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2018-12-09 07:22:44 UTC  

We just go underground

2018-12-09 07:22:48 UTC  


2018-12-09 07:23:06 UTC  

So we bring in a token Jap, a Zoroastrian Iranian and a bunch of Udmurt girls.

2018-12-09 07:23:10 UTC  

I'll be 48

2018-12-09 07:23:21 UTC  

We should encourage blacks to form their own identitarian groups.

2018-12-09 07:23:29 UTC  

Patrick ruled that Udmurts are white though

2018-12-09 07:23:39 UTC  

So you're actually breaking a rule by implying they aren't

2018-12-09 07:23:42 UTC  

(bring them regardless)

2018-12-09 07:23:52 UTC  

HB we just go full nihilist and say Irish and Italians are not White?

2018-12-09 07:24:02 UTC  

Europeans aren't white

2018-12-09 07:24:08 UTC  

At least if worse comes to worse I'll hunker down with some other IE members and we'll live on our little farm orania style

2018-12-09 07:24:09 UTC  


2018-12-09 07:24:17 UTC  

BOOM weaponized nihilism

2018-12-09 07:24:30 UTC  

I feel, it drives me crazy that blacks are so opposed to white identity. IE is probably opposed to MANY of the same things that black advocates are

2018-12-09 07:24:55 UTC  

only Kashubians are white

2018-12-09 07:24:56 UTC  

I bet tue minority date is more like 2028 bases on the nukber of illegals that will
be legal once amnesty is passed.

2018-12-09 07:25:05 UTC  

@Nico The Great - CAyoure expecting too much of them tbh

2018-12-09 07:25:21 UTC  

IE needs more Udmurts and Kashubians

2018-12-09 07:25:24 UTC  

Once Texas goes blue, then the replacement rate will only increase

2018-12-09 07:25:55 UTC  

once the boomers die off things will accelerate really fast

2018-12-09 07:26:01 UTC  

Florida and Georgia and Minnesota and NC and Michigan and on and on

2018-12-09 07:26:01 UTC  

Its worrying to imagine what my life as a young man will be like in the future and how I'll be seen a horrible person just for wanting my people to survive, I already of course but it'll only get worse

2018-12-09 07:26:03 UTC  

@Josh M. -OH Maybe lol. But I've watched debates between on both sides of the issue, and they basically agreed on everything but decided to dislike each other just cuz' lol

2018-12-09 07:26:03 UTC  

IMO. This country will become some kind of Apartheid State.

2018-12-09 07:26:36 UTC  

I'm being vague because I don't want to namedrop unsavory people

2018-12-09 07:26:52 UTC  

@Nico The Great - CAmakes sense. Not to like each other because we aren't alike. Seems perfectly natural to me.

2018-12-09 07:27:39 UTC  

@Josh M. -OH Yeah, I'm pretty idealistic tbh. I don't buy into the "based guy in a Maga hat" idea, but I WISH it was so

2018-12-09 07:28:13 UTC  

@Sam Anderson we can only hope

2018-12-09 07:28:43 UTC  

Need a 3rd party to really see the differences

2018-12-09 07:29:25 UTC  

okay serious question

2018-12-09 07:29:36 UTC  

is it worth preserving really esoteric regional identities?

2018-12-09 07:29:43 UTC  

Trump's a step in the right direction but most certainly not the answer. Republicans are fucked altogether. They'd be nothing without Trump.

2018-12-09 07:30:03 UTC  

@Jacob I don't think it's practical, I suppose it's a case by case basis

2018-12-09 07:30:04 UTC  

like really obscure stuff

2018-12-09 07:30:18 UTC  

Give me an example

2018-12-09 07:30:24 UTC  

@Jacob yes, everyone has these micro identities.

2018-12-09 07:30:52 UTC  

@Nico The Great - CA Well, I'm half Kashubian

2018-12-09 07:30:57 UTC  

that's pretty obscure

2018-12-09 07:31:01 UTC  

Muh whites, muh country, muh statesmen, muh neighborhood

2018-12-09 07:31:10 UTC  

I think putting people into further regional identities would cause intra-ehtnic conflict

2018-12-09 07:31:21 UTC  

@Jacob I don't even know what that is lol, I'm not exactly the highest-IQ guy in IE