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From meridian. In Long Beach for now

Not to far then

Sweet more Mississippi goons

I’ll try anything once

I have a kit it’s low mobility I want something with balance and functionality

Also a high mobility set up.

Also I need some ak mags and holders

I have tourniquets I need stuff for chest wounds,Penicillins, and needle and thread for stitches and training doing stitching

Mmm I have a nurse in my house I might be able to get that

Facebook group guy 🤚🏼

My wife is a heavy equipment operator and I’m a welder and carpenter that’s ex military

I have some medical training. Enough for you not to die, but I want some longer term medical training. Like I said stitches and such

My mother moved in with us and she’s a nurse

I need some zustava ak 47 mags anyone got some for sale?

I need zustava ak 47 mags if anyone has some

They should function properly with my rifle so sure how much they’re like 15 bucks normally. I’ll also take some non corrosive if y’all have extra

That’s what fits the mag well best. Most places are out of stock

I’ll go help the farmers and run security

They’re trying to get him to do a phone call with us so we know what’s going down. One of our guys made contact

Moving to Cali this year any advice

I don’t have a choice

Yea I’m a welder. I have an old ford ranger 6 cylinder I was gonna make into an improvised armored technical

Seabee base. My wife is an EO. I’m out now I was a BU. I’m a welder now

My little armalite

!play my little armalite

!play when the blade drops

So nothing else then

Ok well at least we have a little more to go on now.

I’m still skeptical

So. Can we tell it’s a real situation 100% we can move to support?

Hmm. So what do we do as a whole about this problem


Also for Facebook posts

If he is using his phone then yes

Don’t overload him we need one competent person maybe two talking to him directly

!play kinky boots

Keybase it is then. I’ll be on there. If there’s a serious group goin

If you are pick me up. I’m a poor in Mississippi who has guns and armor but no gas money

I’ll ride with zoomer.medi. He’s close to me. If he goes

I’m on keybase. Same name

What’s the group name on there

What are the new developments

!play kinky boots

!play born again anarchist

Oi it’s quiet

!play fuck authority

Well now it’s substantially harder

!play Uncle Sam goddamn

Fuck that 😂

Found this gem 😒


Most restaurants are still just doin to go orders. Barbershops still closed. Supply lines are good and shelves are stocked. Colleges are allowing students back on a restricted basis. (Hands on courses).

Gas is at 1.50 average

Ms gulf coast update

Very high police presence.

Huge increase in vehicle break ins

Homeless population is booming and there was a wildfire off canal road in Gulfport. I believe it was targeted at the homeless camps south of the interstate.

Ammo shortages

Any updates on Lauderdale or Clarke county area?

So Gulfport, waveland, and Pascagoula and maybe one more have or have had fires

I wonder if it a correlation between 5g towers being burned in Europe

!play smash shit up

!play blizzards, buzzards, and bastards

!play fuck the police

!play annihilation

!wrong on you dumbass bot

!play annihilation a perfect circle

!play wild in the streets

!play wild in the streets the circle jerks

!play A.D. hatebreed

!play A.D.D. System of a Down

!play nsfw psychostick

!play the tempest the real McKenzies

!play sinking ship cake

There are 5g towers in the us.

So profound question. With the inherent separation of church and state can endowed by our creator as mentioned in the constitution directly conflict with the separation

So does Christianity today

I come from a southern baptist family. I’ve been through some shit and I’d have to say they’re almost as bad as Catholics..

What is deistic world view?

He also wiped out entire cities and the world for not bowing to everything he said much like a tyrant does

Morals define murder.

Common sense

I don’t need the Bible or commandments to know murder and envy is bad.

128 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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