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They haven’t even kicked the ball off yet and I’ve seen a Coke commercial promoting miscegenation and an MLK add. The Cathedral is going to be out in full force promoting this crap.

All sportsball, Hollywood movies, TV shows, and commercials are totally pozed anymore. There is no escaping it anymore.

Super Bowl Leftist Blues https://youtu.be/i7OWcKvhZfs

No more wars for Israel


Cuckservative complaints about Rashid Talib and Omar Ilhan being "anti-Semites" irritates me more than Talib and Ilhan do. On one hand it's absurd that we are importing millions of Muslims into this country. We have more Muslim immigrants since 9/11 than we did in the entire history of the country prior to 9/11, that's a complete capitulation by our government. Now these immigrants have gotten enough power to elect a few of their own to Congress. However, instead of cuckservatives being honest and advocating for their own interests they complain about them being "anti-Semites" for making some very modest criticisms of Israel. They are too cowardly to stand up for themselves so they are living vicariously through Israel because a Jewish ethnostate is permissible but our own ethnostate is not.

The Best Congress AIPAC Can Buy | Foreign Policy Journal


I 'm a paycuck on TheRightStuff.biz. I listen to TDS, FTN, and Strike and Mike throughout the week. Those podcasts help me keep my sanity in clownworld.

Israel should pay for the wall

@fgtveassassin The whole Russiagate thing has always been a charade. It's to prevent Trump from enacting his right-wing populist agenda.

@Jacob I'm reading Greg Johnson's latest book, "A White Nationalist Manifesto". It's a short book but right to the point.

@Jacob Maybe "white preservationist" would be a better term?

Cuckservatives are so annoying. If they put 1% of their effort into defending white people as they do in defending Israel we could reclaim this country.

Black coffee comes up as zero points on weight watcher. I have been pretty much just been drinking water and black coffee for about 4 months now. An occasional light beer.

Trump is calling for Ilhan Omar to resign, not for being anti-white (which I'm sure she is) but for criticizing Israel money in American politics. Trump is worthless.

I used to be a libertarian but I just don't care about the "free market" vs "socialist" debate anymore. After spending 25 years in corporate American and watching the corporate elite make billions in this country by importing third world labor, using H1B visas, outscourcing our jobs overseas, and promoting feminism to discourage women from having families and encourage more into the workforce, all to under cut our wages. Then watching these tech monopolists deplatform our people from their social media platforms . I could really care less if AOC wants to raises taxes on very rich people to 70%. That's what you get traitors, show no loyalty to us and there is no reason for us to show any loyalty to you.

@Max Bianco - NY Agreed, they view "the rich" as "white people". We just need our own country first, then we can determine what the best economic policy is for us.

Why do we tax wages at such a higher rate than capital gains? I support at least changing that b.s.

No more white brother Civil Wars.

@godric He's smart, there isn't anything anybody can do. He didn't commit an actual crime. I think other racial groups are now realizing they have leverage over him and can use this to get some gibs from him. It's probably better for them to have him in office and just exploit him than to try to kick him out.

He should not sign the spending bill, let the government shut down and then declare the national emergency.

Queen Ann is going off on Twitter. Says if Trump signs the spending bill it's done, no wall. I think she's right, we aren't getting squat.

@V.Balboa - PA I'm currently reading The White Nationalist Manifesto by him. It's a great little book.



@Alex Kolchak - NY I'm glad he's willing to say something about whites but it's a shame we have so few of our own people out there championing our interests.

Most crappy stuff that has happened in this country has been either passed by through Congress but was not supported by the majority of the people or was enacting by the Judicial Branch against the will of the people. I think if you limited the vote to white men, over the age of 25 and have started a families we would be fine. When this country enfranchised women and non-whites it went down the drain.

Libertarian individualism destroyed our people. We need to start thinking of ourselves as a group with common interests and a common good. Whites embrace libertarianism because they live under a government that hates them and our afraid to explicitly point this out to advance their own interests. Libertarianism an conservatism are ways whites try to defend their own interest without doing it explicitly but appealing to abstract principles. However it is very possible to create a government that looks out for our interests and works for the common good of our people.

@Perihelion - CA That's a real shame. I've seen a lot of women like that. I know a woman who is like a 5 in looks but is smart and has a good job as a nurse. Never married and now in her mid-40's so kids are probably out of the question.

If Sweden closed it's borders, which is making it less like Sweden, then I would consider it a N.S. country. It's actually the kind of system most of our people gravitate towards, we just don't call it that. Third-way, Keynesian economies, with market economies but large welfare states. View race as a science and have policies promoting more traditional families.

White ethnostates are always beautiful places to live. Just keep immigrants and Jews out and we always seem to do fine.

Watching. the Oscars now I have AIDS.

Amazon.com Bans Greg Johnson's The White Nationalist Manifesto | Counter-Currents Publishing


I just read this book and it’s outstanding. You can still get it from Counter-Currents even though Amazon banned it.

The other thing I noticed is that you can still get The Turner Diaries on Amazon but not Greg Johnson's book. I think it's because The Turner Diaries is over the top and cartoonishly violent where The White Nationalist Manifesto was very concise and well thought out and didn't advocate any form of violence. This demonstrates what our enemies fear more, they much rather portray us as loony, nuts than as normal working class people who are just upset that they are destroying our countries.

Most single women are liberals, that ideology appeals more to their nature. When you start dating them you can win them over to your views. I wouldn't date a woman who was an extreme social degenerate or extremely anti-white but other than that I wouldn't worry about their politics.

@Jason - CT We should all take advice from mentally ill and completely delusional people. I'm sure they know exactly what's best for me and my family.

I’ve been watching a lot of John Wayne movies lately. Need something without the POZ. and all the modern crap will give you AIDS. Watching The Searchers now.

@Roland I’ve seen all of Clint Eastwood’s stuff. The Outlaw Josey Wales is my favorite movie of all time.

I have found most Trump supporters are pretty clueless. It's pretty depressing talking to them.

@StevePines -WA Ilhan Omar is an anti-Semite!

@fgtveassassin I think we would be ranked number 2 right behind Norway. Steve Sailer has done a lot of research on this but I don't have the link right now.

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