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2020-05-06 05:33:29 UTC

Most restaurants are still just doin to go orders. Barbershops still closed. Supply lines are good and shelves are stocked. Colleges are allowing students back on a restricted basis. (Hands on courses).

2020-05-06 05:33:49 UTC

Gas is at 1.50 average

2020-05-06 05:34:03 UTC

Ms gulf coast update

2020-05-06 05:34:34 UTC

Very high police presence.

2020-05-06 05:35:15 UTC

Huge increase in vehicle break ins

2020-05-06 05:37:09 UTC

Homeless population is booming and there was a wildfire off canal road in Gulfport. I believe it was targeted at the homeless camps south of the interstate.

2020-05-06 05:37:47 UTC

Ammo shortages

2020-05-06 05:39:16 UTC

Any updates on Lauderdale or Clarke county area?

2020-05-06 19:03:09 UTC

Can confirm wildfires. Passed by them on I-10.

2020-05-07 05:09:09 UTC

So Gulfport, waveland, and Pascagoula and maybe one more have or have had fires

2020-05-07 05:09:39 UTC

I wonder if it a correlation between 5g towers being burned in Europe

2020-05-07 05:09:49 UTC


2020-05-07 05:34:33 UTC

3 confirmed fires in Florida, possibly more

2020-05-07 15:01:22 UTC

@minorthreat I would think it would be in Europe if that were the case

2020-05-07 15:52:38 UTC

There are 5g towers in the us.

15 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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