests should be coming by the holidays

And tommy is the last person to put a date on something like that

There's a whole 3 degrees of separation between him and Trump with this info too

It sounded like the Trump team was looking for places to leak info that wasn't a Q board and because of Tommy's wayfair story and audience size they sent him this and some more that he isn't allowed to say yet but maybe can by the time he does the podcast

But they straight up wiretapped the news and caught them making up a narrative lol

He's on a special list there

He has an Instagram still

It's linked at the end of that thread

He doesn't use it a ton like he used to now that he has the discord working

I'd keep an eye on his server tomorrow too in case he gets told anything else that he can share

It sounds like the source is one of Trump's kids

A ton of newly elected reps were there and they were fired up and ready to actually stand up for America

@SwordX this is was tommy g was saying on his podcast

Tommy's source said 2 weeks of hell but that was like a week ago almost

And that source is immediately related to the president

So not quite 10 days but but literally everything the source said is coming true so far

@amERIKA that's smart. If the new lockdowns are going to be worse then we probably won't be leaving our houses for a few weeks

335 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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