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2018-12-30 04:13:38 UTC  

Roads are 30000% yikes

2018-12-30 04:13:59 UTC  

Railroads were all built by the English

2018-12-30 04:14:15 UTC  

I was on some pretty bad roads today. Went up to some tiny town by the Canadian Border

2018-12-30 04:15:44 UTC  

I want to say some airport over there near Sikkim or Nepal is the most dangerous on earth

2018-12-30 04:16:05 UTC  

Woah some of you have white names discord is not working

2018-12-30 04:16:31 UTC  

Normal on my end

2018-12-30 04:16:57 UTC  

Also yes new rule: if you go abroad post cool pics

2018-12-30 04:17:10 UTC  

I want to see all the Buddhist temples in Kathmandu

2018-12-30 04:17:40 UTC  

Are they mostly Buddhist or Hindu?

2018-12-30 04:18:21 UTC  

I think a bit of both

2018-12-30 04:18:31 UTC  

Makes sense yeah

2018-12-30 04:18:53 UTC  

Everything will be cheap which’ll be cool

2018-12-30 04:19:33 UTC  

funny enough my Great Grandfather converted to Hinduism

2018-12-30 04:19:59 UTC  

Interesting. Did he live over in that part of the world?

2018-12-30 04:20:17 UTC  

How do you convert? Interested in knowing how diff religions convert and the time it takes

2018-12-30 04:20:50 UTC  

Islam you say a sentence three times. Jews dissuade you from converting and it takes years lol

2018-12-30 04:21:06 UTC  

Nope, born and died in Montana. He found some old copies of the Vedas and kept buying more books on the subject.....or at least that's what I've been told

2018-12-30 04:21:49 UTC  

"A Hindu in Montana" sounds like a movie title

2018-12-30 04:22:59 UTC  

He was a stone mason, and he built a few monuments around Montana with quotes from the Bhagavad Gita

2018-12-30 04:23:27 UTC  

Sounds about a few steps from Ted K. “Montana man adopts odd beliefs in a cabin”

2018-12-30 04:27:25 UTC  

Sounds like 7 years in Tibet

2018-12-30 04:28:03 UTC  

Except like

2018-12-30 04:28:11 UTC  

Lotsa years outside Bozeman

2018-12-30 04:39:27 UTC  

"Let me tell you about Dharma, kids"

2018-12-30 04:40:51 UTC  

I like to think I can still listen to the other side, even if I don't take anything they say seriously anymore. But day by day it gets more unbearable, especially NPR.

2018-12-30 04:42:49 UTC  

@Stephen - TX npr is my radio default in my car. Leave it on for 5 mins on way to work until I can’t take it anymore

2018-12-30 04:43:08 UTC  

Last 3 times I listened for a bit they mentioned something very jewish

2018-12-30 04:44:55 UTC  

It depends on when I tune in. If it's just typical neo-con crap, I can calmly listen to that. But when they start getting into transgender and blatant anti-white rhetoric I have to turn it off immediately.

2018-12-30 04:45:20 UTC  

Evening, folks. @Lawrence of Eurabia Good luck in Nepal, what a unique place to visit. Have a great time.

2018-12-30 04:46:19 UTC  

I actually enjoy the Jewish stuff. It's like, "yes! take off the mask! do it! show everyone who you are! don't be shy!"

2018-12-30 04:47:02 UTC  

NPR is a great resource for the globalist dialogue. (((They))) get pretty explicit at times.

2018-12-30 04:49:43 UTC  

Most might find the ultraMarxists indigestable, I am there with you in your disdain but I love it when they really get going left. I want them pushing so far left that they cannot return. Let the normies see the true colors.

2018-12-30 04:51:12 UTC  

Brah we are trying to move past the echoes. Just say Jew, we all get it here. @Johnny B. Populus

2018-12-30 04:51:29 UTC  

No need to edit or anything just in the future.

2018-12-30 04:51:54 UTC  

Also yeah when the Left chimps out it makes a good amount of redpills

2018-12-30 04:52:45 UTC  

On a side note: I've lost 80 lbs in 7 months. Went from 320 to 235. Just a bit of fitness news I'm proud of.

2018-12-30 04:53:30 UTC  

Oh dude outstanding

2018-12-30 04:53:31 UTC  

@Sam Anderson Grand, I was attempting the discreet road on the national server but if we have moved on, I'm glad to hear it.

2018-12-30 04:53:45 UTC  

This guy will soon be destroyed for the sin of noticing reality:

2018-12-30 04:53:59 UTC  

Yeah the echoes have become kinda overplayed. May as well just say Jew.

2018-12-30 04:54:42 UTC  

2016 and 2017 were a good time but eventually things age.