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is interracial marriage better in the sight of God than so-called gay marriage?

maybe for hollyweird, send travis to downtown hollywood, but dressed up like Lionel Nation.

Can Maze get her own private line into the studio, or can you perhaps invite her to L.A. and make a Fallen State episode with her?

Would Denzel Washington narrate it if we asked very nicely?

I like the way that Jesse says the Silent Prayer recording. It's perfect. I'd rather hear the book in Audiobook form read by him. But also it would troll the race hustlers so very hard if one of the Left's icons would read it.

"there are 34 million more males than females in china" - population of china: 1.3 billion ... i am failing to understand the point of this video.

i was living on my own mix of soylent for a while, i forgot about it, must do it again.

what does doctrine mean in the sense that is intended by this forum?

are we talking about the new testament, or interpetations etc

i shouldnt be commenting because i have not read the bible.

I can't even explain why, but Jesse lit me up and I ended up at the Bhagavad Gita, and I never cared about it before.

I ended up getting into these 2000 year old Indian epics, and finding all these signs that correlated to different events in my life. I have no explanation for why.

What I am taking away from studying these exo-cultural scriptures is a sense of devotion and love for God

It makes me cry at times, just from the beauty. as opposed to the other kind of emotion that's based on things like pity.

So, is Christ basically Man who is essentially God incarnate?

as opposed to a girly beta male who is just a dead branch on the ground

could the song of God sing through you as if you were his instrument?

I make music and sometimes I do cover songs. But it's much more beautiful when I am allowed to just let go and see what happens. Doesn't happen as often as I want.

its a parable i guess, but literal works

and it has a reverse-sanskrit meaning. song of God in sanskrit is Bhagavad Gita

@Hake is it a theory vs. practice thing in a way?

work in the service of the Lord is its own reward

I remember that Jesus said "they have their reward"

I think he was pointing out something similar. But you know I know nothing.

No he meant that if you do work for a _reason_ then your reward comes for that reason alone

if you do work in order to get something, such as a thank you, or money, then thank you or money are the rewards

If a politician wants a photo op of praying in order to get votes, he gets those votes, but not necessarily more

it's nice to read the scriptures. What do you think about God?

no, no no I want to know what you think.

by "no, no no" that was my backspace button

I have the impression that you are indexing a factual database. But who or what is doing the indexing?

It would be totally cool if you were A.I.

What is the conversion rate between mexican pesos and pounds sterling?

ok, I was just checking, it's procedure

Out of curiosity, what sort of information did Moses receive from God? And I just want to know who wrote it down and stuff like that was it just the Ten Commandments or was it a whole book that he wrote?

I guess I could Google it but right now I'm just walking around on my phone

it seems to me that islam is coming as a result of widespread atheism

a muslim man once told me "you should become muslim, then you can have several wives"

Here in Sweden if you look at the mosques, it's mostly POC's, and you get the impression the churches are unused. The only reason for christian church membership is that as soon as people are born in sweden, they are automatically registered with the national christian church.

otherwise, you really get the sense that almost nobody believes in God, let alone Jesus

i think that's why Islam has taken Europe

I think churches became weak because of weak preachers, or just blowhard preachers who say nothing but say it loud

preaching should be a more engaging process rather than just reading out scriptures completely uninspired, and then singing hymns

churches have bored themselves and hypocrited themselves to death i think

krishna said "the atheists, who are lost to themselves and who have no intelligence, engage in unbeneficial, horrible works meant to destroy the world.โ€

i have no background in this, I promise you that Jesse turned me to God and I have no Idea why but I ended up at the Bhagavad Gita

and not to just rest on it, but I can see that Krishna said similar things to what Jesse says.

I'm an American but stranded in Sweden for 10 years

I met a girl from here, ended up switching countries hoping my imagined success would just translate over.

just hopping over, thought I would find a good job etc. well that didnt happen

Jesse led me to God, and literally a few weeks ago I picked up the Bhagavad Gita, which is part of the Mahabharata, which is the longest epic poem in existence, 1.8 million words

anyways, I think Christ is the way. Not much different than Krishna, except Krishna was the incarnation of God as well. The two names signify to me a level of awareness. Christ consciousness would be a high channel, and say, booty consciousness would be a lower channel of awareness.

I believe there is one God, and nobody has the monopoly on him, but the ego and the mind and intellect, pride, sin, etc, are all tricks to control us, and are in of themselves evil

I am no longer married to her. It was part of my steep fall.

i've been falling my whole life until Jesse and I regard him therefore as my spiritual master.

i should specify, _earthly_ spiritual master

I do not know if I am salvageable, but my purpose is to serve God. I've been serving my Ego for too long.

swedes are generally nice and gentle, but i've been in a really soft sector so I can't speak for all.

they are all afraid to look bad socially

there are a few tight knit communities i guess, but there's a lot of isolation too

there's a lot of that. it's because individuality seems to be almost beaten out of them

so their nature as individuals is under tension maybe

aha ok. how long are you acquainted with Jesse's work by the way?

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