Message from seafer on his phone in Nationalist Review 🎅🏻 #stopbeingfat

2018-04-17 16:21:33 UTC  

nothing but sugar in those

2018-04-17 16:21:45 UTC  

yeah i dont do that anyway

2018-04-17 16:21:56 UTC  

Might recommend 5x5 with cardio on rest days

2018-04-17 16:22:43 UTC  

just googled

2018-04-17 16:23:45 UTC  

Super super simple, you only lift 3 days per week and you're building up to your 5 rep max. So you lift MWF, I used to like to run 2 miles T and Th, rest on weekends

2018-04-17 16:24:47 UTC  

Also combines the 2 biggest exercises to boost T, which are squats and compound lifts

2018-04-17 16:25:41 UTC  

this seems really straightforward

2018-04-17 16:25:50 UTC  

the real question is though

2018-04-17 16:25:56 UTC  

should i just do it at home?

2018-04-17 16:26:57 UTC  

If you do you will need a bench, a squat rack, bars etc. Dont think you could do that at home

2018-04-17 16:27:14 UTC  


2018-04-17 16:27:38 UTC  

i just got a job and im about to start doing YouTube™

2018-04-17 16:27:58 UTC  

when i have enough cash for a vehicle i'll get a gym membership and start right away

2018-04-17 16:28:11 UTC  

Go before work when its empty

2018-04-17 16:28:15 UTC  

in the meantime i think i'll just do really basic shit i can already do at home

2018-04-17 16:28:34 UTC  

push ups, body weight squats, crunches

2018-04-17 16:28:39 UTC  

i have some dumbells and a pull up bar too

2018-04-17 16:29:15 UTC  

to go to the gym before work would bein going at like 4:30

2018-04-17 16:29:25 UTC  

so i'd have to find a 24 hour place

2018-04-17 16:29:29 UTC  

but that shouldn't be too hard

2018-04-17 16:30:06 UTC  

Go get cut kid

2018-04-17 16:30:39 UTC  

tomorrow i get a full sized paycheck

2018-04-17 16:30:46 UTC  

so i'll buy some protein powder

2018-04-17 16:32:11 UTC  

Don't forget the cardio though

2018-04-17 16:32:41 UTC  

morning jogs and jumping jacks after work should be enough

2018-04-17 16:32:49 UTC  

ye i need to run today

2018-04-17 16:32:55 UTC  

I do 3 miles every other day

2018-04-17 16:32:56 UTC  

also most of my work is running around the factory floor anyway

2018-04-17 16:33:26 UTC  

I'll be doing nothing but running and workouts in boot camp

2018-04-17 23:09:02 UTC  

Cooked some cod with lemon on top and quinoa

2018-04-17 23:09:08 UTC  

Feeling pretty healthy

2018-04-17 23:47:01 UTC  

Quinoa smells like shit

2018-04-17 23:56:52 UTC  

jailbait smells like shit too

2018-04-17 23:56:55 UTC  

Perfect match

2018-04-18 01:36:52 UTC  

Thought on smolov anyone?

2018-04-18 02:28:01 UTC  

hello my people

2018-04-18 02:52:38 UTC  

Gym gf

2018-04-18 03:23:32 UTC  

@Alamo won't get that if you stay at home like a lazyass all day smh

2018-04-18 03:25:45 UTC  

Man you right sheeeit

2018-04-18 12:59:44 UTC  

I have an excellent work out for everyone to try