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2018-03-06 13:18:28 UTC  

@everyone The server rules are posted in <#405211244023382016>. Please read and follow them. If you have to ask if something violates the rules, don't post it. My mods and I can tell when you are saying something trying to skirt around the edge of the rules; it will not fly with us. If you don't want to post within the rules, please don't post. The preservation of this server and IE's public image is more important than you getting to say exactly what you want to say on this server. There are plenty of shitposting servers. This is not one.

2018-03-07 05:59:55 UTC  

@JC said:

*"I'm asking this in earnest, because I just don't know, so perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me can provide an answer. At what point do these type of events start hurting us more than helping us?"*

I'd say Charlottesville marked that point. We're still shilling out ~3k a month to this legal defense. We have no idea how long the case could continue for. So many people went dark after UTR for opsec reasons. The rally resulted in the Left having ammo for its "right-wing terrorist" narrative.

The issue is that some people haven't learned the lesson -- they think these announced events are a good model, but they simply are not. And those who think they are are *rapidly* becoming the minority.

There's an unfortunate tendency on the Right to think that more stress/pain/strife/legal problems etc. = more success. But honestly all of the evidence points the opposite being true. These rough events make people *feel* like they're furthering the cause, but feelings and reality are not the same. (Subjective idealists please go.)

We're not going to withdraw from the world, but we will absolutely not rely on reckless publicity stunts to grow our organization. You guys are too valuable to be used as useful idiots, and thankfully we do not need to rely on this form of activism in order to succeed.



2018-03-07 18:37:52 UTC  

@everyone If you send, or have sent, any bitcoin to the IE wallet (see, DM @Ben - OH to let him know its purpose: dues, conference registration, legal fund, etc.

2018-03-07 19:50:21 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

In light of the fact that I have a ton to do before I leave for the conference tomorrow, tonight's fireside is going to be a bit shorter than usual -- but it will happen nonetheless! I haven't missed one so far, and I don't intend on breaking my streak.

See you all tonight at 8 PM EST!

2018-03-08 00:45:18 UTC  

Fireside in 15! I'm going to talk about our strategy going forward. Again, it'll be a bit shorter tonight in light of the conference but I'm looking forward to speaking with you all. @everyone

2018-03-08 23:34:55 UTC  

On the eve of our first conference, the Board of Directors thought it appropriate to add a new document to the Guidebook. It's called _Focal Point 2018. Our path to a greater, highly effective organization._

In _Focal Point 2018_ you will learn about our vision for a much larger, highly successful organization. More important, you'll gain full clarity of our organization's purpose and learn about the vital role you must play in taking us to the next level.

For conference attendees, it's especially important for you to read this latest Guidebook expansion so you'll be fully prepared to contribute to what's promising to be a phenomenal event.

Here's to a high-energy weekend!


2018-03-12 07:13:13 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

I'd like to yet again thank everyone who attended and organized Leading Our People Forward and the Parthenon action. Both events were incredibly successful, inspiring, and rewarding -- and they're evidence that this organization has everything we need to constitute *our own movement*.

To all who didn't attend: Speeches and video of the Parthenon action should be uploaded in the next week or two. Let's all thank @FACINEMA in advance for the work he will soon do!

Moreover, I'd like to remind you that we'll be doing more events like this in the future. If you missed this one, you definitely won't want to miss the next!

2018-03-13 01:42:50 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

NPI is attacking us on Twitter again. Basically, they're alleging that we screwed everything up because our lawyer didn't respond to a response to the motion to dismiss.

However, I spoke with multiple lawyers in the movement -- some in IE -- and what our lawyer did was perfectly normal and actually the right thing to do. Amusingly, the only people claiming we screwed up are non-lawyers. In fact, I haven't found a single lawyer who claims that our lawyer was in the wrong here.

As usual, IE leadership will just ignore them. We have no use for such petty e-drama!

2018-03-13 17:08:22 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

I promise only to shill for this once, but I'm doing a fundraiser to make it to the Stockholm Scandza forum in early April to live stream the event for Red Ice. You all were a great help in getting me there last year, and for that I'm eternally grateful.

