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@[LA] Zoomer Medi/k/ what else is hearsay dogshit?

Some dickhead in a prepper group said that electrical tape and gauze is all you need for an ifak

Looks like I just need to double everything in my kit lol

Also not a real mechanic. YouTube taught and trained me

First purchase: concealable pistol

@TonyB gotta stay strapped even without all the vest and plates and rifle, etc. That's where I started. Glock 43

Check out AIM surplus, they've got police trade-in glocks and M&P's for about 300-400. Good starter guns for a good price

Earth tones, baby. I want to still be able to pretend to be a good ol boy and pick up 5.56 at the local bass pro. Besides, multicam and 5.11 are "shoot me first" clothes

I think including a healthy dose of anti-pedo messages would not only garner sympathy and support, but also do the hard work of finding pro-pedo voices for us. Anyone who argues for pedo rights should get 👀 the look

No but I believe it. Bilderberg and shit like that?

I live in town, but my wife and I had the idea to put a listing on Craigslist to look for gardening land nearby in exchange for as much produce as the landowner wanted from the garden. Now we have 16, 50-foot rows about 20 minutes away that's ready for planting in a week or two. If you don't have space, consider asking around. We got a lot of responses. Older people often love having a garden to putter around in but they can't always get it started. We got lucky, our new friends are willing to help with weeding and watering, plus they've got chickens and space for goats/pigs.

Anyone here do hand to hand combatives? I started training BJJ a couple years ago; I love that my gun isn't (necessarily) my first line of defense anymore. That being said, I want to learn to box as well

I feel like it helps me deal with stress in a positive way. Like nothing that happens at work or school is more stressful than a 300 pound judoka pinning my sack to my forehead

@Diggs more boxing than I've done lol

I'm the same way. Jack of all trades

Master of none

West Texas is on some Mad Max shit @Anonymoose

That's all there is to do there, I figured you were in that line of work. I used to live in Del Rio, all my buddies are in the oilfield now

@Red [neck] tech what groups? Button it up, CJ

@Phill I saw something last summer like that over southern Utah. I couldn't stop staring at it once I'd seen it

@Phill I saw at least 20 lights in perfect formation, like a big string. I don't know if that's what it was, but it got a little spooky for a minute

The far left is as down to attend Uncle Mike's Topless Hog Roast as any of us

For me, it was porn. A few years ago I was a total coomer and it ruined my relationships, my self esteem, and my brain chemistry. If anyone is trying to break the habit, message me. I've been clean and sober since April 22, 2019 through a support group and 12 step program and I'm still just taking it one day at a time. Stay strong kings

If you need anything translated into Spanish, let me know. My full time job is translating from Spanish to English, but I can do both.

@Sky Pentraico something something size of the boat something something

I understand, everyone I've known who can get sober has been able to laugh at their addiction 😂

"Honey, fetch my
c̕͠h͏éc̸̷ks ͟and̸̡ ̀͞ba̵l̷an̸c͏es"

@Catman the yellow and black is the ancap flag, probably not a great look for us

@Catman I'm not sure, seems like it's all taken. Besides Hawaiian, of course

I love this image, but the original "join or die" caption doesn't work here

Context clues

Grandpa Rick's Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Autism Extravaganza 2.0

There we go

We need a retype on the flyer. More readable fonts, less hot words

Got my Spidey senses tingling

The root of the problem is tyranny. The more qualifiers we put on our mission statement, the more people we end up alienating

The root of the problem has never been illegal immigration, although it may have a place in the discussion later

"The term B, is an internet reference to the opposition against the tyrannical actions of the government, which include

NVM, I like the edit

I'd like to take a shot at retyping it all. I'm at work currently though

🍲🔫 bye, soup

Picking out a hike for tomorrow

I'm trying to get into backpacking, but my gear is all heavy af. Good practice I guess

"endless money pits"
-Scotty Kilmer

Ok I thought you meant you were fucking the BMW...

I'll retype the flyer. I get off work in 2 minutes 🙏

Yo I already drew the perfect flag

How does ya boi look. I figure the b word isn't an issue because it's a jpeg

@Reno right, the drugs issue is just as politicized as the immigration issue. I just added it from the old flyer. Duly noted

I do feel my own political views creeping in sometimes. But this is bigger than that, so thanks for bringing me back down to earth

Here's the updated pamphlet, and it's a pdf now

Good point Tommy. I'll add it to the edit list

Can do, although I'm not really well informed on that subject

Peeped this Chinese riot armor earlier this week. Is this acceptable Hawaiian Picnic attire?

@American_AF my fondest wish. 200 bones worth of 556 might be a more prudent investment though

I'm waiting to see if I get a bonus at work, if I do I'm sooo tempted. I hope it fits

Morakniv stuff is legit, the garberg would be my preference for survival. Perfect size

I almost bought a new century/zastava m85 bolt rifle in 7.62*39 today for 440. It felt so right, but only 5 round capacity and a wiggly-ass bolt convinced me not to. Still, I feel a little torn

I hear you. Some guns just call to me though

Good afternoon, cunts. I've made an effort to include your suggestions

I saw some people.using the old flyer on FB earlier to inform people on the various posts about Texas, etc. And it was poorly received, due to c*v*l w*r language and other inflammatory stuff. Try this out, see what people say

I keep reposting so our new members get a chance to make suggestions, not to be annoying. This flyer should attempt to reach the broadest demographic possible while remaining true to the core principles of Minecraft

@Mountain Man 🏔 yeah that would be awesome, swell the ranks

Like if there's a chance of looting or whatever, we could have a large group act as security at the grocery store so the old people and families can still get what they need. I'd be so down for that

I once heard someone call a crowbar "the key to the city"

@Abe Clark that's me. Do you have a suggestion?

I can post a pdf version to the or channel later tonight

Sure thing!

Eotech 512, worth the coin?

Me too. I sold my .270 but I'm thinking of picking up another 700 in .308

Oh, that's an idea

Piston guns are heavier, so that's +4 attack on bayonet charges 🤷‍♂️

Can we make a retard channel specifically for these kinds of interactions?

Same happens on my Sig. I looked it up and it seems pretty typical

Just file that shit down. Worked on my sks

x3 barbarian gunsmithing XP

I'm a practicing Mormon. Our pioneers got double penetrated by the feds on the regular, so they loaded up their guns and moved west so they could keep tearing it up. That resonates with me 🙏

For me, there can be Mormon cult members and normal Mormons in the same congregation. You can practice the religion without worshipping the leaders and worshipping a certain lifestyle

The line between "cult" and "organized religion" is so blurred that it ceases to be useful. You can make your religion into a cult by how you live it, no matter what you practice

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