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Hello fellow bird enthusiasts.
New guy, introducing myself.

I'll find a profile pic...

There we go

Also added the state.

How often do this fireside? Im new today

Thank you all. I'm super excited. I've been dying to get involved with something i feel confident in

That was great! Way to go guys

Kind of reminded me of the theme song to stranger things

I'm ...well, last physicalI had was in Germany. 198 cm?

Wow...that means I'm nearly 6'6"?! I think I must've shrunk since then...

@Koba Yeah actually I studied science. Factor 2.54 cm per inch. I remember. :)

@Goose That is absolutely *disgusting.*
Even IF one is opposed to what the Confederacy stand for, don't they want to remember their history so they don't repeat it? It reminds me an awful lot of Isis destroying ancient sites in Iraq; it doesn't jive with their religious history of a couple thousand years, so they get rid of it. Irreplaceable ancient Sumerian sites. Entire sites. Just gone.

@Goose. Ugh...coasties in the south? What's next? Whites being a minority in Europe and the U.S.?!!

Yeah I had fun doing it, too! do I post in pledge hall? I only have a voice P.H.

Okay not sure how I can post in Pledge Hall, but I really need to get the kids to bed! But I did attend! Thank you Patrick.

G'night all!

Irish American Heritage Center, Chicago

Hyde Park, Chicago

Hyde Park, Chicago
Stahl & Augustus

More coming...

good thinking @Austen!

@MrDefault Thank you! It was a pleasure hanging out with @Augustus too!

We took one right by Obama's Old House, too.

@MrDefaultNo, we just pounded the heck out of an area in Hyde Park.

Oops...Aug already answered that...

I especially like the fountain with the "harvesting lady" (?)/Poseidon

And yeah, Mick already clarified that about Evan, @MrDefault.

To me anyway

Fulton Market, Chicago

In & around 312 Block Party, Goose Island Brewery, Chicago

Tough finding places to post, but I did the best I could!

University of Illinois Chicago from across highway

Artists Monument, Chicago

City Skyline, Chicago

Downtown Chicago

Ogilvie Transportation Center, downtown Chicago

@Matthias Yeah, there really weren't many to use out there. I *did* read "How we poster," even if the results don't indicate that! But thank you!

I'm gonna be out there again today, I'll see if I can get any other surfaces. Most flat surfaces are low to the ground, too, so I can't really get much in a tall city down there! I'll remember that though.

@unclefesterr I've also heard fairly reliable arguments made that while Calculus -- argued to have been invented by Arabs -- while having originated in the Middle East, may have been from the people who later populated Europe. Just looking at the art of the time depicting the higher/ruling class with light colored skin and blue eyes in most cases, and having a slave class with...different...characteristics.

Looks like the same mistake playing out over and over - we make civilization, need labor, then take others with lower intelligence in for such purposes. They become too numerous, and lib-tardism takes over (because we're too nice? I dunno....maybe we just get lazy and complacent), and we leave the cesspool to them.

If that sounds interesting look it up. It's a fairly compelling argument.

This is great stuff. I recommend giving this a listen/watch.
Watch "A New French Revolution? (Gilets Jaunes)" on YouTube

Haha! I'm not Druish!!

@DrewMT Ancestry. Xmas gift.

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