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2019-01-07 05:35:51 UTC  

How do you guys think the government shutdown will end?

2019-01-07 05:36:02 UTC  

Trump can't just go on like this forever until people start to get really pissed at him

2019-01-07 05:36:03 UTC  

Everyone needs to view this

2019-01-07 05:36:19 UTC  

I think he'll wi if he sticks to it

2019-01-07 05:36:32 UTC  

he has the people behind him

2019-01-07 05:36:54 UTC  

go nuclear or declare state of emergency

2019-01-07 05:37:13 UTC  

he's beginning to understand the power he has in the people

2019-01-07 05:37:20 UTC  

Regular people don't care that much about the wall. If it goes on too long, people will be like "who cares about your stupid wall, just give me my government services"

2019-01-07 05:37:27 UTC  


2019-01-07 05:37:39 UTC  

But they care about him

2019-01-07 05:37:39 UTC  

maybe it wont end

2019-01-07 05:37:46 UTC  

and what he stands for

2019-01-07 05:37:50 UTC  

they care bout the man

2019-01-07 05:37:57 UTC  

this could be a potential good ending

2019-01-07 05:38:19 UTC  

if the shut down causes massive black/Hispanic riots, that could really shift public opinion

2019-01-07 05:38:28 UTC  

I think even the white SNAP peeps care about this

2019-01-07 05:38:33 UTC  

this is visceral

2019-01-07 05:38:37 UTC  


2019-01-07 05:38:46 UTC  

you just won't ever hear about it

2019-01-07 05:38:50 UTC  

didn't Trump say they made some sort of proposition with Pelosi and Schumer today?

2019-01-07 05:38:53 UTC  

Imagine Ferguson all over again, with scenes on the news of blacks smashing up grocery stores

2019-01-07 05:38:55 UTC  

even from the people themselves

2019-01-07 05:39:25 UTC  

i thought you were referencing white folks on stamps

2019-01-07 05:39:42 UTC  

i see how they could be organized

2019-01-07 05:43:57 UTC  

if food stamp riots happen, the Democrats might be more pressured to accept a deal

2019-01-07 05:44:15 UTC  

bad optics for blacks and Hispanics + higher chance of a deal

2019-01-07 05:45:05 UTC  

trying to predict what is going to happen politically is pretty fruitless imo. if it matters to you, you should call the WH, call your reps etc. as Patrick and FTN have recommend and then get back to focusing on yourself and your local community.

2019-01-07 05:46:08 UTC  

If food stamp riots happen I’m toast

2019-01-07 05:46:20 UTC  

Only white neighborhood in a heavily black city

2019-01-07 05:46:24 UTC  

Been nice knowing you guys.

2019-01-07 05:50:02 UTC  

good interview. learned some new things even though I've been listening to Jared for years. the interviewer, Tommy Sotomayor,
is interesting.

2019-01-07 05:50:27 UTC  

Jared Taylor is the man.

2019-01-07 05:51:21 UTC  

I’ve watched and read him more than any other alt right figure. He’s genuine, scholarly, and eloquent.

2019-01-07 06:26:33 UTC  

@Jacob I'm a big wall guy

2019-01-07 06:27:01 UTC  

@androaquila Jared Taylor is great

2019-01-07 06:27:02 UTC  

we all are

2019-01-07 06:27:08 UTC  

but your average dude isn't

2019-01-07 06:27:23 UTC  

Everyone I know is