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2020-04-28 00:11:07 UTC

What's up my massholes

2020-04-28 01:48:41 UTC

Looks like weโ€™re not standing too strong on numbers up here๐Ÿ˜‚

2020-04-28 01:49:01 UTC

Hey, two is double what I was expecting

2020-04-28 01:49:18 UTC

I know, I was envious looking at the other state chats

2020-04-28 01:49:51 UTC

You and me both. Not too many that would be for the cause up here. Thinking of checking out New Hampshireโ€™s chat

2020-04-28 01:50:12 UTC

Not looking any better๐Ÿ˜‚

2020-04-28 01:51:48 UTC

Yeah. Of all the New England states I only see one other guy in CT

2020-04-28 01:52:04 UTC

At least upstate NY has plenty of people

2020-04-28 01:52:35 UTC

It's early still. I know of a few guys in NH at least

2020-04-28 01:52:41 UTC

They're just not here

2020-04-28 01:54:13 UTC

Iโ€™m pretty new to the state. From Virginia originally. Donโ€™t have too many likeminded friends here yet

2020-04-28 01:59:27 UTC

Aha the name makes sense

2020-04-28 01:59:35 UTC

I lived in VA briefly

2020-04-28 01:59:58 UTC

I have friends here but I doubt any of them are down

2020-04-28 02:00:40 UTC

Even like the vets I have known here are big into following the rules

2020-04-28 02:04:41 UTC

Yeah they never got out of the boot mentality๐Ÿ˜‚ you a vet too?

2020-04-28 02:05:04 UTC

No but I used to work with a bunch

2020-04-28 02:19:01 UTC

Greetings and salutations bitches

2020-04-28 02:22:17 UTC

God Damn. Ive never been truly proud of being from mass but I am now truly disappointed. I had hoped to find at least a half dozen of us but.....๐Ÿ˜ญ

2020-04-28 02:25:18 UTC

Hey now it's not like all the boys are here yet

2020-04-28 02:26:17 UTC

But it almost my bed time and I have so much to get off my enormous chest

2020-04-28 02:26:41 UTC

Heh well you can rant in here if you like

2020-04-28 02:29:38 UTC

Don't temp me. Ive got about 6 or 7 hundred page articles on everything from tactical gear in urban combat to how best to get your sister-in-law to finally gove up her sweet little ass ๐Ÿ˜†

2020-04-28 02:30:01 UTC

The key is drugs btw

2020-04-28 02:30:12 UTC

This is.... useful information

2020-04-28 02:32:01 UTC

Hahah will be looking forward to those pages!

2020-04-28 02:34:19 UTC

But I do actually have some works in progress that I should get others input on. Cuz I'm funny as fuck and very good with the words, but Damn if I can be sure it makes sense to anyone besides my self.

2020-04-28 02:34:49 UTC

Communication is hard

2020-04-28 02:38:30 UTC

Made more difficult by 2 smaller female versions of myself screaming/eating/crying/smelling ect. Constantly

2020-04-28 02:40:51 UTC

Ah yes. I'm about to join you, soon I'll have my own tiny clone

2020-04-28 02:48:46 UTC

Then to you sir I say congratulations on this most basic of biological functions that is in fact the single most complex and in all way exhausting things you will ever do.
And I will warn you(cuz no one warned me) that following the recovery of the mother's goodies, she is in fact super fertile apparently. So don't be me and have two children seperated by 10 months and 8 days.

2020-04-28 02:50:57 UTC


2020-04-28 02:51:30 UTC

Yeah that's a good way to put it. Both very simple, but sticking it in is just the beginning

2020-04-28 02:51:46 UTC

I'm excited to be exhausted

2020-04-28 02:52:48 UTC

We've already discussed using condoms when we start up again haha

2020-04-28 02:54:46 UTC

Yeah I think my grandparents used that fact to squeeze out as many kids as possible. They're seriously average of less than a year apart

2020-04-28 11:45:39 UTC

Live free or die boi here. Hopefully others get the memo. Originally from the communist state of MA though.

2020-04-28 15:48:09 UTC

In the commie state right now! Trying to move to New Hampshire soon. Way too fucking hard to get a firearm here.

2020-04-28 15:48:19 UTC

No reason I should have to pay for my rights!!

