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This one has a lot of the usual tropes. You could probably play bingo with it. The author lets us know right off the bat that he is Jewish, as opposed to some naughty White person of privilege/hate, and wraps up his arguments by ordering that diversity must be actively embraced.

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comments are enabled on the live article.

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"Over the last five months or so they’ve really stepped up their presence in Montana, not just in Billings,"

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54:20 Superchat about the Chicago Conference, guy who sent it says he's thinking about joining

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"Patrick Casey, who identifies himself as the executive director of Identity Evropa, said members wanted “to let the university — and the world — know that we will NOT be stopped.”..."

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By “The College Post”. The thumbnail pic is actually from a different article

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KSL article is up

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From the KSL article “Any group can't just come up and post something on the designated posting places” 🤔

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Open comments on this article, though I believe they might be subject to an approval process. Either way, hop in there and speak your mind.

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They're definitely screening comments. I tried to post one when it first dropped and it never showed up.

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CO IE so powerful, they had to list us three separate times in the chart.

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"...The group's propaganda items have been distributed in other cities in Kentucky recently, including Louisville, Bowling Green and Paducah.

According to news reports, Identity Evropa items have also been posted in public areas at the University of Southern Indiana and in the Haynie's Corner area of downtown Evansville...."

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"But only 29 percent knew that Identity Evropa, a hvte group, held an anti-immigration rally at the University of Vtah. "

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Next year that number needs to be over 50%.

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They've gone full retard.

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They smeared us as Neon Nazis, but this was entirely the purpose of our last action - to get the media to admit Luis Soltero was in the country illegally!

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A new article on this flyering came out later. According to this article, the ADL is saying that we were responsible for 30 of 63 documented white advocacy flyerings in Illinois last year.

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Incredible. Reads like it was pulled straight off an antifa website