Message from sigruna14 in Nice Respectable People Group #cyberstrike

2017-10-23 15:01:21 UTC  

Did he take down the "Eurotrash" tweet? He blocked me so idk

2017-10-23 15:01:33 UTC  

Check tweets and replies, I think it was a reply

2017-10-23 15:02:07 UTC  

I don't even know if the rest of his twitter is bad, I just can't stand the double standard on the Euro slur (acceptable) vs. Semitic slur (unacceptable.)

2017-10-23 15:10:54 UTC  

I don't want to pile on a guy for one reply like that. what was the context anyway?

2017-10-23 16:18:44 UTC  

They would pile on us for it, so we must pile on them for it. We cannot passively accept the anti-European double standards.

2017-10-23 16:19:36 UTC  

He was referring to a European who commented negatively on Netanhyu, and since any criticism of a Jew/Zionist/Israelite is considered "anti-Semitism," he pulled out the "You're anti-Semitic, Eurotrash."

2017-10-23 16:20:14 UTC  

They would never accept the phrase "You're anti-European, Semite trash." We cannot accept their degradation without a challenge.

2017-10-23 16:24:47 UTC  

@here is that an overreaction? Or does that seem accurate/fair?

2017-10-23 16:29:05 UTC  

I guess it's fair. I just didn't know the context.

2017-10-23 19:54:27 UTC  

His pinned tweet appears to be anti immigration into Europe.

2017-10-23 22:33:08 UTC  

@everyone alright, new account is up. Lets see if this gets removed.

2017-10-23 22:33:32 UTC  

@Eli Mosley check spelling on Identity

2017-10-23 22:33:40 UTC  

Follow backs, fam!

2017-10-23 22:33:46 UTC  


2017-10-23 22:33:53 UTC  

I fixed it. it takes a bit to update

2017-10-23 22:34:22 UTC  

What did you say to get deleted

2017-10-23 22:34:26 UTC  


2017-10-23 22:34:36 UTC  

followed fam i hope it stays up

2017-10-23 22:34:39 UTC  

He said: "I'm the leader of IE." Banned.

2017-10-23 22:35:18 UTC  

I said nothing

2017-10-23 22:35:22 UTC  

"I sometimes feel that, perhaps, the net benefit of diversity does not outweigh the net harm, and we may be better off without it."

2017-10-23 22:35:26 UTC  

I was such a good boy on my last account

2017-10-23 22:35:28 UTC  

you better follow back fam

2017-10-23 22:35:32 UTC  

F4f ?

2017-10-23 22:36:05 UTC  


2017-10-23 22:36:09 UTC  

They banned me permanently after posting on president Fuchs response to you guys coming.

2017-10-23 22:36:58 UTC  

Must have been mass reported.

2017-10-23 22:39:29 UTC  

@Frederick This channel isn't for investing regrets.

2017-10-23 22:39:42 UTC  

This is for targeted campaigning on social media and other platforms.

2017-10-23 22:39:44 UTC  

Please take it to general.

2017-10-23 22:49:09 UTC  

Can we post our Twitters here?

2017-10-23 23:34:01 UTC  

Everyone, report this page. They are a page dedicated to posting lewd and nude pictures of underage girls. They also have gotten 1.2k followers without being taken down, while we get taken down the second we post an edgy tweet. Let's shoah the pedos.

2017-10-23 23:35:07 UTC  

@everyone ty^^^

2017-10-23 23:35:20 UTC  

Credit to @Deleted User for first asking us to shoah this in the KY/TN chat

2017-10-23 23:51:05 UTC  

wtf twitter doesn't have an option to report for illegal activity / underage pornography?

2017-10-23 23:52:38 UTC  

Not sure if we should be clicking and sharing that link...

2017-10-23 23:54:24 UTC  

yeah, I was looking for that option too

2017-10-23 23:57:04 UTC  

I tagged it with the [email protected]

2017-10-23 23:57:24 UTC  

I find it funny that no one doxes the people that follow those accounts but the left takes the time to search through are pages constantly.

2017-10-23 23:57:44 UTC  

And also the owner of that account seems to be using their first and last name for their paypal