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jailbait smells like shit too

Perfect match

Stop trying to get my dick

You guys are fine

I don't like *retarded* women though

@Commanderholy since when are you irish

Fucking white nigger

You are now

I'm Irish too gg better go off myself

If I saw a man workin out in that situation

110% respect

@Alamo you better respect this man

He can go to the concert with us bitch

It'd probably be a late show, I wonder if it'd be better to go to a hotel

You're comin up here for a Kid Rock concert in Auburn in... August

Would probably be a few days thing though

I guess a plane ticket would be a problem though

Auburn is on the west side of Washington so it'd be easier to fly into Seattle but

Fuck Seattle

If you came since you have that shit plane ticket you'd have to pay for I'd get you ticket

They're gonna be 50-100

I literally just today found out about the concert so I dunno

I hate how all media plays the alt-right as being neo nazis

Fuckin optics man

That works

This is a much better article on him

I never knew about his political shit damn

This is cool

I don’t smoke much weed, it makes me dumb. But they should legalize and tax everything: pot, cocaine, heroin. Has it not been proven that people will always find a way to get what they want?

I knew about it vaguely but just though

He must be running dem or some shit

And didn't bother reading about it

I dunno why I thought dem

Figured the money would get to his head tbh

But reading what he's said proves differently

β€œI turn on my computer and look at porn a little bit, see what’s going on in the news, but that’s about it. I’m comfortable with that.”

He's a jew shill nvm

Porn is fine if limited. The fact that it's so easy to access ruins sex

Flipping through a magazine or some shit isn't a problem

Because sex?

Keep your optics clean dude

You gotta say they

Then when people ask just say

"you know"

With a women

That way it's a double negative

Who tf are you nigger

Get out of here black jew

"If people vote the other way, then I'll support our president, whoever's elected. More importantly, somebody's just gotta smack the fuck out of Congress and get them to start working together, and put this bullshit aside and get this country back on track."

This is how I've felt about all past presidents regardless of how shit I think they're doing

Started with porn then people got ANGERY

Before you jelq be sure to not take viagra actually

smh learn to stretch

If you can't do the presidential fitness test you are sub human

Is 300 pounds overweight?

@StevePines -WA do something with me ho

I wanna bet you something right here right now

I would ask you too but you're

Skinny boi

I'm gonna challenge him to a 3 day water fast starting as soon as he answers

Need motivation otherwise I'll give up in a day

The hard part is the first 4 days

I've done a week a long time ago

After a couple days your digestive system shuts down pretty much and your body eats fat faster

So you go from a massive down with zero energy to a shit ton in a matter of days

Fuck fuck fuck fuck

Starting the second you get home

No food for 3 days

Only water bitch

You're doing it too

I've been working out I didn't see the messages god damnit

Hurry up ho

Lemme know when you get there and I'll start my 72 hour timer


I prefer the cold dude, I always have the temps in my house in Winter at the low 40s

!!!play fivefingerdeathpunch carnival

!!!choose 1

!!!play deepthroat

!!!choose 1

!!!choose 5

!!!play dirt kevin

!!!play dick

!!!choose 1

I'll set my timer as soon as you're ready

I ate at around 9

Yeah les do 2

So lets go with

10 tomorrow is the end

Les go bitch

I bet you can't

I've gone 6 days

After the 3rd day, oh my god you have so much energy

I actually lost zero muscle

Because I was working out while the fat was burning

One of the main reasons I wanted to do this was to get back into ketosis quicker

I've been out of it for a month now xd

I ran out of food and my car was at the shop and I was too slow fixing it

!!!play lonely woman

!!!play cat stevens

!!!choose 1

!!!play cat stevens

!!!choose 5








!!!queue all


Put like 40 songs in queue

I'll shuffle it all and 1/5 songs should be Italian

A whole playlist




Jesus if you only put one song in it'll never happen loser

Find a playlist

Then copy the playlist link and it'll add every song

Just the link you dummy






@Commanderholy you need to be using the playlist link not the video


God damnit you dumb

It's a mix

You can't queue mixes

Here, I'll show you later yeah?


Yeah it won't be on for a few hours

Ah fuck it

You guys can have it now lol

Stop eating

Gib more morning shit @Alamo

I need the motivation baby

You're fucking late it needs to be earlier faggot god

Like 4 hours earlier god

Wow now I've gotta do it when I get home god

SCP is gay go away

I don't want your supernatural weed

Oh shit is this the Wardidly birb story oh no

deadlifting is true chad

let's be honest here

I don't even fucking know what you're on about

Fucking discord nitro shill

Watch you gain all that weight back bitch

Ain't gonna happen bitch

You're gonna gain 15 pounds by the time college starts up again watch

Yeah right

You're gonna lose 10 easy then get stuck

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