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That's funny I actually just saw that this morning and it brought tears to my eyes just thinking back with my own deep guilts :/

I love when Jesse asks people โ€œwhat do you think about the Great white hope?โ€ Lmfao

If men leading means thatโ€™s less Im expected to do then isnโ€™t that a nice thing!? ๐Ÿ˜ข

It truly does make me sad that women these days just want more work and stress evidently

To me home work is what I desire, and it doesnโ€™t compare at all to working to make money and provide for a family

Thereโ€™s men who have that natural instinct

Ah thatโ€™s unfortunate. But youโ€™re right.

She should have thought about what she wanted to do with school before having a child

The problem is ppl get so dependent on getting things for free

You can hardly blame them for how they become. Itโ€™s a dependency

It should have never happened in the first place

If a woman was trying to be healthy she wouldnโ€™t be fornicating

I think if anything, a good compromise would be that being able to get an abortion would be very hard to be granted. That way, the dumbasses can think twice before spreading their legs

Making it easily accessible is the problem here

Yeah, I know. I still think it is too. So thatโ€™s why I think that compromise is good enough. I do feel bad for what the child has to be put through and likely to become

Iโ€™m antisocial. Introvert ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

I was baptized catholic but due to my mothers situation with her depression and poverty, I wasnโ€™t brought up in church

But I believed in god and noticed the same you speak of

Hm well she didnโ€™t really talk to me much when I was a kid, I was alone a lot

There are some things I miss from childhood but honestly it feels like the older I get the easier it became, or at least just these adult years

Idk. I tried killing myself twice but they didnโ€™t work out. But after my last attempt which was at 19, I started to discover strength

The first time I overdosed right before I got locked up, but the police that took me in must have found out after they had already put me in a cell. And the second time I was at my ex bfs house but he found out I did and his mom took me to er. But it wasnโ€™t expected bc in both cases I didnโ€™t tell anyone that I did

Well, I started thinking about how I was still here after my attempts actually, and the other miraculous things that had happened. But i also went to therapy and did a lot of work on myself too much over my late teens and early 20s

Thatโ€™s what I believe now @J_G_ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

But there was also always a part of me that felt I didnโ€™t rlly want to die and there must be a purpose for why Iโ€™m here

Why are you here if you believe youโ€™re no good?

Ad to want to better yourself and have that awareness your heart has to be pure

Many ppl that are evil live in a completely unconscious state

Growing up with any single parent is tough. But as a female I know the void it creates to not have a father. I guess thatโ€™s a large part of why itโ€™s a big problem to me that women are not caring if they have children with anyone, and think they can just do it all on their own and just go on welfare to physically care for the child. Itโ€™s simply not enough. Men are so important.

@J_G_ keep watching Jesse then, keep talking to ppl and seek help!

I think when you truly believe that no one can help you , that creates the fact

I thought like that as a teen and was in my worst depressions

Sometimes people you are helping and giving advice to even are the ones that turn out to help you. I think helping others also helps yourself

Sometimes itโ€™s just watching someone inspiring

Honestly I was shocked when Kanye started getting on the conservative stuff

But thatโ€™s even inspiring bc it shows anyone can have a revelation at any time

I guess itโ€™s possible that the media influenced him to go away from that?

Katy perry used to sing gospel, but youโ€™d never expect that with all the sleazy things she sings about how

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