Message from Brunswick in Nice Respectable People Group #media_about_ie

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A mass email sent out after my flyer drop at the university of louisville. Be careful out there , dem police goys will hunt you down for using your first amendment

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how the fuck are these people under represented

2017-09-23 14:56:38 UTC  

Yeah really. Literally 99% of the political activist groups on campus are either "non white only" or "non cishet only"

2017-09-23 14:57:16 UTC  

I remember orientation at RIT - it was "how to be white men and not rape" and "how to be white men and not oppress"

2017-09-23 14:57:26 UTC  

rustles my jimmies

2017-09-23 14:58:57 UTC  

at least you learned to not oppress while being white

2017-09-23 14:59:50 UTC  

Yeah , U of L had a 2 hour long series of skits in which they sited false statistics it was quite literally brain washing .

2017-09-23 16:45:55 UTC  

The feeder group Allegro and I made managed to make it on TV this morning, on WHAS11. I'll send a recording of it to here when I get home.

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@everyone News from our outreach at Penn State is really taking on a full local cycle there.

2017-09-23 19:29:42 UTC  

Our activists there should hit up the bulletin boards again.

2017-09-23 20:05:34 UTC  

What happened at Penn State?

2017-09-23 20:09:51 UTC
Just an assault fliering. Hundreds potentially rustled. More at 5.

2017-09-23 20:12:02 UTC  

Who wants to plan a big trip to Rutgers New Brunswick? I mean like getting together a large group, spending lots of time planning, and then fucking *plastering* the place.

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Our PA guys have been doing a lot of great work, the local media seems to be picking up on us.

2017-09-23 21:37:19 UTC  

thanks to @Evan Thomas for the original sources

2017-09-24 18:30:21 UTC  

This blew up a lot more than even I was aware @Evan Thomas. Great job, PA goys.

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2017-09-25 23:11:08 UTC  

Neo-nazi white supremacist racist white nationalist alt-right hitlerian fascist group, Identity Evropa

2017-09-25 23:11:33 UTC  

If one label doesn't work just tack 'em all on I guess

2017-09-25 23:12:18 UTC  

you forgot homophobic

2017-09-25 23:12:24 UTC  

That tranny hand though, absolutely degenerate.

2017-09-25 23:12:43 UTC  

@Marlow also sexist

2017-09-25 23:37:53 UTC  

The National Socialist White European Nationalist Neo-Nazi Fascistic Duginist Alternative Alt-Right Paleoconservative Hitlerian Far-Right Buchananite Ethno-Strasserist Esoteric Activist Group Indentify Evropa

2017-09-25 23:49:13 UTC  

Implying some normie nog would know what half those words means

2017-09-25 23:49:53 UTC  

And you think they know what "white nationalist" means?

2017-09-25 23:50:02 UTC  

Apparently no one does so

2017-09-25 23:50:28 UTC  

I don't even know what "racist" or "white supremacist" means. I don't think they even have definitions.

2017-09-25 23:50:28 UTC  

"I like existing"
"These motherfucking white supremacists are getting out of hand"

2017-09-25 23:50:34 UTC  

Pro Tip: Nobody cares what brands mean to the companies, only the customers

2017-09-25 23:51:20 UTC  

I was gonna big brain react you

2017-09-25 23:51:33 UTC  

But it's not there