2020-04-28 15:48:46 UTC

Polymer80s are cheap

2020-04-28 15:48:50 UTC

But you're right

2020-04-28 15:50:14 UTC

If you do choose to comply and you don't have much of a criminal record it's very doable, just takes $200 and three months

2020-04-28 15:50:35 UTC

If you're staying in MA and want to shoot here it's tough to avoid

2020-04-28 15:51:47 UTC

I was really scared of how shitty the process was- then I went through it and it wasn't bad as a practical matter. Of course they're still stepping on snek but I was surprised to find progun cops helping me

2020-04-28 15:52:00 UTC

Yeah, I have the first two. Waiting the three months is gonna be a pain in the ass here. No reason I should have to take a safety class. Iโ€™m sure I learned plenty while I was in the Army

2020-04-28 15:52:34 UTC

Even longer at the moment, most places aren't accepting applications

2020-04-28 15:55:39 UTC

I just don't understand how it went from shall not be infringed to: pay for a class, pay for a permit, and then the head of the local constabulary will inform you of his decision on if you may exercise your god given right to defend yourself.

2020-04-28 15:56:39 UTC

In 1974 Mass had a ballot question to ban the possession of handguns. If we didn't fight it, it would have passed.

2020-04-28 15:57:09 UTC

How long and how deeply were patriotic citizens sleeping to allow it to get to this point....

2020-04-28 15:57:14 UTC

Culturally we've been steppers since the Puritan theocracy

2020-04-28 15:59:13 UTC

The puritan settlers had firearms. And would stoke out if they had even been asked why they needed a weapon let alone go through a bureaucratic system to get one

2020-04-28 16:01:57 UTC

Its honestly what got me started on my journey from a relatively uninformed and uninterested tax slave. I wanted to buy a gun when I moved into my first apartment in Brockton. Seemed like a good idea after the 6 shots the clerk took at the 711 at the end of my street my first night in the nee place

2020-04-28 16:03:10 UTC

So I suppose I should thank the system๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

2020-04-28 16:03:46 UTC

I'm with you on that Madison. It's a natural human need to desire physical safety, but saying it out loud gets you weird looks here. Then the process is daunting. But those who don't like being told now will double their resolve

2020-04-28 16:04:34 UTC

There are wayyy more ARs in ban states than before the bans. People don't like hearing no

2020-04-28 16:04:48 UTC

In a way it helps us

2020-04-28 16:10:10 UTC

Absolutely. Ive talked to at least 3 people who, with proper guidance and actual knowledge, went from complete disinterest in all things political to gun owning, upstanding and increasingly active citizens

2020-04-28 16:12:01 UTC

Most dont even really know what the concept of natural rights mean. I'm always a little sad when I hear someway say "I can do that?" or even worse "they let you do that?"

2020-04-28 16:16:33 UTC

Hey Massies! Im right next door in NY..Lets get some New York/New England love going. All those lines on the map don't mean too much anyhow.......except for what kind of guns you can own :/

2020-04-28 16:18:13 UTC

Hey @Cowboy ! Good to hear from someone is alive in the pandemic state๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

2020-04-28 16:18:53 UTC

And those rules only really apply to those who follow them btw

2020-04-28 16:20:29 UTC

Ive given serious consideration to becoming a "resident" of one of the states that allows for easier access to our rights.

2020-04-28 16:21:22 UTC

Same. My goal is to have a lake house in NH and spend weekends as a resident. ATF approved, surprisingly

2020-04-28 16:21:40 UTC

Glad to have NY in the house

2020-04-28 16:21:47 UTC

Damn right cowboy. states are too damn small up here. We should ask the admin to create a New England group

2020-04-28 16:22:47 UTC

"is that even legal?!" I am so accustomed to hearing that when I break out the police scanner that it doesn't surprise me anymore when I talk guns

2020-04-28 16:24:39 UTC

Convenient for when a new edict has the feds looking to make something else verboten. " sorry boys, it fell out the boat when I was day drinking and beating meat while fishing. Damnedest thing, seems to happen to me every other week now"๐Ÿ˜ญ

2020-04-28 16:25:56 UTC

Even better, in a state with private sales and no registration nobody knows what to look for in the first place

2020-04-28 16:26:30 UTC

@Pat.Henry Yeah but the problem becomes if we wanted to do anything irl, meeting up could take serious time...