If you're interested in donating, you can do so here: **Please include a note saying it's for the Scandza fundraiser.**

Thanks! Fireside chat tomorrow at 8 PM EST as usual. It'll be a good one, so you won't want to miss it!

2018-03-13 18:37:13 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

We have a list of latepayers. @sigruna14 will be purging them from Discord in a week or so. If you're behind on dues, now's the time to catch up!

We'll be posting a business PayPal account very soon, through which you can set up recurring payments again. Until then, you can pay your dues here:

2018-03-13 18:42:45 UTC  

Zelle works as well. Unfortunately, the members site is still down, but you can DM @Matthias to check your dues. @everyone

2018-03-13 19:04:53 UTC  

@everyone I have nothing to do with dues so please don't DM me about them. @Ben - OH and @ophiuchus are the men to see.

2018-03-13 20:01:37 UTC  

I'd also like to encourage everyone to attend AmRen this year! I'll be helping Red Ice cover the event, in addition to giving a brief presentation about Identity Evropa.


2018-03-13 21:41:21 UTC  

Let's give it up for our SoCal members, who recently did some great activism at the border wall rally in San Diego! Some of these guys have only been back from the conference for a day or two but they're already hitting the ground running!


2018-03-13 23:19:08 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

@SaintCharles has created a great shirt to commemorate our first conference.

All of the proceeds will be donated to the legal defense fund, so this is a great way to contribute while getting something in return.


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2018-03-14 23:29:21 UTC  

Fireside tonight at 8 PM EST! It's going to be a great one. We'll discuss the conference, our plans for the future, and what we can learn from a recent episode of Jerry Springer that I watched. @everyone

2018-03-15 16:49:33 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

The next major action Identity Evropa is conducting will be in response to the ongoing deterioration in South Africa. The main action will take place on **Saturday, April 21 in Washington DC.** We’re going to be reserving an Airbnb as a group and we will plan accordingly to allow activists to travel in on Friday night/Saturday morning and depart Sunday.

There will be roles for those who cannot show their face, but you should only join this event server if you are highly certain that you will attend. Let’s knock this out of the park!

2018-03-16 02:24:28 UTC  

If you're attending American Renaissance 2018 at the end of next month, @Gaius Mucius Scaevola has a group setup for everyone in IE. @everyone

2018-03-17 13:11:24 UTC  

@everyone Our new LLC PayPal will be up soon, but in the meantime we will be switching from the Josh Adams PayPal ([email protected]) to a different one.

Send future PayPal payments to [email protected] By all means do not send any payments as for "goods and services." Send instead to "friends and family." A goods/service transaction triggers PayPal to probe the account further. If you are unable to do this, message @Ben - OH for assistance.

Any Zelle payments should still be sent to [email protected], since Zelle is unrelated to PayPal. Zelle remains the preferred transaction method over PayPal.

Thank you for bearing with these frequent transitions.

2018-03-17 13:20:13 UTC  

@everyone Also, you can view instructions for paying dues at any time in <#388558559752880139>.

2018-03-17 18:07:35 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

I’d like to remind you all to only flyer public universities. Make sure to adhere to what’s outlined in the pdf pinned to <#359086234175275010>.

Also, happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone but Anglos! Remember to celebrate responsibly.

2018-03-19 16:51:58 UTC  

From @Johday - GA

After some delay, The Identitarian publication is finally coming together. A site has been secured and Wordpress has been integrated. The dream is becoming reality. In addition, we have set a potential launch date.

Out of 34 people who said they were interested, only eight people sent in articles. The Identitarian is our platform, and, therefore, the greatness thereof rests on our shoulders. However, the success of a publication lies on the consistency and quality. We need good writers, and we need quality content. So, the publication needs consistent writers and those of you who wish to contribute less frequently. Remember, this publication represents us. If you want to write, you need to be willing to really put effort into your writing.

