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haha the prodigal son returns

umm no it didnt work

we got spammed with thousands of illegal messages lol

but its a work in progress

1 guy with about a dozen bots

he is being investigated by discord admins tho

i provided user id #s for all the profiles and they said they launched an investigation

im gonna start a stream in a few minutes

do you want to be on the stream @ZODD

igord and 45 are mods

@ZODD if you have specific topics sure but don't feel you have to fill the void lol im just reading comics and listening to music with an open phone line

@igorbloodscene interesting, i thought i disabled links and that gif is sinister lol

oh the mod role has the ability for links

cool that's what got us into trouble last time

why are you trying to scare me

what are you going to do

lol we'll see

join you where in the voice chat? i'm going to sleep lol

I'll add the pepe emojis in a bit

if you would like to call in for the stream join the on hold channel and i'll get to you

@ZODD emotion has a place when trying to change people's minds or reach them on a personal level, but emotion can blind logic

i will drag you inj

i took off push to talk

@Kazemaru saturday or sunday night

I will get to you in a sec

can't believe they shut down alex jones

@Seven Of Swords you almost gave me a heart attack

just uploaded a new video and it was blocked worldwide again. the syncing of the video to my words is so perfect that i'm not going to replace it with screenshots, i'll just wait for the dispute to get through

its a shame but the same thing happened with my last video with the anime clips and i just got an email today saying the dispute was resolved... a full week after i already uploaded the other video with the screenshots of the video clips. i guess from now on i just have to sit on the copyrighted videos until the disputes go through and upload other videos in the meantime

it's only going to get worse from here

imagine where we'll be before the 2020 election

tfm does that and he got banned off twitch

hey im here.

usually my admin is much more active but i check the discord throughout the day

@metan thanks and yeah i'll be opening up the types of content in the future. i don't want to become hateful or angry but i'll definitely bring in some more basic foundational mgtow content.

my video critical of women is planned for friday. it's a comprehensive collection that will act as a gateway to specific topics, but i don't want to only do that. i'll make a video talking about the new approach as well. i want it to be like the grief cycle: videos for men in the anger phase, the bargaining phase, the denial phase, and the acceptance phase. a place for mgtow of all types so they don't get tied down with hateful content

no worthwhile alternative platforms. i automatically upload all my videos to bitchute but they never break 50 views. once youtube bans me i'll try to come back under a different account otherwise im done

what happens when they do what they did to alex jones and ban you from all of the platforms

yep the mgtow book will be out before christmas so you guys can get a hard copy and give to people. i'll make the digital version free and hopefully people support the fiction book and the game and any merch. i do it as a hobby but it would be cool to leave the part time job

1.5x speed haha

im going to go listen to one of my vids on 1.5 speed wtf

you guys are autistic if you listen to it at 1.5 speed haha

@metan be a teacher, aiming for online classes so i can just do me. some basic preparations for a collapse but im not a prepper, if shit hits the fan we're all fucked. just doing my mgtow content and working out and writing and programming. reading, playing video games, watching stuff. enjoying life. taking it easy. no stress

@Terminarch my buddies got it on pc but i haven't got it yet, going to play the new wow expac for a bit before i get it

2 rules of mgtow: no marriage, no cohabitation. what you do from there is your decision

i can't port it to old consoles lol

@Kazemaru what do you mean crafts?

@Kazemaru did you watch the video game announcement video

@Kazemaru so you think i should not only give all patreons the demos to the game I'm making as well as the manuscripts but also handcrafted goods on top of that? You also suggested to port the game to old systems (?) So I'm thinking you're a troll or autistic

thanks guys, i'll upload it to my channel

Should i upload the scripts of my videos on to my website?

@ZODD that's a great suggestion, never thought of that. Thanks man

@I_LIKE_OVER_9000_TURTLES thanks, if you have any topics be sure to write them down and call in to chat whenever you catch me live. It's all about finding peace of mind and happiness <:chopchopmasteronion1:480191062095167499>

@the adventures male at 19 and it gave me absolute freedom and peace of mind

Mouse Utopia


This brainwashing camp is too much but at least its giving ideas for future videos

@Salsacookies what's your book about. I'm one of few males in each class and they can barely be considered males. You can see the soy bleeding through their effeminate mannerisms

I will look into bots that can restrict image posting and allow for a meme channel

We had both but trolls ruined it

<@482229893468258317> gtfo with your pseudoscience

<@482229893468258317> change your name or I'll remove you from the server

@the adventures male yeah its on the list. Got a new job and school started so I've been busy

@Andrew The Meme King is right. You either live as a man or you live long enough to see yourself become a cuck

<@482229893468258317> i deleted your vulgar comment and you are on thin ice

Does anyone know of a way to allow members to post images with the ability to review images before getting them posted or any way of modding images?

I can't find any image bots

I'll be putting memes at the end of some videos in the outro so give your best!

Based Buddha

@A A just call in on a stream i work and go to school i don't do 1 on 1 coaching sessions like the pua guys lol

@IceRGodZ i used to watch a lot of mark dice before the election

@IceRGodZ yeah he's solid but he operates on a cycle once you've seen 10 or so you've seen most of them but his interviews on the beach are awesome

@IceRGodZ welcome... To jurassic world 🌎

If you have any topic requests for a video, leave them here. I have a large backlog of topics and topics with donations always get priority, but I will try to get to your topics... eventually.

Pose your questions here. If it's directed at a specific user be sure to @ them.

@everyone I added some new text channels for topic requests, questions and requesting meme posting privileges. I've started putting memes at the end of my videos, so share your best!

Long shift today but I'll try and work on another video when i get home

@everyone what up bois im live for a bit https://www.youtube.com/c/HappyHumbleHermit/live

@igorbloodscene you pinned a video, I told you to not do that, you said too bad.

Should I upload a troll call for shits and giggles or a serious call today?

Awesome i rendered it but i can't upload until i get off work later today

@fury3250 if you want to keep equality of opportunity, you have to decentivise women from going to college and only the most determined will get through. Talk to any girl who has dropped out of college and the common theme is that they were paying for it themselves. A part of the reason that college is dominated by women is because they get so much financial support that allows them to go with little to no risk or investment. Removing the money from the college industry is never going to happen, so they will naturally filter themselves out when the college debt bubble bursts.

When senpai noticed you <:a_ov_Pepe_160928:480188339622903829>

@Andrew The Meme King <:gamerpepesteamavatars:480186125756006400> <:dbd:480186132298989569>

@fury3250 only one culture is capable of doing that and its coming for all of us

@ZODD haven't been in a while

I'll have to film it when it gets cooler out

Sandman made a thanos video!

@ZODD women operate identically across cultures, whereas changing the population of men can have drastic consequences. Removing cucks or removing masculine men can reshape a society whereas removing women won't have much impact at all. Interesting would be men, safer would be women.

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