2020-04-28 16:27:29 UTC

Thatโ€™s true. We could have state meet ups more often and then maybe once every three months have a meet up and cross train with other states in the region

2020-04-28 16:27:56 UTC

In terms of meeting up, if its any sort of overnight or multi-day thing, Id drive up to 4 hours from Albany. For day long events, 2-3 hours.

2020-04-28 16:27:59 UTC

Yup. Private sales are my preference. Nothing against the shops, theyre almost always great people, but they gotta follow the laws and I'm a fan of not doing than so

2020-04-28 16:37:32 UTC

When it comes to meeting up, I got no issues with a drive, so long as it was a worthwhile trip. I'm happy to hang out and rag on y'all all day but if I'm driving more than two solid hours, its gotta be for a purpose. Id like to see something along the line of a monthly/bimonthly meeting to get together and exchange ideas, information and ideally, make decisions about actually engaging the system. We must exhaust all means of peacefully changing things before.....

2020-04-28 17:04:51 UTC

Iโ€™m loving that idea. Iโ€™m located in northern Mass near Lowell

2020-04-28 18:30:55 UTC

Sup you fakin loozah. Middlesex county

2020-04-28 18:31:06 UTC

Holliston to be exact.

2020-04-28 18:58:02 UTC

@EFFIN PSYKOno shit? I'm not that far away over in "the little town of Mendon"๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

2020-04-28 18:59:21 UTC


2020-04-28 19:17:47 UTC

I guess we never did the whole "where you at" thing every state chat has done. I'm inside 128

2020-04-28 19:18:31 UTC

And similarly, I can drive to wherever, I'm used to it just to get to a range, but of course I prefer not to drive more than 2 hours for a day

2020-04-28 21:18:04 UTC

@Pat.Henry Add me. Salem NH

2020-04-28 23:35:09 UTC

I brought up the suggestion for a New England chat group so we can get meet ups more organized. Driving isnโ€™t an issue for me as well but it would be nice to find a location thatโ€™s not bad for all of us. Iโ€™ll drive an extra hour or so if it means we can get more people

2020-04-28 23:41:02 UTC

And anyplace that would be ideal for us to meet we ain't gonna find in ma lol

2020-04-28 23:42:17 UTC

Unless your ok with hiking a few miles out in full kit. I'm not sure that's the best way to get anything useful accomplished

2020-04-29 00:12:34 UTC

I donโ€™t mind a nice ruck but I think MA is out of the picture

2020-04-29 00:14:12 UTC

Yall wanna come to pa we got plenty of woods,๐Ÿคฃ

2020-04-29 00:16:07 UTC

@dreadnokboi I do love the time I've spent in PA. Lots of nothing but God'sbeautiful earth and a few people who seemed real nice to someons from taxachussetz

2020-04-29 00:43:31 UTC

Ive been compiling maps of state land in NY also...plenty of remote forests and wilderness areas.

2020-04-29 00:45:44 UTC

Ive got a friend in Lagrangeville. Nice little town. Im sure anywhere outside of the city is normal and would be fine. But any meeting could have issues. Costs and implications if we run into the local Barney fife

2020-04-29 04:08:35 UTC

Not sure if it was put out to yโ€™all yet but theyโ€™ve made a Northeast group chat for us New Englanders

2020-04-30 11:26:40 UTC

For anyone not in northeast general I set up a signal app group. Pm me your number and Iโ€™ll get you added

2020-04-30 22:20:41 UTC

Anyone from the cape?

2020-05-02 04:37:07 UTC

Worcester county anyone?

2020-05-02 21:05:05 UTC
2020-05-02 21:13:40 UTC
2020-05-02 21:14:48 UTC

Glad to see another prisoner from mass state penal colony๐Ÿ˜‚

2020-05-02 21:46:51 UTC

@ChuckD9x19 Same here.

2020-05-02 21:49:21 UTC

Fuck yeah!! Good to know there's some like minded folks at home!

2020-05-02 21:50:36 UTC

Well color me shocked. Another one๐Ÿ˜‚

2020-05-02 22:36:20 UTC

Looked like a great turn out in New Hampshire today! We should get something together in Mass for this enforced mask wearing bullshit. Iโ€™m all for businesses having the right to turn people away (if theyโ€™d rather us wear masks) but to enforce that state wide? Thatโ€™s crazy

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