Please, if you want to contribute, DM @Johday - GA


2018-03-21 04:52:57 UTC  

Last week was the best week in terms of applications we've had since *at least* September. What we're doing is working, and all of you are a playing a part in the growth of this organization.

We're going to keep up the momentum and continue to demonstrate that we are an organization that is built to last -- one that's capable of altering the course of this country's history for the better.

Fireside tomorrow (technically today) at 8 PM EDT. I'll see you there!


2018-03-21 19:27:32 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

Firesides will henceforth begin at 8:30 PM EDT, which includes tonight.

Also, after the fireside I will be giving @sigruna14 a list of latepayers to remove from Discord. Everyone on this list has been given multiple warnings via email. If someone is removed yet wants to stay in IE, they can do so once they pay their dues.

2018-03-21 19:34:04 UTC  

This is the new PayPal we'll be using until our business account is set up.


2018-03-21 19:35:12 UTC  

@everyone Do not DM me about this. I don't handle dues. Our dues people are @Ben - OH and @ophiuchus. If you know you're late but have just paid, you should probably also let @Reinhard Wolff know.

2018-03-22 00:55:54 UTC  


2018-03-22 01:16:16 UTC  

@Johday - GA is the guy for *The Identitarian*. @everyone

2018-03-22 04:01:46 UTC  



2018-03-22 04:50:02 UTC  

The purge has been postponed until tomorrow. You're all safe...for now. @everyone

2018-03-22 15:29:18 UTC  

@everyone The purge is complete. For those who were kicked out, we want them to come back, but they have to go out and come back in *L E G A L L Y.*

2018-03-23 01:03:42 UTC  

The videos from Leading Our People Forward have been uploaded, thanks to @FACINEMA. Great work!


2018-03-23 02:06:23 UTC  

@everyone @Ben - OH is having trouble identifying who sent a few Zelle payments this past week. If these are your initials and you sent this amount via Zelle, DM @Ben - OH to work this out.

Initials = EL, $10, 3/16
Initials = RD, $55, 3/21
Initials = JL, $100, 3/22

In the future clearly identify yourself, ideally your Discord handle, with any Zelle payments.

2018-03-23 12:37:05 UTC  

@everyone Please remember that anything you post can and will end up being somebody's first impression of Identity Evropa. Things that will leave a bad taste in the mouths of new people and make them question their involvement with us will definitely not be tolerated for one single second. Just because you see somebody else post something stupid isn't a license for you to do it. Stay out of it and tag <@&358437309076602912>. Everything you post here is representing IE. Act like it.

2018-03-23 12:58:48 UTC  

@everyone Rule 7 has been updated to clarify that spamming chat is not allowed.

2018-03-23 14:38:30 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

Our legal defense is expensive and ongoing, and we are deeply appreciative of all the donations we have received. @Agree&Amplify - GA thought it would be good for members to get something back for their donations, and he has launched an IE tanktop fundraiser.

From @Agree&Amplify - GA: The tanktops cost $30 dollars, with the option of donating more at the checkout page. Spring is here, and Summer is coming. Let’s flex our guns, beat this lawsuit, and become stronger than ever. The fundraiser will conclude on April 8th. Thank you! 💪🏻

2018-03-26 17:54:23 UTC  

@everyone I have no idea of the credibility of this - it seems to me if the Discord team knew this guy's ID, they would ban him - but better safe than sorry, so I am sharing:

Look out for a Discord user by the name of "Albaᛉ" with the tag #4720 . He is going around sending friend requests to random Discord users, and those who accept his friend requests will have their accounts DDoSed and their groups exposed with the members inside it becoming a victim as well. Spread the word and send this to as many discord servers as you can. If you see this user, DO NOT accept his friend request and immediately block him.
stay safe. if you don't see the user, then warn others

-Discord team

2018-03-26 20:00:21 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

Please hold off on sending anything to our PO box. We're having a minor issue, but there's a good chance your letter may be return if you do so until further notice.

We'll have this sorted out tomorrow and will give you an update then.